Friday, January 31, 2014

Use our Laptop Pouch Backpack on your next trip!

Backpacks are always effective as business promotional gifts because people need them to carry all their essential articles when they go on business or personal trips. For this reason, custom imprinting these simple but popular promotional gifts with your business message and logo is one of the most effective ways of winning over your customers as well other people who will come in contact with this personalised business gift!
To help you to make your business promotional campaign a success, we have this smart and trendy Promotional Laptop Pouch Backpack in our collection. Made from premium 210D Poly materials, this backpack is available in stunning jet black.  Featuring a spacious padded laptop compartment, it is designed to hold a laptop of any size and to protect it from regular wear and tear. To ensure that the device stays safely in place as well as provide you with quick access, this laptop backpack also sports a convenient Velcro strap closure. It also has two spacious elastic pockets on the front for keeping small knick knacks, cords and other important items. Versatile and great value for money, the size of this item is just 10 1/2 W x 12 H x 2 D.
Weighing only 0.29 pounds, this business gift is extremely durable and light in weight, making it exceptionally handy and functional for all kinds of trips.  Have the large branding area of this customer gift branded with your business name and logo for a setup charge of only $56.25 now!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let your customers drink from this Easy Squeezy 24 oz. – Spirit!

Offering ease of use and convenience, plastic bottles are one of the many indispensable everyday items that people cannot do without. Designed to quench the thirst of individuals on the move, they make great promotional gifts for both big and small businesses. This is because they become powerful marketing tools for your intended consumer base and help to build up ground support for your brand when customised with your business details.
Take a look at our Promotional Easy Squeezy 24 oz. – Spirit which is CPSIA Certified and BPA-free! Made in USA, this 24oz sports bottle is manufactured using environment friendly materials and comes in eight exciting shades:  green, red, yellow, black, navy blue, royal blue, orange and purple. Being Phthalate-free, non-Toxic and lead-free, this promotional gift is safe for use on a daily basis. The size of this useful promotional corporate gift is 0’’L x 8.75''W x 0''H and it weighs just 0.45 pounds.
Designed to provide your user with quick and easy access, it comes with a twist-on lid and a push/pull spout mechanism. At the same time, the drinking mechanism also serves to prevent unnecessary spillage and leakage. As this kind of gift gets regular exposure to a wider audience, it is a great choice for marketing experts to prop up their business!
Custom imprint this plastic bottle with your company name and corporate logo and place it in the hands of all your customers, employees and business partners at a nominal setup charge of only $55 today!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Gift this smart Terzo Neoprene Travel Case to build long lasting visibility!

Computer bags are popular business promotional gifts that never go out of fashion. The primary reason that people need such specific bags is to protect their laptops from regular wear and tear as well as extreme harsh conditions. At the same time, these bags are easy to carry around and with your brand name customised on such gifts they can play an important role in building your market presence far and wide. It is therefore essential to gift computer bags of the highest quality so that they can keep your clients’ laptops or any other electronic devices safe while promoting the products and services of your company.
To assist you in your brand building exercises, here is our Promotional Terzo Neoprene Travel Case – a case that is designed to win over large number of people with its form and functionality. The material used in the construction of this business gift is a durable and lightweight neoprene fabric that ensures your business has lifelong brand visibility. Designed with a zippered closure, this computer accessory is specially crafted to store chargers and cords of varied gadgets. Offering excellent portability and storage, this travel case weighs only 0.19 pounds and measures 9 3/4 W x 3 H x 3 D in dimension.
To spread your company name, custom imprint this black travel case with a catchy promotional message or visually appealing images to make it a memorable customer gift for all your recipients! Place your orders today for this helpful travel bag, available at a reasonable setup charge of only $56.25!

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Take our Terzo Neoprene Travel Case wherever you go!

With businesses on the lookout for effective promotional tools to market their brand name, it is essential for you to distribute gifts that have high perception value so you can stand out among your competitors. One such business promotional gift loved by all categories of people from average customers to your company employees is a durable and trendy computer bag. With many people now owning varied gadgets from laptops to tablets, strong and sturdy bags especially designed to carry high tech gizmos are the need of the hour.
To help you to cater to this specific need of your customers, here is our Promotional Terzo Neoprene Travel Case available as a promotional corporate gift, which your clients can take anywhere and help spread your brand name to a wider audience! Crafted from high quality and durable neoprene materials, this computer accessory travel bag is designed to store the cords or charger of your important devices with ease. Whether it is your business partners, customers or employees, your recipients will definitely be grateful to you for helping them keep their electrical items always within easy reach so they can access them whenever needed.
Featuring a zippered closure to keep the important essentials in place, this black travel case is extremely light in weight and easy to carry and store. While the size of the company gift is 9 3/4 W x 3 H x 3 D, its weight is a negligible 0.19 pounds. Get this snug and smart customer gift printed with your brand name and corporate logo for a setup charge of only $56.25 today!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Use promotional portfolios to share your business message!

Promotional portfolios are available in many different sizes, styles as well as in different materials such as leather, vinyl, polyester and polypropylene. These personalised business gifts come with many user friendly features like notepads, card pockets for business cards and ID cards, calculators and various other nifty features. These practical and popular personalised business gifts are not only great for day to day business presentations but seminars, meetings and conferences as well.
While branded portfolios offer users useful storage capability for their important business or personal documents, they are also valuable and highly useful in helping you to get your brand name and corporate logo lifelong recognition, leading to more business for your products and services! Since portfolios have quite a large printing area you can take advantage of this benefit by getting vital information about your company printed on them. Besides being ideal customer gifts, custom imprinted portfolios can be given to employees as appreciation gifts for the dedication and effort that they put in for good work. This type of corporate promotional gifts is most preferred by them since they give them an image of professionalism and help them make presentations in a more organised manner.
Good quality and printed portfolios not only help your business to look presentable and organised but also create a professional impression that will give the brand image of your company a great boost! So, custom imprint these corporate promotional gifts with artistic and imaginative logos, images, text or artwork so that they can help you make a good impression and enhance the image of your company.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Keep your important documents well-organised with The Session Portfolio!

Promotional portfolios are beneficial promotional tools because they provide an image of professionalism and sophistication. In a corporate environment, working professionals find them helpful for keeping track of their daily activities and storing important office documents. Since portfolios are items that can be used for a long time and offer excellent brand visibility, hand out our Promotional The Session Portfolio to generate more business for your company. 
Made from imitation leather, this executive business gift is available in standard business color combinations of black with blue, red or gray trims. Designed to help keep all your business essentials well organised inside the portfolio it comes with an additional file pocket, card slots and pen loop for added convenience.  This bag also comes with a refillable ruled notepad that allows users to take down important notes during business meetings, making it ideal for your high profile clients and visitors. You can also hand it out as an award or incentive to all your hard working employees. It will not only motivate them to work even harder but will also give them a sense of identity and unity with your business.
Measuring 12-13/16"H x 9-1/2"W in size, customize this office essential with your business name and logo using silk screen, laser, deboss, magic color or heat transfer printing over a large imprint area of 4”W x 4”H. Get this 1.50 pound promotional portfolio for your business associates and executives at a setup charge of only $55 and spread your business message all over for many years to come!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Basketball Stress Reliever will help you to gain more customers!

Stress balls have timeless appeal as business promotional gifts because they help people in high pressure jobs to keep their anxiety and stress levels in check. Since many people like to stay fit and healthy, these are the best and right promotional items to give out at various trade conventions and exhibitions in order to give that extra boost to your marketing campaign. Giveaway our Promotional Basketball Stress Reliever so that your clients and customers can reduce their stress level while helping you to increase your business prospects and attract new clients for your brand. 
Constructed using squeezable foam, these stress relievers can easily be grasped and squeezed by users for added convenience. Measuring 2 ½” in diameter, the weight of this soft and hardy promotional gift is a mere 0.08 pounds. Available in a bright orange shade, its eye- catching and sporty basketball design will definitely appeal to all sports lovers. When not in used as a stress reliever, this popular desk accessory can act as a plaything for both adults and kids during their leisure time. 
With a generous imprint area of 1-1/2"W x 1/2"H per side, custom imprint your company name and corporate logo using silk screen, laser, deboss, heat transfer or magic color printing. The stress ball may vary slightly in density, color, size & weight due to the molding process but will always sport a great finish customized with your name and logo. Available for a setup charge of only $55, gift this smart and trendy stress ball to all your customers, employees and business associates to help them reduce their stress levels every day!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Enjoy effortless writing with this Dart Pen!

Ballpoint pens are very effective promotional tools for businesses that wish to develop long lasting relationship with their patrons as well as attract new customers. Because of their daily necessity, they are the most widely distributed business promotional gifts at various conventions, trade shows and exhibitions. Popular among people of every age from kids to adults and among students and business executives, ballpoint pens are extremely pocket friendly promotional gifts and are perfect for augmenting business sales. Without further ado, offer all your customers, employees and business partners our Promotional Dart Pen during your next promotional campaign.
Available in six pastel shades: green, red, yellow, blue, orange and black, this ballpoint pen weighs a mere 0.02 pounds and measures 5-3/4"l x 7/16" in size! While the strong and sturdy pocket clip ensures that the pen remains inside the pocket or notebook, the fine tip of this popular writing instrument ensures smooth and clear writing at all times. Designed with a push button mechanism in place of a cap, this slim and sleek pen provides easy single-hand operation. 

Custom imprint your company name and logo over an imprint area of 1 ½”W x 7/16”H available on the surface of the pen barrel using screen printing and up to two font colours of your liking. Gift your customers, employees and business associates the pleasure of smooth and comfortable writing by presenting them with this promotional ballpoint pen. This stylish writing instrument will help to share your business message no matter where it is used! 

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stand out among your competitors with our Unisex Canvas Sport Watch!

Personalised with a catchy promotional message or your brand name and logo, watches are a nice keepsake for your clients and employees while providing your business with years of promotional coverage. Easy to operate and maintain as well as appealing to all category of people, they are very powerful promotional tools that provide both form and functionality. So, check out our trendy and chic Promotional Unisex Canvas Sport Watch which can be worn by both men and women, catering to their differing needs without the need to buy separate watches for both sexes.
This unisex style watch features a matte silver metal case along with a sporty band that boasts of a Velcro closure. Offered in six vibrant shades - green, red, blue, purple, black and orange, it sports a colourful metallic sunray dial with a matching band strap in similar color. Weighing 0.14 pounds, this stylish watch not only provides highly accurate quartz movement but can help your clients to make a fashion statement in a highly colourful manner.
Due to its unique and trendy design, this sports watch will surely appeal to your highly discerning clientele, and your gift recipients will love to wear this watch on a daily basis and remember your brand day after day. Place your order for this customer gift today and have it custom imprinted with your business name and corporate logo over a wide imprint area of 9/16” using silk screen, laser, deboss, foil hot stamp or sublimation printing at a nominal setup charge of only $50!

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hand out our Orion iPad Sleeve to protect valuable iPads of your clients!

People are always on the lookout for ways to protect their expensive electronic gadgets ranging from laptops to tablets and mobiles because owing to daily handling, these devices undergo significant wear and tear. At the same time, being exposed to dust and dirt, accidental bumps and spillage, the lifespan of such gadgets tend to decrease with time. For this reason, well designed computer bags that come in various shapes, sizes and designs have become highly important these days. Take advantage of the utility of such items and brand your name on these practical business gifts.
Designed to protect iPads of all shapes and sizes, get our Promotional Orion iPad Sleeve immediately to ensure complete protection of your clients’ favorite iPad or tablet. Constructed from flexible and soft neoprene materials, this laptop sleeve weighs a negligible 0.17 pounds making it extremely light to carry. Boasting of a snug closure and a prominent black body with color contrasting piping details along its opening in six bright colors (green, yellow, red, black, orange and blue), this laptop sleeve protects the gadget in it from damage and accidental bumps at all times, whether it is inside the bag or on the table!

While protecting the iPads and tablets of your customers and clients from all kinds of wear and tear, you can promote your brand name and company logo by personalising the huge branding area of this corporate logo gift using silk screen, laser, deboss, foil hot stamp or sublimation printing as needed. Available for a reasonable setup charge of only $50, hand out this computer bag to all your clients, customers and even your employees for some excellent brand publicity.  

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Port Authority Ladies Modern Stretch Cotton Full Zip Jacket. L519 is a stylish customer gift!

Custom imprinted with your business details promotional outerwear such as knit shirts, hoodies, sweaters and jackets are ideal for business promotion activities during the winter season because your customers will always be in need of them even if they do not wear them. These warm and cosy business gifts are the kind of items that your customers and employees will welcome whole heartedly this time of year.
Designed to be an instant hit with your female patrons and employees, you can secure maximum exposure for your brand by making our Promotional Port Authority Ladies Modern Stretch Cotton Full Zip Jacket. L519 a part of your promotional drive. Tailored from 6.5 ounce cotton/spandex fabric in 96/4 ratio, it boasts of a 1x1 rib knit construction, making it extremely stretchable without losing its original shape. Sporting a figure hugging silhouette, it comes with a self fabric hood to protect the head from wind and cold. Other design features include a zipper closure, front slash pockets and open cuffs and hem.
Offering exceptional comfort all day long, women of all body shapes will appreciate the updated fit and figure flattering details of this personalised business gift. This stylish knit shirt is offered in six exciting shades - white, black, dark chocolate brown, mosaic blue, petal pink and true navy, and weighs only 0.73 pounds.
Available in all sorts of standard sizes including small and X-Large sizes, have your company name and logo branded on this corporate logo gift and advertise your business by giving it away to all your female clients and employees today!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gift this Snap-In Craft Mug to your clients so they can drink their favorite beverage in it!

Although you may have used plastic cups in a number of promotional campaigns, they still make apt promotional business gifts, especially during very cold winter months as your clients and employees might want to keep themselves warm and beat the chill by sipping a hot beverage. It is a known fact that an employee’s day is never complete without a hot cup of coffee or tea, so gift your employees our Promotional Snap-In Craft Mug which can make an excellent customer gift!
Crafted from top quality plastic materials, this extremely durable mug has been designed to withstand regular wear and tear apart from holding all kinds of hot and cold beverages. While the weight of the plastic mug is a trifling 0.38 pounds - which makes it extremely light to hold -  the promotional gift measures 3 ½” x 4 ¼” in size. The sturdy handle ensures that your receivers get a good grip on the mug while enjoying their favorite beverage.
This practical customer gift comes with a generous imprinting area of 3 ½” x 1 ½” which you can customise with your promotional message or brand name and company logo. Apart from mass-distribution at various tradeshows, exhibitions and conventions, you can also hand these mugs out on special days and events. So, every time they drink their favorite beverage from your cup (which contains your catchy promotional message), you will generate good leads for your business!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

This small and useful 6 Compartment Pillbox can spread your business message far and wide!

Band-aids bandages and pill dispensers are handy articles for people who are always on the go, especially during any emergencies. At the same time, compact and versatile, they are easy to carry around in handbags, wallets or office bags. To keep your customers and employees safe wherever they go and to keep your company name always nearby, offer them our Promotional 6 Compartment Pillbox. Since pills and vitamins are taken on a daily basis by people, a pill holder will instantly strike a chord with your customers and your company logo on a pill holder will also get noticed every day they use it!
Small, compact and useful, this medicine box is designed to keep pills and medication of different shapes and sizes neatly separated in its six small compartments so your users don’t have to carry different tablet strips and bottles to places but can store their different medicines and vitamins systematically in style with this friendly customer gift!  Offering convenient storage and portability, this pill holder is available in white and at a negligible 0.06 pounds it is weightless and light.

Present this pillbox of dimensions 3 3/8” x 2 ¼” x 3 ¼” to all your employees and customers and have it personalised with your brand name and corporate logo over the large imprint area of 2 ¾” x 1 ¾” using up to two font colors of your choosing! The setup charge for this very valuable corporate logo gift is a very reasonable $31.25! 

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