Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have your clients use our Guardian iPad Zipper Sleeve to protect their precious iPads!

In order to protect their expensive electronic gadgets from accidental bumps and physical wear and tear, good quality, durable computer bags have become widely sought after by people as free giveaways at various conventions, trade shows and exhibitions. Take advantage of the popularity of such practical articles and use them to share your business message with people far and wide.
Especially constructed for use for both the iPad and iPad 2, this Promotional Guardian iPad Zipper Sleeve is designed to provide complete protection to your customers’ tablets or iPads from regular wear and tear. Made from a soft and durable neoprene fabric, it is extremely light in weight at about 26 pounds and sports a bright color body with zipper closure in a contrasting white hue. Finished with a secure zigzag stitching, it comes in four attractive shades: blue, gray, lime green and pink, and measures 8”h x 10”w x 1/4” in size. Featuring a decorative black silicone pull tab with matching color accents, this sleeve fits into briefcases, totes or bags with ease, offering your users convenient use and handling.

To develop lifelong brand consciousness for your business, brand this business gift with your company name and corporate logo over a branding area of 5”h x 5“w using silk screen, laser, deboss, foil hot stamp or sublimation printing methods. Have your customers’ valuable iPads or tablets protected from damage by gifting them this apt promotional gift for a setup charge of only $50 and see your business grow in size and fame!

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