Thursday, February 20, 2014

Experience the goodness of your favorite drink from our Largo Travel Mug!

By gifting ordinary items such as travel mugs and tumblers to all your customers you are not only keeping your receivers’ beverage from spilling or leaking but also building excellent publicity for your brand. Moreover, this type of promotional corporate gift is always popular among all sections of society as it allows users to quench their thirst while on the go. For this reason, it needs to be branded with attention-grabbing text, images or artwork to attract the attention of people standing nearby.
So, hand this Promotional Largo Travel Mug to all your new and old customers at your next business promotional campaign! Featuring a double-wall construction, it is designed to keep your favorite drink at an optimum temperature all day long, and is therefore ideal for various road trips, picnics, and other popular outdoor activities. This beautifully designed and well constructed travel mug features a twist-on lid with slide-lock drink opening mechanism so you can get fast and easy access to your drink anytime! Constructed to fit into most standard car cup holders with ease, this 16oz travel mug comes in five interesting shades of green, purple, red, black and blue along with a strong and sturdy handle which offers a wonderful grip.
Exceedingly light in weight at about 0.88 pounds and 0''L x 7''W x 0''H in dimensions, custom imprint this versatile customer gift with your brand name and logo for a nominal setup charge of only $55 and experience unending traffic for your products and services today!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have your clients use our Guardian iPad Zipper Sleeve to protect their precious iPads!

In order to protect their expensive electronic gadgets from accidental bumps and physical wear and tear, good quality, durable computer bags have become widely sought after by people as free giveaways at various conventions, trade shows and exhibitions. Take advantage of the popularity of such practical articles and use them to share your business message with people far and wide.
Especially constructed for use for both the iPad and iPad 2, this Promotional Guardian iPad Zipper Sleeve is designed to provide complete protection to your customers’ tablets or iPads from regular wear and tear. Made from a soft and durable neoprene fabric, it is extremely light in weight at about 26 pounds and sports a bright color body with zipper closure in a contrasting white hue. Finished with a secure zigzag stitching, it comes in four attractive shades: blue, gray, lime green and pink, and measures 8”h x 10”w x 1/4” in size. Featuring a decorative black silicone pull tab with matching color accents, this sleeve fits into briefcases, totes or bags with ease, offering your users convenient use and handling.

To develop lifelong brand consciousness for your business, brand this business gift with your company name and corporate logo over a branding area of 5”h x 5“w using silk screen, laser, deboss, foil hot stamp or sublimation printing methods. Have your customers’ valuable iPads or tablets protected from damage by gifting them this apt promotional gift for a setup charge of only $50 and see your business grow in size and fame!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Be a winner with our Mini Tri Highlighter as your next business promotional gift!

Apart from pens and pencils, highlighters and markers are the other popular office stationary items that people of all ages love to receive as free items. Distributing such items that are always in demand is a smart way to generate leads for your business and widen your market base. Since they play an important role in the corporate environment, your employees will also appreciate such useful items as employee gifts.
To experience the effectiveness of markers and highlighters as business promotional gifts, make your marketing drives colourful with our Promotional Mini Tri Highlighter and attract new customers to your business in no time! This all in one highlighter can promote your brand anywhere from homes to schools to offices! Offered in standard white, this practical corporate gift boasts of three popular highlighter colors - green, yellow and pink with caps in corresponding ink colors. While the weight of this innovative corporate gift is a mere 0.05 pounds, the size of this product is 3" x 1/2" x 3" in dimension, allowing your gift recipients to carry it in their bags or their pockets.
So, stock up the drawers of your loyal customers and hard working employees with our economically priced highlighter and have it branded with your brand name and logo now! With a generous imprint area of 1-3/8" dia on the top or bottom, you can customise your text or image using a maximum of six font colors. Available at a reasonable setup charge of only $50, place your orders for this customisable business gift now!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Use our Travel Lid to build a strong market presence!

To build a long lasting bond with your target market, you need to distribute promotional gifts that are high on functionality and popularity. One such promotional product that is very effective in driving prospective customers to your business is travel mugs and tumblers. Personalised with your business message, they provide you with the opportunity to share your business message with a large number of people every time your recipients take them out for a sip of their favorite drink. Even the lids of travel mugs can be personalised with catchy promotional message to make them a unique corporate gift idea!
If you want to stand out and are tired of gifting travels mugs to all your customers, get our Promotional Travel Lid for your next marketing drive today! Beautifully designed, this promotional gift is suitable for use on all kinds of drinkware. Offered in elegant white, this is not just an ordinary travel lid but an extremely versatile and handy corporate promotional gift. Light in weight at only 0.04 pounds, this travel lid is suitable for use on the road as well as outdoor activities such as picnics, sports, etc.
Whenever your customers need to cover their drinks and keep them at an optimum temperature, this unique corporate gift will prove to be extremely beneficial for your clients and for your business as well!
To make your brand name more popular in the market, simply engraved your company name and logo on this practical corporate gift and hand it out to all your customers, business associates and employees today!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Offer this Mini Business Card Jotter to all your loyal patrons!

Promotional notebooks come in various styles, designs, colours and specifications to match all kinds of promotional needs. Made from long lasting and high quality materials, these low cost business promotional gifts are extremely effective in building long term brand visibility for your services or products. Unlike other flashy promotional gifts, notebooks are functional business gifts that your customers will definitely appreciate whether they are housewives or working professionals.
Offering everyday use and easy to carry around, our Promotional Mini Business Card Jotter is designed to provide you with years of advertising exposure! Available in seven popular shades of orange, purple, red, black, blue, lime green and silver, this spiral bound pocket jotter measures 2-3/8"H x 4-5/8"W x 9/16" in dimension and weighs a negligible 0.07 pounds. Along with the bold translucent color cover, it also features a clear business card pocket on the back cover so that a user can keep their business cards within easy reach and never lose them. Lightweight and small in size, it fits easily into any pocket size or bag and comes equipped with forty lined sheets for writing down important information without wasting precious time.
Offering a large imprint surface of 1-1/8"H x 2-1/4", custom imprint this practical promotional gift with your business name and company logo using silk screen, laser printing, debossing, foil hot stamp or sublimation printing today! With such a customer gift your clients, business associates and employees will never miss any important information! The setup charge for this handy corporate gift is just $50!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Enjoy the success that our Budgeteer Pencil will provide for your business!

Pencils, pens, highlighter and markers are some of the many basic stationary items that people of all ages love to receive during any kind of promotional campaign. Since they have everyday value, stock up the drawers of your clients with such helpful personalised business gifts!  Whenever they need to use them for their official or personal documents, your promotional gift, customised with your contact details, will be in their hands all the time, creating great brand recall for you! They will take it with them wherever they may go and keep them in their bag or pocket.
Our value for money Promotional Budgeteer Pencil is designed for use by businesses of all shapes and sizes! This is an economically priced good quality woodcase pencil. Featuring a #2 lead pencil tip, this handy company gift is available in eleven bright colors: purple, red, white, yellow, black, burgundy, dark blue, dark green, medium blue, neon orange and silver. While the product measures 7-7/16"l x 1/4" dia in size, it weighs a mere 0.01 pounds! In addition to its slim and sleek profile, the pencil also sports an eraser on top for easy use, thereby saving your customers from the hassle of searching for an eraser to rectify their mistakes. Whether it is used at home or in the office, this highly functional promotional corporate gift will help to promote your business everywhere!
Get this customer gift personalised with your company name and logo or business message using screen printing up to a maximum of five font colors of your choice. The area available for customisation on the wide barrel of the pencil measures 4"w x 3/4"h in size.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lil Shorty Sports Bottle is very effective in building your consumer base!

Water bottles, also called sports bottles, are used on a daily basis by both young and old alike to quench their thirst during all kinds of situations. Since they have everyday value, this kind of gift is more likely to be with your receivers for a much longer time period than other promotional gifts. It is therefore highly important to get them customised in an eye-catching manner to increase traffic to your company. Take a look at our other sport bottles collection, which has a wide range of water bottles in both modern and traditional designs to meet all kinds of promotional requirements.
Make our Promotional The Lil Shorty Sports Bottle a part of your marketing campaign now! Featuring a single wall aluminum construction, this 17oz water bottle comes in nine cool and vibrant colour options: green, orange, purple, red, white, black, blue, light blue and silver. To keep your favorite drink intact and provide easy access, this bottle comes with a twist-on lid mechanism that also prevents the drink from spilling or leaking out from the sport bottle. Weighing a simple 0.47 pounds, this item measures 7-1/2"H x 2-7/8"W in size. Designed with a 5mm silver carabiner, you can easily attach this water bottle to your bag and take it wherever you go.
Depending on your needs, you can have your company name, logo or business message custom imprinted on the wide branding area provided on the side of the bottle using silk screening, laser engraving, debossing, heat transfer and magic color techniques for a setup charge of $55!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

See your brand name fly high with our 9-1/4” Flyer!

Games and sports items are popular promotional gifts that you can hand out all through the year to promote your products and services. Whether they are used as showpieces or for fun, they are very effective for generating prospective leads to your business when branded with your contact details. Of varied games items, flyers are popular promotional tools during the spring-summer season. They are loved by both young and old and are great for any outdoor function such as beach parties and picnics.
Check out our Promotional 9-1/4” Flyer! This particular customer gift is designed to win over your target customer market with its quality construction and sporty design. Offered in three standard colors of red, blue and white and crafted from superior materials, this is a strong and durable sports item that can withstand the physical wear and tear of outdoor activities. While the weight of this product is a mere 0.26 pounds, the dimensions of this popular company gift is a generous 9-1/4" dia. x 1-3/16"d. To make sure your business message is prominently displayed, the imprint area available on this gift is a liberal 4 ¾” diameter on the top, where you can screen print your business details such as your brand name, corporate logo or any catchy marketing message using up to four font colors!

So, make the outdoor activities of your business clients and employees memorable and enjoyable by getting them this customer gift at a setup charge of just $50!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Give away our sporty and chic Anser Brown Glasses to all your fashionable customers!

Along with commonplace everyday items, people also love to receive fashionable articles as business promotional gifts. By offering personalised business gifts that your customers can use to make a fashion statement, you end up building a stronger bond with your receivers. A statement piece as well as a strong promotional gift - our fashionable Promotional Anser Brown Glasses meets all your promotional requirements with its cool design and style!
Included in our exclusive fitness and personal safety collection, this is a bayonet style wrap around lens that sports hinged arms in its low profile design. Offering 99.9% UVA and UVB protection, it meets all quality standards and has ANSI-Z87.1 approval. Boasting of soft rubberized temple ends and nosepiece, this promotional gift is designed to provide a comfortable fit and feel to the user. At the same time, while the soft rubber nosepiece prevents slippage, the polycarbonate brown lens are resistant to scrapes and nicks, offering your customer years of hassle-free use! Measuring 2''h x 6''w x 2.75''d in size and weighing 0.12 pounds, this sunglass is light in weight and highly long lasting.
To show that you value their relationship, get this unique corporate gift idea for all your business executives and corporate clients today! Personalise the imprinting area - measuring 1"h x 2"w in dimensions - of this classy business gift with your business name and logo using silkscreen printing and pad printing. Presented with a microfiber storage pouch and neck cord, this company gift is available for a setup charge of just $50!

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