Friday, August 30, 2013

Invite your business executives over for a drink and gift them this Wine Companion Gift Set!

Many businesses prefer to hand out wine accessories as personalized business gifts to their high profile business clients and executives. Some of these wine accessories are available in sets which are more valuable than individual pieces. For this reason, a set of wine accessories is a great gift option for many companies that plan to gain more from their limited budget. Moreover, this type of executive business gift reflects class and sophistication and is ideal for enhancing the brand image of any business enterprise.
Popularize your brand name with this promotional Wine Companion Gift Set which is a three-piece wine gift set of size 8.5”L x 2.75”W x 6.375”H. The set comes with a wine opener, a foil cutter and a vintage guide.  Both the handles and the lever of the wine opener have been designed to offer maximum user friendly comfort. With just a single pull, the wine opener can easily open any wine bottle. For wine lovers, the guide book enclosed with the set is a treasure trove that contains ratings on various classic wines beginning from the 1990s.
The gift set features a magnetic gift box with a branding area of .5”H x 1.5”W for custom imprinting your brand name and logo on it.  Alternatively, you can have your promotional message engraved on the handles too using tone on tone laser engraving. Personalize the gift set with your business details using stamp or deboss printing and get this corporate promotional gift set weighing 2.41 pounds for a setup charge of only $55!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Impress your business executives with this Valerio Bettoni Rollerball Pen!

Among the many personal articles that we use in our daily lives, pens are essential both at home and at work.  For this reason, pens make very good business promotional gifts for any business as they are highly popular and widely used by people. While cheap but good quality pens are ideal for mass promotion campaigns; branded executive pens are more suited for high end business executives and clients to make the right impression among this group of people. These are the people who spend most of the time in their offices poring over files after files, and giving them a gift that they can easily associate with makes for a great corporate gift idea.
As a corporate promotional gift for your high end clients, present them with this promotional Valerio Bettoni Rollerball Pen. This is an exclusive and premium pen for your all important business associates and executives. Available in three colors: black, blue and grey, this executive business gift is crafted from durable and robust aluminum and weighs only 0.14 pounds.
 The sleek and stylish look of the pen is due to its superior anodized finish and etched barrel design.  The neat and elegant design along with the comfortable grip ensures that your clients always have clear and smooth writing on their important papers. With a large printing area on the cap, this ballpoint pen can be customized with your business name and logo using laser printing.

Place your orders today and get this executive writing pen for your high end clients and business associates at a setup charge of only $56.25!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Take this Colored Beach Towel – 18LB on your next trip to the beach!

It is a known fact that towels and beach go hand in hand whenever there is any kind of beach outing. Many businesses make beach essentials (especially beach towels) a part of their business advertising campaigns during the summer season. Beach towels are a necessity whenever people go to the beach or the pool.  Why not gift your clients and customers personalized beach towels?  They can either wear them over their beach dresses or spread them out on the sand to sit on them. Whatever their use may be, the name and logo of your company will be on display for all to see!
Keeping the popularity and effectiveness of beach towels in mind, check out our promotional Colored Beach Towel – 18LB (of size 35”W x 70”H) to create maximum brand visibility and bring in new clients for your business. This soft to touch heavyweight beach towel weighs only 0.10 pounds, is crafted from a highly popular and durable fabric called terry velour and features a ‘always in fashion’ twill hemming design. Have your brand name, image and promotional message engraved on this navy colored beach towel using stamp and deboss printing techniques.

Beach towels make effective business promotional gifts since they are used by a large number of people visiting beaches and pools during the summer months. Distribute this beach towel imprinted with your business name and company logo among your customers, clients and business associates to gain that extra edge for your brand. The beach towel is available at a very reasonable setup charge of $720!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Look smart and trendy wearing this Adidas(R) Core Performance Cap!

Are you thinking of making your brand name more universally appealing? Then, give away promotional caps and hats  in your next marketing campaign. They play a very important role in any brand promotion campaign. Their widespread popularity and appeal makes them very popular business promotional gifts for both businesses and sports teams.
You can use them to promote a sports team that you wish your business to be associated with; thereby creating a desirable brand image for your company or you can have them distributed among your employees to complement their own corporate uniforms at various corporate sports meets! Your employees will be thoroughly pleased with these wonderful employee gifts as they can accessorize them with their casual and semi casual outfits.

To create a sense of unity and identification with your business, try our promotional Adidas(R) Core Performance Cap. This cap from the Adidas stable features their trademark Adidas(R) logo which is clearly displayed on the front. The size of the promotional Adidas cap is 6-1/4”W x 10-1/4”H x 3-1/2”D. The product, weighing only 0.25 pounds, comes in five different colors - white, black, red, navy and tan, giving you a wide choice. Customize this cap with your brand name and company logo using a maximum of seven font colors over an imprint area of 2”W x 2”H on either side of the cap. Gift your business associates and loyal customers this premium cap embroidered with your business name at a setup charge of only $50!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make your clients’ outdoor trips memorable with this Cooler Bag Chair!

Summer is the time for vacations, weekend getaways, picnics and various other kinds of outdoor trips. A successful outdoor trip depends on a lot of things, and included in this planning is how you transport your essential items. For this reason, multi functional picnic bags and coolers are highly popular among picnickers and vacationers. People prefer to use such handy items as they are not only easy to use and carry but space saving articles too!
This promotional Cooler Bag Chair comes with such multi-purpose features. Depending on your needs, this cooler bag can easily transform into a backpack and a folding chair without much effort. The bag includes features like a water bottle holder and a zippered pocket. This cooler bag, made from 420D Polyester and 600D Poly materials, comes with a high grade heat sealing inner lining.  This helps to keep hot or cold beverages and eatables at an optimum temperature. The product weighs only 3.88 pounds which makes it easy and comfortable to carry. The comfort factor is further enhanced by the use of adjustable and padded shoulder straps.
Place your orders today and get this promotional cooler bag of size 14W x 17 3/4H x 12 1/4D, custom imprinted with your brand name and logo at a setup charge of only $56.25! Your business associates will never get tired of taking outdoor trips as they will always have this folding chair cum cooler bag with them!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Be always on time with this Stack Digital Clock!

For many busy professionals desk clocks have become their best friend. This is because in this highly competitive and fast paced world, they cannot afford to miss their important business meetings, corporate events, seminars, conferences as well as important family gatherings. Whenever the alarms of these desk clocks go off, users will be instantly reminded of their important appointments and engagements that require their presence. Keeping the efficacy and usefulness of desk clocks in mind, take a look at this promotional Stack Digital Clock. Gift this clock custom imprinted with your business name and logo to your employees in recognition of their hard work and dedication. They will surely be pleased to receive such thoughtful employee gifts.

This promotional product, weighing only 0.13 pounds, comes with a wide bottom which makes it easy to place on desks. It also comes with a large screen to easily display its date, time and alarm functions. The clock’s body is made from plastic which saves it from accidental bumps and falls. Customize this desk clock with your company name, logo and promotional message using silkscreen, laser, deboss, heat transfer and magic color printing techniques over a generous branding area of 1”H x 1-1/2”W. To create maximum brand visibility for your business, you can also opt for wrap around imprinting for this desk clock. Gift your loyal clients, customers and employees this promotional digital clock at a setup charge of only $55.00 and they will always meet their commitments on time!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Look stylish with this promotional Nike Golf Pique Knit Polo. 193581!

For your business promotion campaigns, select and handout the latest branded apparel that is easily available from any Nike Golf Shop and see your business as well as the wearer garner envious looks! When it comes to marketing your brand name through custom apparel, present your high end business clients and dedicated employees with this promotional Nike Golf Pique Knit Polo. 193581. They will be pleased to receive this outfit as a corporate gift. Moreover, a polo shirt has become a wardrobe essential for many men whether they play a sport or not.

This polo shirt comes in the quintessential Nike Golf shirt style. Made from 6 ounce 100% cotton, anyone wearing this polo shirt will feel cool and comfortable throughout the day. The use of pique knit fabric in the polo shirt makes it ideal for everyday wear as well as business apparel too. The golf shirt sports a flat knit collar and cuffs which are fashioned to give the wearer a well structured look. The forward shoulder seam, along with the left sleeve which comes embroidered with the trademark swoosh logo, serve to heighten the sporty style of the whole outfit. This Nike polo shirt design is completed with a classic three button placket near the neckline. Moreover, these buttons come embossed with the trademark Nike Golf signature design and are customized to match with the color of the shirt. Available in a range of conventional sizes, get this branded Nike polo shirt weighing only 0.56 pounds, at a minimum order of just $350!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Step out in style and confidence with this Promotional Nike(R) Single Canopy Collapsible Umbrella 42"!

Nowadays, business promotion campaigns have shifted onto golf courses for creating maximum brand awareness among a wider consumer base. If you want your brand name to shine all year round, gift both your old and new clients and customers this Promotional Nike(R) Single Canopy Collapsible Umbrella 42". Though this umbrella has been designed for use on the golf fields, even your non -golfing clients will be pleased to receive such a branded gift which they can use in their daily lives. This promotional Nike Golf product is a single canopy collapsible umbrella which has been designed for easy use and handling.

On opening this umbrella, this single canopy item completes an arc of 42”. The umbrella is available only in one color (black) which reflects the class and sophistication associated with the game of golf. Yet, this promotional gift made of sturdy and durable material can be used on a daily basis too. To suit all kinds of brand promotion campaigns, this easily collapsible umbrella comes with a large surface area of 10”W x 5 1/2”H for maximum brand exposure. Using screen printing you can get your business name and logo (and any other kind of promotional message) imprinted on one of the panels of this business promotional gift over a large printing area. The use of maximum four font colors for your business slogan will definitely make your promotional message stand out on this umbrella! Gets this umbrella weighing only 2.25 pounds from any Nike Golf Shop at a setup charge of only $50 for your esteemed clients and customers!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Become a golf winner with this Monterey Event Kit-Nike(R) NDX Heat!

The importance of golf accessories need not be limited to the golf course only; you can even gift them to your business clients and customers as part of your business promotion campaigns! They can use them when they play golf or simply as fashionable accessories on their desks. For the marketing campaign of any business, golf accessories can be highly effective business promotional gifts as you will be assured of maximum brand exposure!
Include this highly effective and attractive promotional Monterey Event Kit-Nike(R) NDX Heat in your next marketing campaign. The golf kit not only contains top quality golf balls and tees but also comes with the added benefit of having your brand name and company logo printed on the golf balls and tees too!
 The white golf balls and tees are attractively packaged in varied color drawstring pouches. The pouches are available in five colors namely black, blue, green, pink and red; so select the colors that best suit your business!

These soft pouches weigh only 0.48 pounds and come with a generous imprint area of 3”W x 3”H on the front side of each pouch. With the use of the latest in heat transfer technique and the use of maximum four font colors, have your brand name and logo engraved on the generous branding area that the kit has to offer!  Get this promotional golf kit for a setup charge of only $50 and reap the benefits of this corporate promotional gift today! 

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Add another winning feather to your golf cap with this Nike(R) Swoosh Hat Clip & Ball Marker!

Are your business associates very enthusiastic about golf? It’s a great idea to enhance your marketing campaign using golf products as business promotional gifts because golf is a game which reflects a sign of class and sophistication and a lot of people love to place golf accessories on their desks or shelves to enhance their interior décor, even if they turn to the golf course rarely. 

Take one step forward in your marketing policy by using this promotional Nike(R) Swoosh Hat Clip & Ball Marker as your next business gift. Fashionably designed for not only avid golfers but for all those fashion savvy people who love to experiment with fashion, this ball marker is more than just a golf item. Designed with a hat clip, this ball marker acts as a fashion accessory for many. Ball markers and divot tools are always a must have item in a golfer’s collection whenever they step out on to the golf course and this 1½”W x 5”W x 1”D Nike ball marker will definitely be a prized asset for all your clients and customers who play golf. Place your brand name and logo over a generous branding area ¾” in diameter on this 0.17 pound ball marker using a maximum of four font colors. The customization is done by hand painting, so get this smart business gift for a set up charge of only $50!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pep up your professional image by stepping into the office with this Excel Sport Brief bag!

Leaving on a one day business trip? So, why are you looking for a large backpack which is troublesome to carry? Get smart and trendy messenger bags or brief bags for your short trips as this type of bags is easier to carry and gives you a smart and sophisticated look at the same time. Moreover, messenger bags are also ideal for daily use and are generally used as office bags by most office goers. Owing to its versatile use in everyday life, brief bags are often used as promotional gifts by many companies.
So what are you waiting for? Advertise your business in style by offering this promotional Excel Sport Brief bag to all your high end clients and customers. Highly spacious and large enough to hold a number of padfolios and other official papers and folders, this well designed brief bag features multiple zippered main compartments and a front pocket to hold all your knick-knacks like pens, notepads, etc!

Crafted from high quality materials with durable stitching, this brief bag also features an adjustable shoulder strap apart from its carry handles. A perfect item with a generous branding area for all working professionals, this 15.25”L x 3”W x 12”H bag is just the right medium that you need to promote your brand among top notch business houses. Custom imprint your business name, logo and brand slogan on this 1.10 pound bag with a distinct font color by stamping or debossing so your brand name is visible everywhere. Enjoy effective branding with this bag for a setup charge of only $55!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

No more spilling, only drinking when you travel with this Java Stainless Mug in hand!

Summer is a perfect time for a picnic or a beach party, so start making preparations! Now, don’t worry about how you can carry a beverage when you are travelling without spilling more of it more than drinking it! To sort out this problem of carrying beverages without spillage while you are on the road, always use travel mugs and tumblers which are designed especially for quenching the thirst of travelers on the go. As this travel drinkware is regularly exposed to others, it is a great choice for marketing experts to promote their business using drinkware.

Check out this promotional Java Stainless Mug! Crafted from premium quality and shiny stainless steel, this mug is designed with a plastic liner inside. To keep your favorite beverage intact inside the mug without any leakage or spillage, this 3.25”L x 6.75”W stainless steel mug is designed with an air-tight plastic screw lid with a matching thumb slide closure for easy sipping. A black plastic lid with a matching plastic handle complements its stainless steel body magnificently. This 14oz mug is designed and shaped so nicely that it fits into most standard car cup holders with ease! So stop worrying about spillage and get this 0.40 pounds mug custom imprinted with your brand name and logo using debossing or stamping for a setup charge of only $55 to experience success in your business’ promotional campaign!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Illuminate the darkness around you with this Illuminator LED Keylight!

In business promotions, no other corporate gift ideas can be as effective as everyday use practical items because the more a promotional item is in use the more it will spread your brand awareness. Among a never ending list of practical items to choose from, there are certain things that come handy in emergency situations and leave a strong impact on the user’s mind as people remember those things that lend a helping hand in times of need. So, for your next business event, get our promotional Illuminator LED Keylight which can illuminate your brand everywhere brilliantly!
Designed to be a handy companion in emergency situations, this high tech energy efficient LED flashlight features five LED lamps with bright illumination with LEDs that have over 5000 hours of life. Nicely designed with a glossy silver metal body, the middle portion comes in different colors like blue, black and white. There is a rubberized black functional button on this flashlight to turn it on and off. Four button cell batteries are required for this flashlight (which are included with it). To make this illuminator more efficient and functional, it is designed with a metallic silver keychain.

An essential tool for homes, cars and outdoor trips, this 0.69”L x 0.69”W x 2.5”H flashlight key tag not only illuminates your surroundings in total darkness but also manages your keys perfectly! Personalize this 0.06 pound keylight by customizing it with your company name and business logo over a generous imprint area with the help of stamping or debossing using a single font color for a setup charge of only $55!

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