Friday, June 28, 2013

Get this handy and hip-hop USB Mouse/4-Port Hub Gift Set for any occasion

We live in an age which is totally controlled by computers. We use computers every day, whether we use them at work or for fun and entertainment. From toddlers to retired folks, we all need computers and their accessories to make life simpler and entertaining.
With this widespread use of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, computer accessories are in high demand among computer users these days, which makes it a great reason to incorporate such accessories in your corporate gift ideas to make your business promotion campaign trendier and more high-tech. Check out this promotional USB Mouse/4-Port Hub Gift Set for your business promotion and you will realize the value and effectiveness of this super combo gift set which is ideal for popularizing your brand among your clients and customers!  This combo set of computer accessories includes a white 3D optical mouse and a white 4-port hub placed inside a beautiful black gift box. A handy set for business travelers this is the perfect gift idea for both professional and personal use.

The dimension of the mouse is 5”H x 1½”dia while the 4-port hub measures 4”H x 2¼”dia. As customization is highly essential for business promotional gifts, both these components feature a generous branding area on their surface along with a large branding area on the surface of the gift box. The imprint area on the mouse is 7/8”W x 7/8”H with a ½”H x 3”W imprint area on the hub. Customization can be done on this lightweight 0.90 pound gift set (as well as its components) using silkscreen, water transfer, sublimation, laser, foil hot stamp and deboss methods for a nominal setup charge of only $50.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go about fix-up jobs easily and in style with this Clip-On Pocket Screwdriver Flashlight!

For all kinds of small or big maintenance or repair work, one tool that is always needed is a screwdriver set. A screwdriver set is highly essential in every household to fix things here and there around the house. Tools like these can make your life easier at home, office and even when you are travelling. Many enthusiast travellers consider a screwdriver set a must-have item to carry during trips to handle emergencies. For household or office needs, we always look for handy and portable items which can be used as well as stored conveniently. If you are looking for a handy and portable screwdriver set for personal use or to offer as a promotional gift to your customers, get our promotional Clip-On Pocket Screwdriver Flashlight today!
This is a screwdriver cum flashlight device that comes with a set of six assorted bits which remain set inside a push-in/pull-out slider. Crafted from high quality and semi-opaque plastic, this screwdriver set comes in a blue and smoke color combination to give it an attractive look!
When it is not in use, this multi-functional tool looks like a LED flashlight with the LED set just above the groove for better lighting when you are using the screwdriver. A black switch for the flashlight is set on one edge.  This lightweight 0.14 pound item comes with a matching pocket clip, which makes this tool really portable and compact! The size of this smart and handy device is 37/8” x ¾” x 1¼” and it features a generous branding area of ½” x ¾” on the front side, 11/8” x 3/8” on the rear side of the silver surface and 2¼” x ¾” on the front surface of the blue area. You can custom imprint your brand name, image or other text on the imprint area using one or more colors (depending on the customization area). You can this essential tool for a set up charge of $50.

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