Monday, March 25, 2013

Redefine your kitchen style statement with this Brookstone Ultimate Grillers Apron Kit

Imagine the possibilities of offering barbeque sets as your business promotional gift to your clients and customers, which will not only help them at kitchen or barbeque parties but will also boost your brand marketing campaign excellently. Our line of promotional barbeque sets is just perfect to meet all kinds of kitchen and business needs. So, at your next promotional event, get ready with this promotional Brookstone Ultimate Grillers Apron Kit.
This apron kit includes a stylish black apron along with a meat thermometer, retractable and detachable bottle opener and an adjustable LED light. Stylish and trendy kitchen attire with a number of storage loops and pockets in the front, this apron makes kitchen work easier and convenient as the most important tools of a chef remain within easy reach. Moreover, there are two insulated pockets in the front which can be used to store cold beverages. Crafted from high quality materials, this apron is designed with a padded sport mesh lining to provide comfort to the wearer throughout the year.  Easy to wear and take off, this attire features a detachable and breathable sport mesh padded neck strap along with side straps with buckle attachment. For regular maintenance and cleaning, one can easily wipe down the front panel after every use. The entire apron kit weighs only 1.56 pounds and it comes in a signature Brookstone gift pouch. Get it customized with your brand name, image and business message on the front panel for a setup charge of only $55 and present it to your important clients and customers.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

A prized asset for every bar counter: A Vinola Corkscrew set

Wine accessories are always considered one of the best gift items for high profile business executives. Even if you offer bar sets and shakers as your executive company gift a hundred times, they never seem monotonous for your business clients as each type of wine accessory is a classic addition for a bar counter. This type of gift is often considered a sign of aristocracy. To felicitate your important business executives at any business event or conference, present them with our promotional Vinola Corkscrew set as your next executive company gift.
This wine accessory set contains a bottle stopper, corkscrew, funnel and lead cutter to give a classy touch to your drinking sessions. All these wine accessories come well organized in a hinged black wooden box and have an overall classy and elegant look. Crafted from high quality and durable metal, each of these accessories is highly functional and is a prized asset for every wine connoisseur. Your business executives will love to display this wine accessory set in front of their guests. When this gift set will bring an additional glitz to the evening affair, everyone will notice your brand name and logo imprinted on the black gift box and will definitely appreciate your choice of business gift. So, custom imprint your business name and image on the surface of this gift’s box using laser printing. The size of this bar accessory gift set is 6½”W x 7¾”H and it weighs only 2 pounds.  Get this classy and sophisticated gift set for your important business clients for a setup charge of only $56.25!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Take all your pet products in this Pet Accessory Bag while you are on an outing with your pet

Spring is on its way followed by warm and pleasant summer. Everybody all around is ready to welcome this pleasant season after a long dreary winter, and with the arrival of this season, many people are in a picnic or party mood ready to take the pleasure of this pleasant atmosphere. So, during this time of the year, many companies often plan to offer picnic or outdoor party items as their promotional gift for their potential clients and customers. If your offer the same type of gifts every time, it seems monotonous for both the giver and receiver. Many of your clients and customers might be animal lovers and own pets, and these pets might often be accompanied by them to outdoor parties and picnics for fun and pleasure. So, to bring a twist to your corporate gift ideas and to spread your brand visibility everywhere, offer your clients and customers this promotional Pet Accessory Bag.
This pet product is a perfect gift idea for pet owners as this bag is used for carrying a pet’s food, pet bowl, pet leash, pet toys and other pet’s accessories while walking or going for an outing with a pet. Crafted from durable fabric, this features a one zippered main compartment along with two external pockets. Available in three double tone colors: grey-red, grey-blue and grey-black; this bag features a 40¾”L x 1¼”W grey colored handle for easy transportability. The size of this pet product is 8½”W x 9¾”H x 5”D. Customize your brand name and logo on this bag over a generous branding area of 6”W x 4”H using a maximum of four font colors with the help of a silkscreen imprint method. This 0.66 pound gift is a rare and unique promotional gift which will fetch a new edge to your business. Get this pet product for a setup charge of only $50!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Get this 16 Ft. Retractable Pet Leash for your pets

If you know that your clients and customers love animals or they own pets, there’s no better giveaway for them than this promotional 16 Ft. Retractable Pet Leash. Also, this is a perfect promotional item for pet-friendly business promotional events or venues. This is a very commonly used pet product which is used by dog and cat lovers for a perfect walking environment with their beloved pets.
All pet owners love to receive pet products as gifts. Keeping this fact in mind, this pet leash has been designed to keep your pet in safe distance and under control. Easy to recoil with the help of an operating button set on the handle, this retractable cord extends up to 16 ft to ensure smoothness and flexibility around your pet’s neck. Available in three bright colors, red, blue and white, this product is a funny and attractive gift not only for the pet owners but also for their pets. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and better grip to your fingers. The size of this retractable pet leash is 6” x 43/8” x 1¼”.  Emblazon your brand name and logo on this pet product using a maximum of two font colors over an imprint area of 1¾” x 13/8” for maximum brand visibility. To make it a perfect gifting item, this 0.44 product comes well packaged in a polybag. Offer it to your pet loving clients and customers for a setup charge of only $31.25 and you can be sure that they will talk about your company everywhere. 

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rain or sun - Step out with this KELSEY Compact Size Folding Umbrella

When you want to do brand promotion, you will surely love to make your brand shine everywhere so it can enjoy wider brand exposure. Even in the most adverse weather conditions like rainstorms, you can keep your brand name shining everywhere by helping your clients and customers with this promotional KELSEY Compact Size Folding Umbrella.
Considering the limited room in your office bag or shopping tote, this umbrella has been designed to folding into a very compact size. Crafted from durable and heavy duty waterproof polyester, this umbrella can easily withstand heavy rain or rainstorms to give better rain protection to an individual. Moreover, the strong and robust metal shaft with steel ribs provides additional support to this umbrella.
When opened, this umbrella completes an arc of 42”. Available in three different colors of double tone combinations: black-grey, black-red and black-blue, this umbrella is designed with a rubberized handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip. The handle is also provided with a wrist strap for additional support while holding as well as to ensure easy carrying. For better storage, this umbrella comes with a matching colored sleeve. In folded condition, the size of this umbrella is 16¼”L x 2”.
Promotional umbrellas generally make a huge difference to the financial scoreboard of business houses. Keeping brand promotion in mind, there is a large imprint area of 4”H x 8”W on this umbrella. Custom imprint your brand name and logo along with your business message on this generous branding area using a silkscreen, heat transfer, foil hot stamp, laser, sublimation or deboss printing method and get this 0.76 pound promotional gift for your clients and customers at a setup charge of only $50!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have fun by blowing this Whistle Keytag

If you really want to grab the attention of others in an easy and sporty way, simply blow a whistle and see how you become the center of attraction. Till date, you may have gifted your customers and clients various plastic and rubber key tags a number of times during various business events and tradeshows. This time, add a whistle with the keytag to increase your brand visibility among potential leads and attract their attention by blowing a whistle.
Our promotional Whistle Keytag looks like a simple and colorful whistle with the added convenience of a keyring which makes this product an irresistible promotional giveaway for business promotions. Available in five vibrant shades; green, red, yellow, white and blue, this whistle keytag can be of immense use at sports grounds, beaches, outdoor parties, school and college functions, and in many other fields. Bi-functional and attractive, this product will definitely lead your business to greater heights. Perfect for various mass promotions like tradeshows, non-profit charity shows, school events etc. this whistle keyring is only 2¼” x 7/8” in size and weighs only 0.03 pounds.
To make this small and sporty gift more appealing to see, it comes well packaged in a polybag. Get it customized with your brand image and title over an imprint area of diameter ¾” using up to two font colors for maximum brand visibility. People of all generations will love to use this colorful gift. So, start your marketing campaign with this whistle keytag at a setup charge of only $31.25.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Keep yourself away from flu with this Flu Prevention Kit

To stay healthy and to maintain a healthy immune system, we have to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and sound sleep. We all know it but we find this advice tough to follow in the real world. So, we often visit doctors and need to have medicines. But instead of visiting doctors every now and then, we can take care of ourselves by keeping some spa and personal care essentials with us.
During flu season, most people end up with bad health, and this may be a common scenario among your clients and employees as well. So, to help them avoid falling sick this time, gift them a healthy lifestyle in flu season by offering them our promotional Flu Prevention Kit as your company’s next promotional gift. This flu prevention personal care kit contains a pouch of tissues, a paper thermometer and hand sanitizer. All these items come in a zippered pouch which is available in three bright colors: red, white and blue. The pouch color matches the cap color of the hand sanitizer. Easy to carry and organize, this 0.44 pound kit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Customize the zippered pouch with your business name, brand logo or company message using a maximum of two font colors over a specified branding area for maximum brand exposure. Each of the items inside the pouch is also available for customization. So, get ready to receive a large volume of appreciation from your clients and employees for a small setup charge of $31.25. 

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Keep yourself ready in any emergency with this In The Clear First Aid Pack

We often suggest people should keep a first aid box in their bags for basic treatments of minor cuts and injuries in emergency. But often it is seen that people forget to carry a good sized first aid and medical kit that holds all their basic medical essentials like band-aid bandages, cotton, pills, antiseptic ointment etc. So, it is better to carry a small and handy first aid set which is lightweight and easier to carry in a pocket or wallet.
At your office, your employees must also be more accustomed to using a first aid, and to make them more aware of this, offer them our promotional In The Clear First Aid Pack and ask them to carry it with them for additional safety. Slim and compact, this first aid set contains five adhesive bandages and four alcohol wipes for primary treatment of minor cuts and injuries. All these medical essentials come well packaged in a small and handy PVC case which is easy to open and access.
Get this first aid kit for your employees, clients and customers and offer it to them as your business promotional gift at any business event. The weight of this first aid kit is only 0.04 pounds which makes it almost weightless to carry. Custom imprint your company name and logo on the PVC case of this first aid set using a single font color over an imprint area of 1½”H x 2½”W with the help of silkscreen, laser engrave, heat transfer, application of magic colors or deboss methods. The setup charge for this product is only $55.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This small and handy Original Bandage Dispenser with Primary Bandages can spread your brand name far and wide!

Though it is highly essential to carry a handy first aid kit when a person is going out, in the real world, you will rarely find a single item of a first aid box in anyone’s bag or pocket. But accidents are unpredictable and can happen anytime. So, it is always better to carry a minimal level of precautionary measure with you when you are going out. Many people carry band-aids bandages and dispensers in their wallets or office bags to fight minor cuts and injuries sustained anywhere anytime.
Allow your clients and employees to remain safe everywhere they go by offering them our promotional Original Bandage Dispenser with Primary Bandages. Small, compact and pocket sized with a small holding handle at one end; this white bandage dispenser can hold a number of band-aid bandages.
Apart from the white bandage dispenser, the band-aid bandages are available in five vibrant shades like green, orange, red, blue and yellow. Owing to its bright and attractive look and color, this bandage helps to alleviate the pain of any cuts and injuries instantly by diverting the attention of the injured person towards its appealing look.
Get this bandage dispenser of dimension 41/8”W x 1½”H x ½”D for your clients and employees and have it customized with your brand name and company logo on the front surface over an imprint area of 2”W x 1”H using a maximum of four font colors. You can also have your brand name shining on the back surface over a branding area of 1¾”W x 1”H using a single color. Customization on this 0.02 pounds dispenser is done by screen print method for a setup charge of only $50!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

With this Patriotic Stress Ball, keep yourself free from stress and tension

Stress and tension are two negative byproducts of work that keep on affecting us continuously if not attended in time. These two factors are responsible for our lack of energy, and contribute to a moody and incompetent nature. Moreover, these two factors also give birth to various diseases as they weaken the normal immune system of the human body. So, it is always better to reduce daily stress as much as possible. To get rid of stress, tension and tiredness in your everyday life, start using our promotional Patriotic Stress Ball today!
An ideal promotional gift, a stress ball provides various means of relaxation for busy working people, which ultimately helps them to stay away from stress and tension in their professional and personal life. Designed like a playing ball, this squeezable stress ball is available in three different colors; red, blue and white. Apart from relieving stress, this stress ball can also be used by both children and adults for sports.
Your employees work dedicatedly for your business throughout the year and with such huge work pressure, they also experience stress and tension in their everyday life. So, to give them a little relief from stress and to show a little care towards them, offer them this 2¾”diameter stress ball as your promotional gift. Custom imprint your brand name and logo over an imprint area of 1½” diameter on one side of this 0.10 pounds stress reliever and present it as your promotional gift in your upcoming business event for a setup charge of only $50!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Enjoy writing in style and elegance with this Executive Contempo

A pen is one of the most popular items in our everyday life which is used by almost everyone starting from students to homemakers and working people engaged in any type of job. So, a pen always makes one of the best business promotional gifts for any business enterprise due to its immense popularity amongst people. Often, for mass promotions in tradeshows or non-profit events, a business house offers promotional pens as they are cheap and easily available. But when you want to offer a promotional pen to your high end business executives, you can’t go in for the same cheap pens used for mass promotions.  For such clients, get our promotional Executive Contempo which is an exclusive pen for your important clients and customers.
Sleek and smooth, this ball point pen features a black barrel with a high luster enamel cap for added elegance. Shiny chrome accents with a designer pocket clip on this design add a class factor to this pen. Neatly designed with a comfortable grip, this pen ensures smooth and clear writing. With a generous branding area of ½”H x 11/8”W over its surface, this ball point pen can be customized with your brand name and logo using a single font color with the help of silkscreen, laser, foil hot stamp, sublimation print or deboss method. The dimension of this pen is 51/8”L x ½” diameter and its weight is 0.06 pounds. So get this executive ball point pen for your executive clients at a setup charge of only $50!

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