Tuesday, November 26, 2013

“Use Creative KT6102 Tote Bags as Your Marketing Gifts This Season”

Totes bags are some of the trendiest promotional items available. These chic bags are immense marketing tools because, when given away, these items are immediate hits with potential customers, current clients or employees. On average, a promotional message imprinted on a bag can deliver more than 1,000 visible logo impressions in a single month! What this means is that one customer or prospect carrying just one bag with your company logo or message on it is going to tell a thousand people about your products and services in the span of a month. Simply put, promotional bags are elegant ways to investing a product that will make sure greater visibility and evoke for your brand. This is why promotional tote bags are so popular with businesses looking to advertise.

So, if you are looking to reach your target market with a smart and easy promotional customer gift, our Promotional KT6102 Tote Bag is the perfect solution for you! Available in 8 bright colors (ranging from green, orange, purple, red, black to ivory pink and royale blue) this tote bag is an eco-friendly gift item. This everyday non-woven shopper bag comes with 22” handles crafted from 80gsm non-woven PP. You can print or imprint your business details on the tote bag as needed. With dimensions of 15 W X 16 H, these tote bags have enough area to print your company’s logo and slogan with ease. The setup charge for this handy customer gift is $56.25! The weight of this product is 0.08 pounds and it is the perfect gift item to inject some excitement into your promotional marketing campaign.

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