Thursday, November 28, 2013

“Seve Rollerball Pen – A Functional Customer Gift”

Excellent gel pens & rollerball pens can be an immense conversation piece. Take a attractive automobile; sure, it looks nice, but how does it drive? A car is only as good as the tires that it rolls upon. And a pen is as efficient as its tip.
Rollerball pens use a ballpoint writing device, but contain a free flowing water -based liquid ink refill making it less tense on the hand and much easier to write with. Rollerballs are intended to have the convenience of a ballpoint and the smooth writing traits of a fountain. Rollerball pens are often chosen as an up-market alternate for ballpoint pens or for fountain pen lovers as a good travelling replacement because they give a similar writing experience like a fountain pen without having the difficulty of carrying ink bottles or cartridges about.

To build brand visibility and get success in your marketing campaigns use our Promotional Seve Rollerball Pen for your next branding campaign. Manufactured using to quality aluminum these pens have a black wire clip and are cap-off pens. They are available two elegant colors red and blue to choose from, and are one of the most functional and practical promotional customer gift products. The setup charge for this product is $56.25! With the product weight being 0.05 pounds, these are the ideal product for a victorious advertising campaign. Each rollerball pen (of size 9/16 W x 5 3/8 H x 3/8 D) has a large area that can be customized according to your promotional needs using Laser printing.

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