Friday, November 8, 2013

Make a style statement with these promotional Port Authority Fleece Gloves. GL01!

When winter sets in, everyone turns to their storage closet for certain essential cold weather accessories like scarves and gloves that are needed to protect themselves from the biting cold. While scarves help to keep the wind off your face and neck, gloves protect your hands from turning into ice. In other words, scarves and gloves not only help to dress-up any outerwear but help to keep the wearer warm and comfortable. Thus, by offering such essential items as business promotional gifts, your receivers will not only be grateful for keeping them warm but will seek you out if they need your services.
If you are planning to promote your products and services using popular fashion accessory this winter, use our promotional Port Authority Fleece Gloves. GL01 for augmenting your brand value. Manufactured from 100% polyester fleece, these soft and supple gloves come in three popular colors - black, light pink and navy. The weight of this fleece gloves is 0.10 pounds. The use of moisture-wicking polyester fleece fabric allows the gloves to remain dry and warm all day long. To further ensure that your hands remain warm, the gloves are clinched at the wrists to keep cool air out! This feature makes these gloves ideal for any kind of outdoor exercises during cold weather. Featuring a useful and practical clip and loop design, these gloves stay together even when not in use. 
Place your order today for our fashionable fleece gloves which are a great choice for your business associates, employees and customers due to its warmth, lightness and breathability.

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