Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keep your keys organised with this promotional ribbon keychain!

In marketing drives, promotional gifts that can be used on a daily basis are considered to be more effective in building long term brand awareness as well as widening your market base. Among the various practical items that you can choose to hand out as part of your business promotion campaigns, plastic and rubber key tags are highly popular business promotional gifts as they are loved by people of all ages and can be used to organise and keep tracks of their important keys.
Since it is of immense important in the day to day lives of people, your promotional key tags should be as pleasing and attractive looking as possible. To help you to leave a long lasting and positive impression on your gift receivers, take a look at our fun and colourful promotional Ribbon Keychain. Manufactured from top quality squeezable foam, this ribbon shaped keychain comes in three popular colors - yellow, pink and red. Besides holding your important keys, this unique corporate gift can also act as a stress reliever! Due to its mold process, this promotional business gift may vary slightly in color, size, weight and density but looks great nonetheless.

Measuring 0.75”L x 3”W x 1.5”H, get this practical corporate logo gift of simply 0.03 pounds custom imprinted with your business name and company logo for a setup charge of only $55! Arm your clients with this keychain cum stress reliever and get visual promotional marketing for many years to come!

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