Friday, September 20, 2013

Become a Casino Pro with this Gioco 500 Ceramic Poker 500 pc Set!

Poker is a very confusing as well as entertaining game with winners, dual-bluff half-ties and losers. Playing poker does not always mean that you have to very professional to win a pot of cash in a Casino Club. You can also play with poker chips, cards and dices to have lots of fun with your family and friends. Help your clients and employees enjoy a poker game in style with this promotional Gioco 500 Ceramic Poker 500 pc Set in a Metal Carry Case!
Designed with precision, this poker game set can be an executive gift for all your high end business executives who love to spend a few hours of their weekends playing poker. This is a 500 pc poker set which comes in a well designed metal carry case. The poker items are crafted from high quality and durable plastic to make this game set, an asset for a lifetime.

To make this executive gift set your company’s long term brand ambassador, custom imprint your brand name, logo and business message on this 25 W x 8 H metal case using full color dome printing. Whenever your client or customer sit for a poker game with their guests with this poker game set your brand name will shine brightly, creating a long lasting impression in everyone’s minds. So, get this 19.00 pounds poker game set for a setup charge of only $56.25 and allow your business executives to surprise their guests with this casino style poker set whenever they want to play!

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