Monday, August 26, 2013

Take this Colored Beach Towel – 18LB on your next trip to the beach!

It is a known fact that towels and beach go hand in hand whenever there is any kind of beach outing. Many businesses make beach essentials (especially beach towels) a part of their business advertising campaigns during the summer season. Beach towels are a necessity whenever people go to the beach or the pool.  Why not gift your clients and customers personalized beach towels?  They can either wear them over their beach dresses or spread them out on the sand to sit on them. Whatever their use may be, the name and logo of your company will be on display for all to see!
Keeping the popularity and effectiveness of beach towels in mind, check out our promotional Colored Beach Towel – 18LB (of size 35”W x 70”H) to create maximum brand visibility and bring in new clients for your business. This soft to touch heavyweight beach towel weighs only 0.10 pounds, is crafted from a highly popular and durable fabric called terry velour and features a ‘always in fashion’ twill hemming design. Have your brand name, image and promotional message engraved on this navy colored beach towel using stamp and deboss printing techniques.

Beach towels make effective business promotional gifts since they are used by a large number of people visiting beaches and pools during the summer months. Distribute this beach towel imprinted with your business name and company logo among your customers, clients and business associates to gain that extra edge for your brand. The beach towel is available at a very reasonable setup charge of $720!

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