Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Impress your business executives with this Valerio Bettoni Rollerball Pen!

Among the many personal articles that we use in our daily lives, pens are essential both at home and at work.  For this reason, pens make very good business promotional gifts for any business as they are highly popular and widely used by people. While cheap but good quality pens are ideal for mass promotion campaigns; branded executive pens are more suited for high end business executives and clients to make the right impression among this group of people. These are the people who spend most of the time in their offices poring over files after files, and giving them a gift that they can easily associate with makes for a great corporate gift idea.
As a corporate promotional gift for your high end clients, present them with this promotional Valerio Bettoni Rollerball Pen. This is an exclusive and premium pen for your all important business associates and executives. Available in three colors: black, blue and grey, this executive business gift is crafted from durable and robust aluminum and weighs only 0.14 pounds.
 The sleek and stylish look of the pen is due to its superior anodized finish and etched barrel design.  The neat and elegant design along with the comfortable grip ensures that your clients always have clear and smooth writing on their important papers. With a large printing area on the cap, this ballpoint pen can be customized with your business name and logo using laser printing.

Place your orders today and get this executive writing pen for your high end clients and business associates at a setup charge of only $56.25!

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