Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Put reminders up on the wall in style with this Crossroads Magnetic Memo Board!

If there is an event at your company and you need to send out invitations to all your high end clients and customers who are dealing with your business, this time do something different and send them an invite on this this promotional Crossroads Magnetic Memo Board!

Designed to complement your contemporary office décor, this magnetic memo board is crafted with precision to give an elegant touch to your office interiors. This memo board is something more than just a reminder board and will leave a long lasting impact on your clients and customers. Professionals often look for notepads, note cubes or memo holders to organize their desks and to avoid clutter on desks while they are working. This promotional memo board will come handy and help your clients and customers organize their schedule, as it can be easily be hung on a wall or stand on a desk with the help of its easel back, helping them keep track of their tasks with the help of three small integrated vinyl covered square magnets provided along with this memo board. Featuring signature Crossroads lining and rolling stitching in two colors, this 10”L x 0.25”W x 10”H office stationery will do a great job in household kitchens as well, holding up recipes and household shopping lists, making this a great gift for any occasion! Get this 0.84 pound memo board emblazoned with your company name and image for a setup charge of only $55! 

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