Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep your hands germ-free with just a few drops of this Cool Clip Hand Sanitizer!

Some basic hygiene is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle and to avoid those germ-borne flu diseases. It is our moral duty to help others develop basic hygiene habits, especially when they are at work. If your employees, clients and customers are healthy your business will run smoothly and to ensure this, check out this promotional Cool Clip Hand Sanitizer! Hand it out to all your business associates at your next business promotional event and gift them a healthy germ-free environment even in flu season. All of your business associates will appreciate your company for gifting them such a nice gift that reflects your serious concern for them. A corporate gift like this can help you strengthen your business relationships with ease.

This antibacterial hand sanitizer comes in a highly attractive and boldly shaded hanging case where the sanitizer bottle fits perfectly. The available colors for the hanging case are red, smoke, lime green and blue. Easy to unclip while using the sanitizer, this is a must have itinerary item for travelers and on-site employees who often need an antibacterial hand sanitizer. Small and handy, this 0.09 pounds sanitizer bottle is refillable and reusable. You can add your company name along with your business message over a generous imprint area of ¾” x 11/8” on the front surface of the bottle using up to three font colors. Get this 17/16” x 2¾” x ¾” stylish sanitizer bottle today for a setup charge of only $50!

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