Friday, April 5, 2013

Reduce stress, worry and tension with our Pig Stress Reliever!

Things can get stressful when your boss leaves early to attend and enjoy an evening affair, after giving orders to complete a project within a stipulated deadline. Even if this is not the situation, working in an office eight to nine hours every day often gets monotonous and stressful. So, to channelize your stress, anger and boredom, get our promotional Pig Stress Reliever which will squeeze away all your worries and stress at once!

Crafted like a playful and funny Piggy bank, this cute pink pig stress relieving item is a perfect business promotional gift for all your employees as well as your clients and customers. All your employees, clients and customers will love to receive such promotional stress balls because a tensed atmosphere can easily be turned to a relaxed environment with the help of these stress relievers. More importantly, stress balls or relievers play an important role in the business world to keep business associates healthy and tension free. Owing to its cute shape and design along with a soothing and attractive pink color, this stress reliever also acts a great toy animal for kids!

The size of this cute pink pig is 3½” x 2¾” x 3” and it weighs only 0.13 pounds. To execute your marketing campaign through this animal, custom imprint your company name and logo along with the business message on its body over a branding area of 11/8” x 1” using only one imprint color of your choice from this list: black, red, violet, teal, reflex blue, white and red for a setup charge of only $31.25!

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