Monday, March 11, 2013

Keep yourself away from flu with this Flu Prevention Kit

To stay healthy and to maintain a healthy immune system, we have to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and sound sleep. We all know it but we find this advice tough to follow in the real world. So, we often visit doctors and need to have medicines. But instead of visiting doctors every now and then, we can take care of ourselves by keeping some spa and personal care essentials with us.
During flu season, most people end up with bad health, and this may be a common scenario among your clients and employees as well. So, to help them avoid falling sick this time, gift them a healthy lifestyle in flu season by offering them our promotional Flu Prevention Kit as your company‚Äôs next promotional gift. This flu prevention personal care kit contains a pouch of tissues, a paper thermometer and hand sanitizer. All these items come in a zippered pouch which is available in three bright colors: red, white and blue. The pouch color matches the cap color of the hand sanitizer. Easy to carry and organize, this 0.44 pound kit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Customize the zippered pouch with your business name, brand logo or company message using a maximum of two font colors over a specified branding area for maximum brand exposure. Each of the items inside the pouch is also available for customization. So, get ready to receive a large volume of appreciation from your clients and employees for a small setup charge of $31.25. 

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