Friday, March 22, 2013

A prized asset for every bar counter: A Vinola Corkscrew set

Wine accessories are always considered one of the best gift items for high profile business executives. Even if you offer bar sets and shakers as your executive company gift a hundred times, they never seem monotonous for your business clients as each type of wine accessory is a classic addition for a bar counter. This type of gift is often considered a sign of aristocracy. To felicitate your important business executives at any business event or conference, present them with our promotional Vinola Corkscrew set as your next executive company gift.
This wine accessory set contains a bottle stopper, corkscrew, funnel and lead cutter to give a classy touch to your drinking sessions. All these wine accessories come well organized in a hinged black wooden box and have an overall classy and elegant look. Crafted from high quality and durable metal, each of these accessories is highly functional and is a prized asset for every wine connoisseur. Your business executives will love to display this wine accessory set in front of their guests. When this gift set will bring an additional glitz to the evening affair, everyone will notice your brand name and logo imprinted on the black gift box and will definitely appreciate your choice of business gift. So, custom imprint your business name and image on the surface of this gift’s box using laser printing. The size of this bar accessory gift set is 6½”W x 7¾”H and it weighs only 2 pounds.  Get this classy and sophisticated gift set for your important business clients for a setup charge of only $56.25!

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