Friday, January 4, 2013

Enjoy a tension free life with this stress ball

Good stress balls have been effective in reducing stress and helping people to lead a normal and happy life. One of the simplest acts of holding and squeezing stress balls can help people release their pent-up tension and make their day really worthy and blissful.  Thus, stress balls can be effective promotional gifts that can enhance the brand visibility of your company. Using such items as promotional business gifts can serve your business campaign effectively. Your customers and clients will be happy to receive stress balls as gifts from their company and think that their company cares for them.
Liquid components of foam are molded for creating stress balls. These types of malleable toys are also made of gels that are placed inside a skin made of rubber or cloth.
Considering the brand visibility of your company you can opt for our promotional Stress Ball. This can be a useful gift for everyone who uses it, as most people have now become aware about the ill effects of tension. Stress relieving balls are available in different attractive colors that are gorgeous as well as soothing to the eyes. Blue, black, green, gray, orange, yellow are some common colors for stress balls that we can provide you readily, but there are certain not-so-common stress ball colors like pastel blue, pastel green, pastel pink, purple teal and white that we can also provide you readily. Each ball is 2-3/4" in diameter and weighs just 0.10 pounds. The setup charge of the item is $50.00 per color. 

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