Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Complete a number of tasks and activities conveniently with this multifunctional Lynx Pocket Knife

Multi functional tools are handy and portable in every situation (whether indoor or outdoor) as they feature a number of utilities in a single and compact device. This multi device tool helps to perform a number of tasks and activities conveniently. So, almost everyone loves to possess at least one such multi functional tool for its versatility and usage. Apart from the multipurpose utilities of a multi-tool, another advantage of using a multi-tool is its small and compact size, which enables you to carry it inside a pocket. Benefit your business associates and employees with our promotional Lynx Pocket Knife and allow them to accomplish a number of activities like opening bottles, cutting, filing, and more.
Constructed from high quality materials, this multifunctional tool is well built, durable, robust and ideal for performing a lot of tasks. This Lynx Pocket Knife features a pair of scissors, simple as well as serrated blade knives, bottle opener, corkscrew, nail filers and a screw driver. This tool is convenient and practical to use just about anywhere! Also, this device will be a highly essential item for your clients and customers who often need to travel for business. Owing to its high functionality and versatility, this handy utility product will go on serving your clients and customers efficiently enhancing your business’ image. This 0.26 pound pocket sized knife is 33/8”W x 13/8”H x ¼”D and features a generous branding area of 1½”W x 3/16”H where customization is done with the help of laser engraving for a reasonable setup charge of only $50! 

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