Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gift your customers this useful and handy Santa Ana Insulated Snack Tote

Custom imprinted insulated bags and coolers can be given as special gifts in occasions and events related to the corporate world. It is always important for a company to have a good image in the market in order to maintain a good position in the corporate world. This image can be maintained by gifting something really worthy and useful to customers. Insulated bags and coolers help to maintain the freshness of food materials and are generally durable. Drinks can be stored and carried safely in insulated coolers. Insulated tote bags are also very useful for carrying snacks and lunch boxes in them. Snacks do not lose their freshness easily in insulated tote bags. Presenting lunch or snack tote bags can be a very good corporate gift idea to increase the brand visibility of a company.
Our promotional Santa Ana Insulated Snack Tote bags can be the best corporate promotional items you can choose for gifting your customers. These products are available in elegant and vibrant looking colors like black, royal blue, and lime green. An insulated snack tote bag has short and trim handles with one black zip that can be used for smoothly opening and closing the bag. You can imprint your brand name and logo on the generous 6" x 4" imprint area on the front of the bag. There is a 6" x 5-1/2" imprint area available on the back of the bag as well! So, you can use two different types of colors for imprinting the brand name and logo of your company. The size of the item is 12"-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 4-1/2". The item is extremely light and handy and weighs only 0.16 pounds. The set up charge of the item is just $50.00. 

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This Organic Cotton Barrel Duffel can be an ideal option for any sportsperson

Heavy cotton, different types of fibers, synthetics and canvas are some of the materials generally used to make duffel bags. Duffel bags are cylindrical in shape and have drawstring closures on their tops so that they can easily be closed by fastening strings from both ends. These flexible as well as versatile sports bags have evolved with time, and are now available in many varieties, sizes and shapes. Duffels are highly favored by sportsmen as they do not have any hard corners and it is easy to pack in a lot of things in duffel bags. Eco-friendly tote bags have now evolved that are very useful and hardy. Eco-friendly and customized tote bags or duffels can make very good corporate gifts.
Our promotional Organic Cotton Barrel Duffel   is organic and earth-friendly and can be the perfect choice for presenting your customer on any occasion with the brand name and logo of your company imprinted on it or nicely embroidered through the body of the product. Duffels can also be given away at exclusive business trade shows as promotional gift items. The size of our promotional organic cotton barrel duffel is 18-3/4"w x 15"h x 9"d. The 1-1/2"w x 41-1/4" and the long handle of this item can be easily adjusted. The product is available in nice and soothing off-white color while you can choose four different colors to imprint the brand name and logo of your company on the 6-1/2"w x 6-1/2"h imprint area handpicked for you on the front of the item. The imprint method to be followed is screen printing. The product easy to carry as it weighs just 0.60 pounds, and the setup charge of this wonderful product is $50.00. 

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Opt for this Baby Comb as a wonderful corporate gift item

A good company needs to think about its reliable and hardworking employees and their families and needs to give them something that can be useful for them as well as for their family. You need to give a little thought about your clients, customers or employees who have become proud parents. Their babies need spa and personal care solutions that are highly useful as well as safe to use. Customized baby combs can be give joy to proud fathers and mothers and they will get excited to make their sweet babies’ hair tangle free with your combs. 

A promotional Baby Comb can be the best option for you to choose as a promotional gift item or employee gift that can be customized easily by imprinting the name and logo of your company on the handle of the baby comb. It is safe to use on a baby’s soft and sensitive skin and will make its hair tangle free. Even older people can use it with perfect ease. This item is available in both blue and pink colors. The imprint area is 2 1/2” x 1/2” and you can use white to imprint your business message and brand name on the product. You can also use two different types of colors for imprinting the brand name and logo of your company on the comb. The size of the item is 5 13/16” x 2" and the product weighs 10 lbs. The product can be nicely packed in a poly bag and used as a promotional gift item. The product weighs 0.04 pounds and the set up charge of the product (per color) is $31.25 only!  

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Our Moist Towelette Packet can make a good and highly useful company gift

Moist towelettes are absolutely necessary for keeping one’s self fresh and hygienic. These products are so commonly used by people and are so useful that moist towelette packets can be used as promotional corporate gift items by a company for improving its brand visibility and marketability. Anti-bacterial moist towelettes have become one of the most important spa and personal care solutions for people of all ages. Towelettes are highly useful for cleaning babies every time their diapers are being changed. The sensitive parts of their bodies remain dry and safe. Anti-bacterial moist towelettes are also helpful in removing make-up and cleaning the face before applying anything on it. They are often used to clean hands before having lunch in office.

Considering the usefulness of moist towelettes here is our promotional Moist Towelette Packet that is convenient and hygienic. This single-use packet can be considered as a great and lovely hand-out for any occasion. This item is especially useful for prompt and direct mailing, and is highly cost-effective as well as useful. The size of a moist towelette packet is 3"w x 2-1/4"h x 1/8"d and the size of each towelette packed inside the hygienic packet is 7-1/2"w x 5"h.

You can custom imprint the brand name and logo of your company on the front imprint area of the packet with two different types of colors. The area for imprinting your corporate message on the packet is 2-1/4"w x 1-1/2"h. The back side of the packet has been made for providing useful and essential information to the consumer regarding the product. The imprint method that can be followed is flexography. The product weighs 0.01 pounds and can be carried easily in a hand bag or purse. The setup charge of the product is $50.00. 

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Let this TrackFast Step Pedometer measure your steps while you walk or run

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep many diseases at bay. But in this fast and competitive world, most people cannot manage the time for regular workouts from their everyday busy schedule. Moreover, huge work pressure and stress is also contributing immensely to a number of diseases. The best option is a daily workout. A lot of people like to walk or run daily for fitness. For all such clients and employees, get our promotional TrackFast Step Pedometer as your promotional gift and ask them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Even if you don’t get the time for a daily workout at home or the gym, this fitness equipment helps you to take care of your health as it constantly monitors your health and workout status. This pedometer keeps track of how many steps you have taken throughout a day. It has the capacity to count steps from 1 to 99,999. Try to reach your maximum limit a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Small and compact, this black and white pedometer features a round functional button near the lower end of the front surface and a belt clip at the back so it can be fixed along your waistline. A user manual is provided along with it and the dimensions of this pedometer are 1.87”L x 1”W x 1.87”H and its weight is 0.04 pounds. So, when you attach it to your waistline, you won’t feel you are carrying any additional weight. Let your business associates remember you always while you take care of your health by customizing this pedometer with your brand name and company logo on its front surface for a setup charge of only $55! For stamp or deboss methods, the setup charge is only $75!  

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Always be prepared with this Deluxe First Aid Kit, no matter what happens!

Accidents are always unpredictable and so as a precautionary measure, it is always advantageous to have a first aid and medical kit with you, whether it is at home, office or while travelling. If you have a first aid kit with you, at least you can do some preliminary treatment before rushing to the hospital if there is any serious emergency. Otherwise, for minor cuts and injuries, a first aid kit is the best option for immediate treatment. So, be a friendly and caring partner to your clients and employees, and offer them our promotional Deluxe First Aid Kit as your next business promotional gift.
Handy and compact, this first aid kit comes in a slim and trim rectangular box which holds a number of first aid essentials. The boxes are available in a range of seven different colors: red, sky blue, deep blue, green, violet, white and grey. The kit holds five sachets of adhesive bandage, two packets of adhesive pads, three sachets of first aid creams and one first aid guide. The size of the first aid box is 37/8”W x 2¾”H x ¾”D and it weighs only 0.58 pounds. Owing to its small size and light weight, this first aid kit is easy to carry while travelling. When your clients and employees carry this kit with them indoors and outdoors, spread your brand awareness as much as possible by custom imprinting your brand name and logo on the front surface of the box by screen printing it over an imprint area of 3”W x 2”H. You can use up to four colors for customization and the setup charge for this highly practical and valuable gift is only $50!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Berkeley Recycled Jr. Padfolio - One of the best options for organizing your papers and documents

Padfolios give workers professional looks. A pad folio with the brand name and logo of a company printed on it can be an effective as well as smart business gift idea for clients and customers. They are used for keeping important documents in a systematic form. Padfolios with the name of your company imprinted on them can draw probable customers into doing business with your company.  In fact, every person, from college students to university professors, from businessmen to government employees, prefer to organize their papers and important documents in padfolios. It’s also a nice idea to present your competent employees padfolios as employee gifts in order to award them for their devotion to your company.
Considering the huge popularity of padfolios, we have created an attractive and lovable promotional Berkeley Recycled Jr. Padfolio with the help of which you can spread your brand name by gifting loads of these Berkeley recycled padfolios to your clients, customers and business associates, especially those that go out for sales often. Our Berkeley recycled padfolio is an earth friendly product and can be one of the best ways to keep notes and stay organized. The size of the product is 6-3/8"w x 8-3/4"h x 3/8"d, when it is kept closed. The product is available in three vibrant colors and you can market the name of your company and your message can be imprinted nicely on front center (standard) of the product, whose imprint area is 3"w x 5-1/2"h. The imprint method to be followed for this product is screen printing. The product weighs 0.40 pounds and the set-up charge of the product is $50.00.

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Trendy and fashionable Super Nova Highlighter Combo Pen can be the ultimate solution for a marketing planner

Nowadays, people are just mad about fashionable and trendy items. This is an important aspect to keep in mind while choosing corporate gifts for customers and clients. Most firms consider pens as ideal promotional corporate gifts for their clients and customers. If you are also thinking of presenting pens to your customers as promotional corporate gifts, then all you need to do is to add little color of fashion and trend to the products (pens) and then use them as business promotional gifts.
Considering the usefulness needed for a corporate gift product, here is our promotional Super Nova Highlighter Combo Pen which has a sleek and comfortable clear translucent barrel. The body of the pen cum highlighter is wrapped with black and gray accents over a smooth silver color. One side of the product can be used as a pen while the other side has a highlighter that can be used for various purposes. Highlighters and markers are as useful as pens and can be a great experience for a person who will get a pen and a highlighter combined in one product! Our highlighter combo pen can add joy to writing and help a writer mark important portions of matter as needed. This dual function pen can be the best solution for a marketing planner. Custom imprint your business message on the 5/16"H x 1-1/8"W imprint area of the product. The dimensions of the product are 5-3/4" L x 11/16". Silk Screen, Laser, deboss and foil hot stamp are some of the imprint methods that can be used on the product. The weight of the product is just 0.04 pounds and the setup charge of the product is only $50.00.  

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Promote your business with this useful and attractive Super Nova Highlighter Combo Pen

No matter whether your business is small or large, you need to adopt certain measures in order to make everyone know your brand name. You need to adopt advertising merchandise that is going to expose your company without making you spend a load of money. Erasers, pens, coffee mugs and door mats are some examples of advertising items businessmen generally rely upon for promoting their brand names and business messages.
Custom highlighters and markers are also one of the best products you can opt for promoting your business. Markers and highlighters filled with ink can leave long lasting marks on any kinds of surfaces. They are useful for etching inky words on the surfaces of CDs, DVDs and plastic materials.
A pen and a highlighter are the two best friends of a businessman or a marketing planner. Considering this fact, we have created an exclusive promotional Super Nova Highlighter Combo Pen that has a sleek as well as comfortable translucent and clear barrel. The silver outer wall of the highlighter combo pen is wrapped with attractive black and grey accents.
One side of the item serves the purpose of a black roller ball point pen and the other side serves the purpose of a liquid highlighter. The size of the item is 5-3/4" L x 11/16" and you can print the brand name and logo of your company on an 5/16"H x 1-1/8"  imprint area. The imprint method to be followed is silkscreen. Laser, deboss and foil hot stamp are other methods that can be adopted for imprinting if needed. The product weighs just 0.04 pounds and the set-up charge of this useful business promotional product is just $50.00! 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Complete a number of tasks and activities conveniently with this multifunctional Lynx Pocket Knife

Multi functional tools are handy and portable in every situation (whether indoor or outdoor) as they feature a number of utilities in a single and compact device. This multi device tool helps to perform a number of tasks and activities conveniently. So, almost everyone loves to possess at least one such multi functional tool for its versatility and usage. Apart from the multipurpose utilities of a multi-tool, another advantage of using a multi-tool is its small and compact size, which enables you to carry it inside a pocket. Benefit your business associates and employees with our promotional Lynx Pocket Knife and allow them to accomplish a number of activities like opening bottles, cutting, filing, and more.
Constructed from high quality materials, this multifunctional tool is well built, durable, robust and ideal for performing a lot of tasks. This Lynx Pocket Knife features a pair of scissors, simple as well as serrated blade knives, bottle opener, corkscrew, nail filers and a screw driver. This tool is convenient and practical to use just about anywhere! Also, this device will be a highly essential item for your clients and customers who often need to travel for business. Owing to its high functionality and versatility, this handy utility product will go on serving your clients and customers efficiently enhancing your business’ image. This 0.26 pound pocket sized knife is 33/8”W x 13/8”H x ¼”D and features a generous branding area of 1½”W x 3/16”H where customization is done with the help of laser engraving for a reasonable setup charge of only $50! 

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Monday, January 7, 2013

This Fleece Blanket Fleece Blanket can make you feel warm and cozy on chilly winter nights

In this winter season, it is a great idea to gift your business clients and customers promotional fleece blankets, where the brand name and logo of your company has been embroidered through. Your clients can take them to outdoor events; say for golf tournaments or concerts or footy trips. These fleece blankets are portable and can be used extensively and usually serve people for many years.  Nice and soft fleece blankets can be used for keeping bodies warm at cold nights. They are much in vogue nowadays and have a wonderful and soft feel. They are not as heavy as woolen blankets and can also be cleaned and dried easily in washing machines. Blankets and cushions can be wonderful as well as useful corporate branded gifts for your customers.
Our promotional Fleece Blanket Fleece Blanket  serves the purpose of repelling water making it a better option than cotton and wool blankets. The product can serve the purpose of providing good insulation and make a user feel warm and cozy in it.  The product is available in fourteen different rich and attractive colors - orange, red, grey, white, baby pink, purple, black, royal blue, brown, yellow, bottle green, burgundy, ink blue and raspberry and is made of good quality polyester. This anti-peeling fleece blanket has whip stitch edging and you can print the brand name and logo of your company along with your business message on the smooth surface of the blanket, which is manufactured of high quality fleece. The size of the item is 50 W x 60 H x 0 D and it weighs 1.16 pounds. The set up charge of the product is just $56.25! 

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Illuminate your surroundings with this attractive Pull-lite LED key chain

The smartest thing about carrying a key chain with a flashlight in it is that you can use it anywhere, depending on the urgency of the situation. Key chains with flashlights are portable as well as compact.  Purchasing flashlight key tags or pull light LED key chains is a noble idea for keeping yourself always prepared for the dark and unknown. Unlike bulky and heavy normal LED flashlights, flashlight key chains can be carried and used anywhere. The key chains that are manufactured nowadays along with flashlights featuring LED technology give out brighter beams of light. LED key chains can serve the purpose of advertising for a company that can present the products to their customers and clients with its brand name and logo imprinted on the products imprint areas.
Considering the usefulness of LED flashlight key chains, here is our promotional Pull-lite LED key chain  which can serve the purpose of illuminating your surroundings as and when needed. This stylish and hi-tech product is available in blue, black, red, green or white. The body of the product is made of high quality materials and can easily be carried in a purse or wallet. You can imprint the brand name and logo of your company on an imprint area of 1-1/4" x 3/8". The imprint area is on the longer side of the colored body of the product. The size of the product is 2-3/8" x 7/8" x 7/8". The product weighs just 0.06 pounds, and the set up charge for this wonderful product is only $50.00! 

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Enjoy a tension free life with this stress ball

Good stress balls have been effective in reducing stress and helping people to lead a normal and happy life. One of the simplest acts of holding and squeezing stress balls can help people release their pent-up tension and make their day really worthy and blissful.  Thus, stress balls can be effective promotional gifts that can enhance the brand visibility of your company. Using such items as promotional business gifts can serve your business campaign effectively. Your customers and clients will be happy to receive stress balls as gifts from their company and think that their company cares for them.
Liquid components of foam are molded for creating stress balls. These types of malleable toys are also made of gels that are placed inside a skin made of rubber or cloth.
Considering the brand visibility of your company you can opt for our promotional Stress Ball. This can be a useful gift for everyone who uses it, as most people have now become aware about the ill effects of tension. Stress relieving balls are available in different attractive colors that are gorgeous as well as soothing to the eyes. Blue, black, green, gray, orange, yellow are some common colors for stress balls that we can provide you readily, but there are certain not-so-common stress ball colors like pastel blue, pastel green, pastel pink, purple teal and white that we can also provide you readily. Each ball is 2-3/4" in diameter and weighs just 0.10 pounds. The setup charge of the item is $50.00 per color. 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Enjoy hot drinks in winter from this Leatherette Vacuum Bottle

Winter is already upon us and in this cold season, the need of insulated and vacuum thermos is immense. Whether it is for milk, tea, coffee or simply drinking water, one always looks for an insulated thermos to keep the beverage hot for a long time. With the huge seasonal popularity of hot flasks, spread your brand awareness as much as possible by offering our promotional Leatherette Vacuum Bottle to your employees, clients and customers as your Christmas or New Year corporate gift.
Manufactured from high quality, rust proof and food grade compliant stainless steel, this thermo is designed with double wall inner insulation to maintain the temperature of the beverage for long hours at a time. The outer wall of the thermo features brightly colored leather coating which includes colors like dark blue, sky blue, pink, orange, light green, violet, dark brown and black. The inner screw type black and white lid features a push button mechanism for easy and spill proof pouring of the beverage. The outer stainless steel lid is also screw type and can be used as a drinking cup.
Great for travelling, this insulated thermo is 9¾”H x 2¾”Dia in size and its weight is 0.92 pounds. To market your brand name and business message successfully this winter, custom imprint this leatherette vacuum bottle with your brand name and logo over an imprint area of 3”H x 3”W with silkscreen printing. The branding area for deboss method is 2½”H x 4”W. Other methods of imprinting include laser, foil hot stamp and sublimation printing, but these methods are not applicable for all products. So, get this customized vacuum thermo for your business associates for a setup charge of only $50! 

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