Thursday, December 27, 2012

Protect your iPad in style with this Guardian iPad Zipper Sleeve!

If you own an iPad, it would be highly impractical if you don’t get a proper protective accessory for the gadget. A protective accessory is essential to keep dust, fingerprints and other daily handling bumps at bay.  There are several protective cases and covers available for iPads but nothing can beat a sleek and thin sleeve in both style and functionality. Nobody will opt for a heavy case or cover for a sleek and classy iPad over a super thin yet functional sleeve. Many of your business clients and customers will be using iPads. So, get our promotional Guardian iPad Zipper Sleeve and provide protection to their favorite gadget which will also reveal your sense of responsibility and concern towards them.
Available in four rich and vibrant colors; pink, blue, gray and lime green, these iPad sleeves are designed with a white zipper closure for additional safety and protection to the gadget. The zipper is also provided with a contrasting black silicone pull tab for convenient handling. This protective sleeve is crafted from high quality neoprene that features a zig-zag stitching for a fine finish and style. This computer bag styled iPad sleeve can hold both the iPad® and iPad 2®. Also this sleeve (with dimensions 8”H x 10”W x ¼”) fits conveniently in any tote, bag or briefcase. To spread your brand awareness while protecting the iPad’s of your clients and customers, custom imprint your brand name, logo or business message on the sleeves over an imprint area of 5”H x 5”W using silkscreen, laser, foil hot stamp, deboss or sublimation printing for a nominal setup charge of only $50!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Enjoy writing in darkness with this LED Flashlight| Ballpoint Combo

Practically and functionally efficient products are always in demand among us so when a company chooses functional and practical items as their promotional business gifts, they really serve their marketing campaign efficiently. Flashlights are no exception and are highly popular among corporate gifts. Also, flashlights are often considered as the best giveaways after pens for tradeshows and other non-profit business events where mass offerings are needed. But if you can offer both at your upcoming business event, just think how pleased your business associates will be!
Get this promotional LED Flashlight| Ballpoint Combo and illuminate the surroundings of your clients and customers and allow them to enjoy smooth and clear writing at the same time. With this gift, you don’t have to stop writing when there is a sudden power cut. This stylish and hi-tech pen features a sleek and smooth silver metallic body, and is provided with a translucent colored cap for added elegance. A matching colored silk neck cord is attached with the cap for easy carrying. The cap of this laser and LED ball point pen opens to show the ball point of the pen. There is a button on the metal body of this 0.06 pound pen. When the button is pressed downward, the bright LED flashlight on the other end of the pen glows brightly, and when the button is pressed upward, the light set on the cap of the pen glows to ensure hitch-free writing in darkness.
The size of this lighted ballpoint pen is 5”H x 7/8”Dia. Custom imprint your brand name and logo on the barrel of this ballpoint pen over an imprint area of 3/8”H x 1”W using silkscreen, laser, deboss, foil hot stamp or sublimation printing system for a setup charge of $50!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Carry your food inside this stylish Companion Lunch Bag to keep it fresh all day

If you are looking for a promotional gift for your company which will serve your brand marketing effectively, you can always opt for insulated bags and coolers because these items serve your marketing campaign extensively at different places in different ways. While these thermal insulated bags and coolers are ideal for holiday outings, these bags can also be used to carry lunch boxes in offices by working people and in schools or colleges by students.
Considering its versatile style of advertising a brand in different places, you can offer this promotional Companion Lunch Bag as your business promotional gift to your clients, customers and employees. Your business associates can use this gift to carry their lunch to their office along with their family members. Crafted from high quality and durable black microfiber, designed with quilt stitch pattern on the side panel and provided with a top zippered closure, this bag features a pair of carry handles for easy carrying and portability. The inner surface of the bag is designed with PEVA lining to keep the eatables inside fresh for a long time. This lunch bag is spacious enough to hold a Tupperware lunch box and a water bottle conveniently.
For effective marketing of your brand with this lunch bag, proper and generous customization is essential for better brand visibility. Print your brand name, logo or business tagline on this 0.47 pound lunch bag with the help of silk screen, laser printing, sublimation printing, deboss or foil hot stamp method for a nominal setup charge of $50!  

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Stay healthy and drink healthy from this 20 oz. Sip-n-Go Glass Water Bottle

Conservation of the environment is now a worldwide concern where the active participation of every individual is essential. So, when your company is looking for a promotional item, make sure that the product is eco-friendly because this will help you to create a statement about social as well as consumer responsibility and sustainability. Your clients, customers and employees will also love to follow your footsteps and will realize their responsibility towards nature and environment. As an alternative to disposable plastic bottles, start offering reusable sports bottles which will not only keep your clients and customers healthy, but also keep our nature healthy.
Get our promotional 20 oz. Sip-n-Go Glass Water Bottle and use this to enhance your brand visibility. This bottle will be a prized gift for everyone because most people are now very aware and well versed about the bad impact on our health and environment due to the extensive use of disposable plastic bottles. Stylish and designer, this bottle is available in three bright colors; black, blue and red and features a wide mouth for easy filling. The bottle is constructed from clear glass and is well equipped with a colored plastic twist on cap on top and a matching protective silicon sleeve on the body. The cap is designed with a pull-up clear spout and loop.
Without the lid, this bottle can be used in microwave and can be washed in a dishwasher by placing it on the topmost rack. The height of this bottle is 93/8” and its diameter is 2¾”. Put your brand name and logo on this 1.25 pounds bottle over an imprint area of 1½”H x 2¼”W, near its neck with the help of silk screen, laser, sublimation printing or foil hot stamp method for a small setup charge of only $50.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Manage time in your everyday life in a stylish way with this 4-Function Rotating Watch Carabiner

Time is a very important factor in our personal as well as professional life. So, the importance of time management can never be over stated. A clock or a watch is therefore our best friend when it comes to time management. In the professional arena, time management is more important because a lot of things depend on it. This is the only reason why the importance of promotional clocks or watches never goes out fashion in the business world.
If you are also looking for a promotional watch to promote your brand name as well as to signify the importance of time to your business associates and clients, get our promotional 4-Function Rotating Watch Carabiner which is slightly different from conventional watches. Designed with a brightly colored clip carabiner, this round digital watch can be rotated in all directions. Elegant, unique and classy, this watch features simple switch operation for its four functions. You will easily get to know the temperature of the surrounding, day, date and time and can also use it as a countdown timer. The carabiner clip is available in four rich translucent colors; red, green, violet and blue. Crafted from high quality and durable plastic, this watch carabiner is sturdy and robust and is ideal for travelling, camping or other adventurous trips.
Small and compact, this watch cum carabiner is 33/4”W x 2”H and weighs only 0.13 pounds. Clip this carabiner on your backpack and walk out in style! To promote your business, customization is very essential. So, put your company name and logo on this 4-function rotating watch carabiner for increased brand visibility for a setup charge of only $56.25!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

This Carabiner Screwdriver is your favorite domestic and outdoor companion

Every household needs some kind of maintenance and repair work every now and then and a screwdriver is subjected to maximum use among all household tools. So, if you have a good quality screwdriver with a set of assorted bits, you can do the basic fixing jobs easily at home as and when needed. If you are also looking for a practical and utility item to offer as your company’s promotional gift, you can get this promotional Carabiner Screwdriver which is a multifunctional hand tool to serve you both indoors and outdoors.
At a glance, you will surely think that this item is nothing more than a stylish and colorful metal carabiner. But this translucent blue colored carabiner embeds a number of high quality features. On the opposite side of the blue carabiner belt clip is a metal bit driver. The plastic blue lid opens up to reveal eight assorted driver bits. And just below the bit driver, there is a powerful LED flashlight that produces bright illumination. The bit driver and the flashlight are set adjacent to each other for better functionality.
The dimensions of this multifunctional tool are 2¼”W x 37/8”H x ¾”D. Let your clients and customers remember you every time they use this product by custom imprinting your brand name and company logo on the top right surface over an imprint area of 7/8”H x 3/8”D using a maximum of three colors. Offer this utility item as your next promotional gift and increase your brand visibility for a setup charge of only $56.25!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Serve a number of jobs conveniently with this Stainless Steel Pocket Knife

Basically, multi tools are designed to be used in tight situations so one can use any of the tools compacted in a single device as needed.  Moreover, a hand held or pocket sized multi tool is great for travelling due to its high portability. Most of your business associates and employees often need to travel for business trips or vacations, and they often look for such multi-functional devices to take with them. Make a small effort to add this utility item to their travel kit by offering them this promotional Stainless Steel Pocket Knife.
Designed to meet a number of purposes single handedly and conveniently, this pocket knife features a utility knife, a pair of scissors, can and bottle openers, corkscrew, Philips and flathead screwdrivers and nail file and all these tolls are compacted in a single device.
Constructed from high quality and food grade compliant stainless steel, this multi-functional device is durable, robust and well built. This product is ideal to meet your itinerary needs as well as it can be a handy companion at home or office. Also, this pocket knife comes with a split ring to get hooked on any loop quite easily. Get this for your clients and customers and enhance your brand visibility. Custom imprint your company name and brand insignia on either side or both by laser engraving it. The imprint area on the front surface of the product is 1½”W x 5/16”H and the same on the backside is 1½”W x 5/15”H. This item also comes in a well designed gift box to enhance its outer appearance. Get this customized gift item at a setup charge of $56.25!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Know your tire pressure and improve fuel economy with this Tire Gauge Keychain

If you own a car, it is essential to have a perfect idea about the tire pressure of your tires because correct tire pressure enhances gas mileage, improving your fuel economy. A tire gauge is one of the best, conventional and handy automobile tools that takes the hassle out of knowing about the correct tire pressure of your car. So, owing to its high functionality and immense use in everyday life, you can offer our promotional Tire Gauge Keychain to your clients, customers and employees as your promotional business gift.
Your business associates and employees will be highly grateful to receive this tire gauge keychain as this is the best gift that can help them reduce their car maintenance costs, improve their fuel economy and save energy while spreading your brand name at the same time. Available in three bright colors; black, blue and red, this tire gas pressure measuring tool is constructed from high grade aluminum with a plastic measuring tape hidden inside. Also, a split ring keychain comes with this environment friendly automobile tool to hold your car keys (or any other keys). The size of this handy tool is ¾”W x 33/8”H x ½”D and it can be carried anywhere.
This gauge comes in a gift box packaging which enhances the image of your company. Get laser engraving on this tire gauge keychain on its either side or both over a specified imprint area of 1½”W x ¼”H. Help your business clients to save fuel and increase their savings with this highly useful tire gauge keychain for a setup charge of only $56.25! 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Enjoy high quality audio reproduction with these Earbuds

Do you love music? If yes, then obviously you are familiar with different types of headphones and speakers that deliver crisp bass, free of any acoustic interference. Earbud headphones are one of the most popular types in a wide collection of headphones. Earbud headphones are very common as they come with most MP3 players, iPhones, smart phones, iPods etc. A pair of earbud headphones is a small and handy item that can be easily connected to any audio devices to enjoy high quality audio. In today’s world, earbud headphones are highly popular among people of all generations due to their great portability.
If you are looking for a practical item for your business promotional gift which can be used on a daily basis, our promotional Earbuds can be an ideal corporate gift for your company. Owing to its ergonomic shape designed to fit your eardrums, these earbud headphones fit in your ears perfectly and allow their user to enjoy high quality audio. Moreover, due to its perfect fit, they are of great use while travelling. These headphones come in a wind-up protective case. Crafted from high quality plastic, this audio accessory is durable and robust. The size of these headphones is 2¾”W x 3¼”H x 1”D.
Whenever your clients, customers or employees use these while travelling, people around them will also notice these stylish headphones, so the customization of this gift is very essential to increase your brand awareness. Print your brand name and logo on these 0.13 pound earbuds and spread your company name for a setup charge of only $90!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

This Fragolino Luggage Spotter Tag helps you to spot your luggage easily

When you carry luggage during any long distance or short distance trips its safety is paramount, as any luggage or baggage holds all your important clothes, items and other valuables that you need during the trip. You can’t afford to lose them at any cost.  So, for the additional safety and security of your travel essentials, you can tag your baggage with customized luggage tags for easy identification from a great distance. Also, you have to consider the fact that luggage tags often rescue luggage from theft.
Most of your customers, clients and employees often travel for business or vacation trips. So why not use our promotional Fragolino Luggage Spotter Tag to promote your company name to distant places where your business associates go while ensuring the safety and security of their luggage. This luggage spotter tag really helps you identify your luggage from a great distance because of its bold and vibrant colors. It is available in seven bright shades; red, orange, pink, black, green, blue and violet. Crafted from genuine and rich, quality leather, this luggage tag has dimensions of 2¼”W x 61/8”H x ½”D, features an address card to hold your contact details and comes with a metal buckle so you can easily fasten the tag to your luggage.
The bright colors of this luggage tag will surely grab the attention of the crowd all around you, and if the tag is customized with your company name and insignia, they will also notice your brand creating instant brand value for your company! So, increase your brand visibility and get this 0.08 pound leather luggage tag for a setup charge of only $90!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Live a healthy lifestyle using this Deluxe Pedometer

It is true that most often we don’t realize that the combined effect of pollution, fast lifestyle, unhealthy diet and metabolic processes take a toll on our health on a daily basis. So, it is very essential to take care of our health regularly as much as possible, and for this we need to exercise, jog or walk every day. Daily workouts help to remove the toxins from our body, burn calories and keep us healthy and fit, gifting us a perfect body. As everyone is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle these days, why not promote your brand with our promotional Deluxe Pedometer? This promotional gift will not only enhance your brand visibility but will also strengthen your business relationship and network.
Designed with a flip-open mechanism, this pedometer features a timer and clock which calculates your total daily workout time. Also, this colorful digital pedometer keeps track of how much distance you have covered while walking or jogging. Designed with an embedded sensor, it also monitors your heart rate. So, hook this plastic pedometer to your belt clip and keep a track on your daily workout timings and effectiveness very easily. Quite small in size with dimensions 2½”W x 15/8”H x 1”D, this 0.10 pound health equipment is handy and portable and perfect to use anywhere, anytime. Customize this health gift with your company name and logo by vinyl imprinting it for a set up charge of only $56.25 and hand out this immensely useful gift to your clients, customers and employees as your next business promotional gift! 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Enjoy smooth writing with this Basilia Black & Red Ballpoint Pen and Stylus

Despite hundreds and thousands of promotional items in the market, the most popular and effective one has always been a pen. Very common and highly useful, a pen always tops the list of popular and highly acceptable promotional gifts. A pen is a writing instrument which is used most frequently and extensively by us, so most companies prefer to give out promotional pens at any business event. This promotional gift is often used by all on a regular basis, and this everyday brand visibility will constantly reinforce your brand name in the mind of the user, giving your company a golden opportunity to advertise a product or service.
Also, a pen is a cost effective promotional gift which offers maximum brand exposure to a company. If your company wants to experience some excellent but budget friendly marketing feedback with a promotional gift, get this promotional Basilia Black & Red Ballpoint Pen and Stylus. This pen looks elegant, stylish and sophisticated due to its smooth and shiny brass barrel which is embellished with a brightly colored grip and features a stylus that can be used with all touch screen smartphones. Available in red and black ink with three color choices for the grip; orange, blue and red, you can offer this ball point pen to all of your clients, customers and employees at any corporate event, non-profit business shows, trade shows and other occasions where mass promotion is needed. Laser-engrave your company name and logo on the brass barrel of this pen and embellish your business very easily in an inexpensive way. The set up charge of 0.09 pounds brass ball point pen is only $56.25!

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