Friday, September 28, 2012

Identify your luggage easily in the crowd by tagging it with this Ultimate Privacy Luggage Tag

For any trip, whether you are boarding a train, flight, ship or even bus with your luggage, the safety of yourself and your luggage is paramount. Your luggage holds all your essential and valuables for your tour, and you cannot afford to lose it at any cost. So, take the initiative and ensure the safety of your luggage by tagging it with a customized luggage tag which reads your name and contact information. This is the easiest way to identify your baggage and is very essential for identifying your luggage during pickups. Moreover, luggage tags reduce the possibility of luggage theft to a great extent.    
Market your brand name and your business message to distant regions and overseas with this promotional The Ultimate Privacy Luggage Tag while ensuring the safety of other people’s luggage on their travels. Designed like a book, this plastic luggage tag opens up to three pages, the first featuring a name plate, the second featuring a sewing kit, and the third is the front cover of this tag; when closed, all these pages are put together with the help of a black rubberized closure strap. Drenched in bright and rich color, the front cover for this hinged tag ensures the privacy and safety of the sewing kit and the deep bright color allows you to easily identify your luggage even from a long distance. The weight of this tag is 0.08 pounds, which will hardly add any additional weight to your luggage, so don’t forget to tag your luggage to ensure the safety of your personal items when traveling.
Perfect for business promotion needs, this 2”H x 5½”W x 3/8” product is an ideal gift for business associates and employees who often fly for business or personal needs. To make it your company’s signature luggage tag, customize it with your brand name and logo using a single color over an imprint area of ¾”H x 1¾”W using silkscreen technology. The screen charge for this promotional item including customization with a single color and font style is only $50!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Organize and carry your toiletries conveniently anywhere using this Hanging Toiletry Tote

While planning any overnight trip (whether it is a business or leisure trip) along with other travel kits and accessories like clothing, official papers and documents, entertainment accessories and more, we always place our toiletry set on one side of the backpack or luggage bag because toiletry items are essential daily use items. So, to easily carry and store toiletries in an organized manner when traveling, try this promotional Hanging Toiletry Tote.
Designed with a number of compartments of various sizes (all provided with zippers), this toiletry tote is spacious enough to accommodate all types of toiletries and other essential items. Apart from the large inside compartments, this travel bag also features external zippered pockets to hold other essential knick-knacks. Moreover, besides its carry strap, this tote also features a hanging hook inside it which can be used to hang this bag anywhere.
Available in two rich and bold colors, this tote is a must have for every traveler for its convenience and design. The size of this bag is 8”H x 11”W x 3½” and its weight is 0.58 pounds. So, if you want to offer this lightweight, stylish and functional tote as your next promotional business gift, you can customize it with your brand name and company’s insignia over a specific imprint area of 2”H x 4”W using a particular color with the help of silkscreen method. The total screen charge for this designer product is only $50.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Adorn your bar counter with this elegant Aluminum Barmate

For most wine connoisseurs, collecting wine accessories is a hobby, and this passion is a representation of their class and aristocracy. Moreover, for most men, wine accessories are items that they love to treasure. So, handing out wine accessories as promotional gifts at corporate events is very common, and these accessories are often considered great executive corporate gifts. To give an elegant touch to your corporate gift idea, here is a promotional Aluminum Barmate for your executive clients and customers.
Our promotional wine accessory set holds an aluminum bottle opener and corkscrew along with a stainless steel foil blade. The entire set, made from high grade aluminum, ensures durability and strength. This is a must have set  and a classic addition in every bar counter, and all your recipients will be impressed at your choice of corporate gift when you offer this set as your promotional gift, well packaged in a metal gift box,. The dimension of this set is 7/8”H x 4¼”W and each item in this gift box can be customized with your company name and logo with the help of laser engraving technology over an imprint area of 3/8”H x 1”W. Moreover, if you wish, you can also customize the gift box with your brand name or any other text or image over an imprint area of  1”H x 2”W. The weight of this gift box with all its contents is just 0.51 pounds, and the set up charge for this product is only $50!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Now carry your bottle and wine accessories easily anywhere with this Tuscany Wine Tote

When you are at home, you can serve and cherish the true flavor, bouquet and smoothness of your favorite wine in your elegant wine glasses and goblets in a stylish way. But when you want to enjoy the same ambience at outdoor parties and barbecues, it is sometimes quite difficult to get all your entire bar accessories there. To make it convenient for you to carry your wine accessories everywhere you wish, here is our promotional Tuscany Wine Tote which will serve this purpose efficiently.
This wine tote is made from premium quality FDA compliant leather and is designed with a number of chambers and loops to hold the wine bottle safely along with all your wine accessories. This tote includes a protective case for the glass liquor bottle and other wine accessories, is designed with a double snap closure so that the contents of this tote do not get cracked or broken when traveling. Provided with a carry handle and a 16” drop height shoulder strap, this tote is easy to carry with all the wine accessories inside it without worrying about damaging the contents. Moreover, along with this tote, you will also receive a 5-piece set of wine accessories which include two glass goblets, one stopper and one opener made from stainless steel.
Available in a gift box set, this product is an exclusive promotional gift for important promotional occasions. The size of this product is 13½”H x 3¾”W x 6¾”D and it can be customized with your company name and logo or other desired words on an imprint area of ½”H x 1¾”W with the help of laser engraving technology. The weight of this gift set (including tote and wine accessories) is 4.12 pounds and it is available for a set up charge of only $50!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Slice a cheese bar in an eye catching manner with this Bamboo Cheese Set

Preparing delicious dishes is an art but representing it in a stylish and eye catching way is a special type of art. To add culinary art to your prepared dishes, you need to cook and garnish the dishes nicely and serve them in an innovative manner. Owing to the immense use of kitchenware in every kitchen, quite often cooking, serving and household products are offered as promotional gifts at various business events. If you are also looking for such kitchenware, here is our promotional Bamboo Cheese Set, which allows you to garnish your dishes nicely with various types of cheese slices.
Made from bamboo and stainless steel, this cheese set is eco-friendly and durable. The holding case is crafted like a clamshell and features a magnetic holder and closure to hold the slicing knives perfectly in position within the case. A perfect corporate gift for holiday seasons, this set will surely impress all your guests when you will use it during garden parties, picnics and barbecues. The size of this case is 7½”W x 11/8”H x 7½”D and its total weight (including the case and its utensils) is only 1.61 pounds which allows you to carry it easily when you are planning for any outdoor parties.
While impressing everyone all around with this gift set, promote your brand name with it as well. Customize this gift with your brand name and logo on an imprint area of 3”W x 1”H on the front side of the case with the help of a laser engraving system. A unique and versatile company gift for every business, place your order for this bamboo cheese set today for a set up charge of only $50! 

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Carry this First Aid Wallet in your pocket to get relief from minor cuts and injuries

Accidents are always unpredictable, so the best way to handle injuries and accidents is to do first aid treatment for instant and temporary relief. For first hand treatment, it is always very essential to carry a first aid and medical kit everywhere. Many companies prefer to offer a customized first aid or safety kit as their promotional gift at various promotional events.
Considering the wide use of first aid kits in our daily life, we have designed a more convenient first aid kit which ensures easy portability and storage as can be easily carried in a pocket as well. Small and compact, our promotional First Aid Wallet is handy and a good companion to carry around whether you are at home, in office or on the road. Made from premium quality frosty PVC materials, this case holds essential and basic first aid items like bandages, dispensers, pills, ointment tubes, cotton and more.
This is a perfect promotional gift for your company because even if your potential customers and important business clients could not attend your promotional event or business party, your offered gift will easily reach them because the small size and convenient shape of this wallet can easily fit in a standard No. 10 sized envelope, and allows you to send the gift to them via direct mail or courier. The size of this product is 33/16”W x 23/8”H x 5/8”D and its weight is 0.07 pounds which is quite negligible. To increase your brand visibility through this exclusive promotional gift, there is a provision for customizing it with your brand name and logo on a specified area of 3”W x 17/8”H both front and back using up to four colors of your choice with the help of foil stamp imprint method. So, get this unique first aid kit today for a set up charge of only $50!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Promote your brand in a colorful way with this Original Colored Dispenser with Custom White Bandage

Many companies prefer to offer safety kits, emergency kits or first aid kits as their promotional gifts. Sometimes, other health related gifts like pedometers and stress balls are also offered as corporate gifts to promote their brand while spreading health consciousness among business clients, employees and customers. Apart from hazardous industrial areas, people rarely carry a first aid kit with them to office but some people carry band-aids bandages and dispensers with them because these are easy to carry and functional in many situations where basic first aid can heal the pain of minor cuts and infections easily and provides temporary relief.
So, besides offering a first aid kit or health related products, you can offer this promotional Original(TM) Colored Dispenser w/Custom White Bndg as your next promotional gift. Available in a wide range of bright and attractive colors, these bandages are eye soothing and alluring. Soft and skin friendly, these bandages are latex free to ensure application on all skin types without any irritation or complaints.
Customize this bandage with your brand name, logo and tag line to promote your brand in a colorful and healthy way. The size of this dispenser is 41/8”W x 1½”H x ½”D and its imprint area is 211/16”W x ½”H which is at its center. Your company name and logo can be imprinted on this bandage with a silkscreen or flexograph method using up to two colors of your choosing - choose from black, white, gold and silver. The set up charge of this 0.02 pounds product is only $50!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Increase your brand visibility with this custom printed white bandage

Accidents and injuries are always unpredictable and can happen anywhere at any time. So it is always better to be prepared with first aid items for primary relief from pain and injuries. Band-aids, bandages and dispensers are one of the basic contents of a first aid box which are widely used to cover small and medium cuts and infections to keep the affected areas safe from external germs and pollution. Besides first aid kits, many people carry band aids and dispensers in their regular office bags or wallets for emergencies.
Our promotional Custom Printed White Bandages  are visibly appealing and functionally efficient. These bandages are designed to promote your brand name when offered to your business associates, customers and employees while providing relief from cuts and infections. Moreover, these bandages are latex free and can be used on all skin types without any irritation. Available for customization with different graphics, words or logos using colors, these bandages are eye catching when imprinted with colorful words and images prominently on a white backdrop. A great way to publicize your company’s brand name by presenting sets of this bandage as your business promotional gift, these bandages can be customized with the help of flexograph technology using a maximum of two colors. The size of this bandage is 33/8”W x 13/6”H x 1/32”D and its area for customization is 211/16”W x ½”H. The weight of this bandage is only 0.01 pounds and so can be easily carried in pockets, wallets and office bags. The set up charge for this item is only $50!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Feel the warmth by wrapping yourself in this Cozy Fleece Blanket

For a cozy and warm feel during those cold days, fleece blankets make the ideal companion to use at home or outdoors. During outdoor trips, whether it is a business, leisure or adventure trip, it is an essential travel accessory to keep oneself warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions. Due to their versatility indoors as well as outdoors, blankets and cushions are often offered as promotional gifts in corporate houses and also as personalized gifts on different occasions.
If you are also looking for the perfect company gift for your employees and other business associates, here is a promotional Cozy Fleece Blanket which is made from anti-pill fleece and 100% polyester fabric to ensure comfort and an ultra soft feel for anyone wrapped up in it. Very soft against the skin, this lightweight blanket weighing 1.60 pounds absorbs moisture and keeps one warm and dry even in wet weather conditions. Available in a wide range of bright and warm shades of orange red, navy, black and green, this 50” x 60” blanket is durable and large enough to warm up more than one person. For making this blanket the perfect corporate gift or a personalized gift, there is a provision for customizing it with words, a logo or both over an imprint area of 6”H x 6” W using embroidered stitches. One can use nine different thread colors to embroider the desired words or image using as many as 5000 stitches. The set up charge for this customized fleece blanket is only $50!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Warm up yourself anywhere anytime with this Fleece Blanket-in-a-Bag

If your company deals with any kind of job that takes your employees out to work on sites and makes them stay in remote terrains and inhospitable environments, then it is essential to make necessary arrangements to stay onsite. Apart from onsite jobs, many people plan business trips, adventurous trips or leisure trips and during all these trips and onsite jobs, fleece blankets are a must to keep you warm and comfortable anytime anywhere. Owing to its immense use indoor and outdoor, this item is a great promotional corporate gift for all employees, clients and customers.
Our promotional Fleece Blanket-in-a-Bag is designed for easy portability and storage. Made from premium quality polyester and pill resistant fleece material, this blanket is soft and comfortable to give the user a cozy and warm feeling in extreme colds climates. Drenched in bright and rich colors, this 45” x 55” blanket is large enough to cover up more than one person. When not in use, you can fold it up into its own zippered and quilted travel tote for easy storage. This tote is provided with a front pocket on the outer side which allows you to place other essential items in it. Moreover the matching colored carry strap ensures the easy portability of this 1.65 pound blanket.
While providing a warm and cozy ambience to all your business associates with this blanket, promote your brand name by customizing this cozy blanket with your brand name and logo imprinted over an area of 4½”H x 4”W with a single color and font style using heat transfer or silkscreen printing. The screen charge for this blanket is only $50. If you prefer doing an embroidered customization, this can also be done for you for an additional $2 per unit. 

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make your drinks colorful and funny with this 16oz. Everyday Plastic Cup Tumbler

If there is any cause for celebration at your place, you can use attractive cup tumblers to entertain your guests with refreshing drinks, juices or water. Even if there is no cause for celebration, everyone needs cup tumblers for everyday use, especially when they are traveling. So owing to their wide application in daily life, travel mugs and tumblers are often offered as promotional gifts by many companies. If your company is also looking for a nice tumbler, our promotional 16oz. Everyday Plastic Cup Tumbler is the ideal item to meet your needs.
Ergonomically designed with BPA plastic, this brightly hued cup tumbler is provided with a matching screw-top lid and a designer sip straw to brighten up your drinking experience with colors. Fun spirited and attractive, this acrylic cup tumbler is designed with a double wall to make it spill proof while you are on the road enjoying a nice and cool beverage from this cup. Available in a wide range of bold colors, this lightweight cup tumbler weighs just 0.80 pounds and complements any theme at any party. Made from sturdy plastic, this tumbler is durable and dishwasher safe.
Mix and match these tumblers which have a height of 61/8” and diameter of 4”, to bring an elegant and colorful effect to any special occasion. While giving a colorful complement to your drinking experience, promote your brand name by customizing this tableware with your company name and logo over an imprint area of 2”H x 2”W. You can use a single color with a silkscreen method. The screen charge for this tumbler is only $50.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep track of time with this Super Silver Stopwatch

In our everyday busy life, we are always very much conscious with time management, and sometimes we just cannot keep track of how fast time passes. So to keep track of time, here is a handy electronic device that has been designed to help us with time management – a stopwatch. Moreover, time management is the most important factor in the business world, so to make everyone understand the importance of time in our everyday life stopwatches are being used by a number of companies as promotional gifts. If you are also looking for promotional stopwatches, get this promotional Super Silver Stopwatch to promote your brand name in the market.
Designed for athletes, sportspersons, trainers and for regular use with 1/100 second precision, this stopwatch functions like a normal watch as well as a countdown timer. Ergonomically designed with a metallic silver casing and a neck rope for easy portability, this device features a circular, large and easy to read digital screen with brightly colored accents and buttons. Featuring a timer with a start, stop or reset button for use during exercising or sports activities, you can also keep track of the day, date and time like a usual watch. It also serves as an alarm clock and is designed with an hourly chime.
The size of this sleek and contemporary new promotional product is 2½”H x 3”W x 1”. To make it a perfect logo business gift for your company’s promotion customize this device with your company’s name and insignia on an imprint area of 3/8”H x 7/8”W with the help of silkscreen technology using a single color. The set up charge for this customized promotional gift is only $50!     

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