Friday, July 20, 2012

Learn to enjoy work with this Puzzle Ruler

Whether it is for students, draftsmen, accountants and office workers, a ruler is essential stationery which is used extensively in every field. Starting from drawings and measurements, a ruler is also used as a bookmark. Although this is a common item, it is widely used as promotional item because of its utility and demand. You can try something different if you are choosing a conventional ruler as your business promotional gift. 
Our promotional Puzzle Ruler features the characteristic of conventional measurement rulers along with a bit of a twist. Available in three different bold colors - white, blue and red, this ruler also features a jigsaw puzzle on it. The puzzle area is white in color. For students, this measuring device will act as school stationery as well as a play item while working people can take a little break from their work by playing with the scrambled puzzle. This will also refresh their mind as well as relieve them from continuous stress. The size of this ruler is 61/16” x 2½” and it weighs 0.08 pounds. Available in polybag packaging, this is a perfect gift for people of all ages.
To make it your logo company gift, you can customize it with your brand name and logo using a maximum of four colors. There are three different imprint areas on the ruler which you can choose from. You can imprint on the puzzle area over 27/8” x 13/8” or opt for the area on the left side of the puzzle where the imprint area is 21/8” x 1½”. There is also a provision for imprinting over the entire front surface of the ruler where the imprint area is 5” x 1½”. To set up the puzzle, the charge is just $0.25 and the overall setup charge is only $31.25 for this product.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make your trip more enjoyable with this travel sewing kit

When you plan a vacation trip or a business trip, you often make a list of travel kits and accessories which you need to carry for your own safety and convenience. Besides a first aid kit, another important thing is a sewing kit which is good to have on hand because you never know when your seams will get ripped or your buttons get popped off. So, make it a habit of carrying a travel sewing kit with you whenever you are away from home. This can also be a great company gift for your business because by offering such a handy and useful sewing kit, you can easily attract a huge number of clients and customers. This is also a great gift for business clients who frequently fly off for business matters.
Our promotional travel sewing kit is a compact item holding essential sewing items which make it a perfect travel kit. The carrying case is bright green in color, which opens up to hold a pair of scissors, different colored threads, pins, sewing needles, safety pins, plastic buttons and snap buttons. The size of this box is 2¾” x 5/8” x 2½” and it weighs only 0.10 pounds. Its light weight ensures easy portability. For a perfect business promotional gift, customization is very important and we have left an imprint area on both side of the carrying case for this. You can either imprint on the top over an area of 1¾” x 1½” or you can also opt for the bottom area where the imprint area is 2” x 1½”. You can also offer it as a personalized gift to your close ones who are frequent travelers because this is a perfect gift for them.

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These Antibacterial Disposable Soap Sheets always keep you free from germs

Germs spread like wildfire and in the outdoors, this problem is more acute. When you can easily access liquid soaps, bar soaps or shower gels at home or office to stay germ free, you also need something for cleansing yourself outdoors. For a convenient way of cleaning dirt from exposed body parts when you are out, here’s an easy and convenient cleansing way! Our promotional Antibacterial Disposable Soap Sheets is a handy product which you can carry anywhere.
If your business is planning to participate in an upcoming trade show, this antibacterial hand sanitizer can be your perfect corporate giveaway. You can attract a huge number of clients and customers with this product because this will help them to repel germs. Moreover, this will be a great item for parents with young kids who always go on messing around. Each packet contains ten sheets. Simply take out a sheet, wet it, wash and then toss to repel germs. Available in two attractive colors, frosty white and frosty blue, each of these packets weighs 0.02 pounds. The size of the product is 17/8” x 2¾” and such a small size with its negligible weight ensures easy portability. To make it a perfect logo gift for your company, imprint your brand name and logo on both sides of the packet. The imprint area on the front face is 1½” x 11/8” while on the back it is 2¼” x 1½”. You can do the imprinting using a maximum of two colors at a setup charge of $31.25/color but if you want the customization using more colors, you can get that done at an additional cost of just $0.25/color.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Keep track of time with this Tiny Tot Magnetic Timer

Business gifts play a major role in promoting your business when you offer the right gift to your clients and customers to represent your brand name. For a business, punctuality is very important because meeting deadlines is one of the important factors for running a successful business. So, if your clients and customers are assured about this quality in your business, they will love to deal with your company. Demonstrate this ability of meeting deadlines to your clients and customers by offering our promotional Tiny Tot Magnetic Timer as your next business promotional gift.
Designed to display the minutes and seconds in a large digital display, this timer has a metallic silver finish on the back with a rubberized finish on its front face. The metallic back is magnetized so one can easily attach it to any other magnetic surface. It also features a start-stop button which helps you to keep track of the time. Available in five different contemporary vibrant colors: green, red, black, blue and silver, this timer looks very attractive when it is attached to a refrigerator or cabinet. Moreover, its compact size matches perfectly with modern and contemporary interior decor. With dimensions of 21/8”W x 2¾”H x 3/8”, this digital watch weighs only 0.09 pounds, so you can carry it with you while exercising, running or walking. To customize the watch emboss your brand name and logo on this watch with the help of the silkscreen method. There is an imprint area of 3/8”H x 1¼”W on this timer where you can imprint your words and image using any single color and style at a setup charge of just $50.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Squeeze this Gel-EE Gripper Baseball Stress Ball to say no to stress

We all know that there is a direct link between stress and stress borne diseases, but still, in our everyday life we have to handle a large amount for stress, as it is a major part of our daily lifestyle. However, in the midst of stress, tension and heavy work pressure, we have to take care of our health to stay away from diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Stress balls and stress relievers play an important role in fighting these stress borne diseases in your home and office. So, if you are planning to promote your brand through a promotional gift, a stress ball is just what you need because it is suitable for any market or product.
Our promotional Gel-EE Gripper Baseball Stress Ball is capable of alleviating you from all kinds of stress anytime. Moreover, while your adult customers and clients can use it as a stress reliever, kids can use this stress ball and play with it! Available in white, this stress ball resembles a baseball which makes it look attractive as a squeeze toy among kids. The diameter of this ball is 17/8” and it weighs 0.18 pounds which enables you to carry it anywhere so that you can squeeze it any time you like to bid good bye to your stress. To offer it as your business gift, customization is very important, and there is an imprint area of diameter 1” on either side of the ball. You can imprint your company name and logo on any side to make it a perfect logo gift for a modest set up charge of only $50! 

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Save energy while enjoying music and lighting up the surroundings with this Self-Charging Dynamo

Save energy! This has become the main motto across the entire world these days. Be a part of this noble cause by offering energy saving products as your company gift which will create awareness among your clients and customers while increasing your brand affinity. If you think that finding such a business gift is a daunting task for you, here is a fantastic item for you!
Our promotional Emergency Self-Charging Dynamo is a multifunctional product which can be powered mechanically using a wind up mechanism any time when you want to use any of its features. You can enjoy music or catch the news on the AM/FM/SW radio featured in this device, and can also use it as your emergency kit because besides a radio, it can also be used as an LED flashlight. Designed with 3 LED bulbs, this flashlight gives bright and focused white light. Its sleek design with a silver metallic body bordered by matte finished black rubber makes it look classic. This hand powered product does not require any battery for power supply and is supplied with a built-in antenna for improved reception for the radio. It is also provided with an additional Nokia cable and a USB recharging cable.
The size of this radio cum flashlight is 3”H x 6”W x 2” and its weight is just 0.93 pounds. To make it a perfect logo gift for your company, you can imprint your brand name and logo using a single color and font on a particular imprint area of ¼”H x 1”W with the help of the silkscreen method. This wind up product is available at a setup charge of only $50!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Turn a small pouch into a backpack with the Fold-N-Go Backpack

A backpack is a very common business promotional item and is still popular among people because of its immense use. There are various kinds of backpacks in the market but how would you like to have one which could be folded into a pocket sized small pouch when not in use? This time, gift our promotional Fold-N-Go Backpack which is a highly portable backpack to your clients and customers. This is a great item to take on outdoor trips because sometimes you find some souvenirs to bring back home.

Among our wide range of back packs, this is a special type of backpack which can be unfolded to a standard sized backpack when in use and can be folded to a small pouch to fit into its own front pocket when not in use! This front pocket outside the main compartment is an additional pocket to hold small items. The pouch is fitted with a carabiner clip which helps you to clip this pouch onto your belt loop, key, bag or pocket. Available in four different vibrant shades: red, green black and blue, this backpack gives you a stylish and trendy look when you carry it on your shoulder. 
In unfolded condition, the size of this backpack is 14” x 18” which provides enough space to carry a lot of items and when you want to carry it as a pouch, its size is only 6” x 5”. The backpack weighs only 0.15 pounds. To make it a perfect logo gift for your company, there is a provision for imprinting your brand name and logo on this backpack on an imprint area of 2½” x 2”. This customization is done using a single color and the setup charge is only $31.25! 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carry your drinking bottle easily with this bottle grip carabiner

Water is an essential drink for our body and in today’s world, when most people are always on the move it is a good habit to carry water bottles with us when we are travelling. If you prefer, you can also carry fruit juice or other beverages in such bottles. Carabiner bottles are very handy to carry anywhere and most people prefer to use such bottles as these are reusable and easy to carry. So promote your brand name by offering our promotional Bottle Grip Carabiner as your corporate gift which will help your clients and customers to carry their bottles easily.
Our bottle grip carabiner is ideal for clipping your water bottle onto your backpack, belt loop, pocket or keys. Available in two sets of rich color combinations - orange-brown and blue-green, this carabiner looks very elegant and stylish when tucked to any of your accessories holding your bottle. The size of this brightly hued product is 8” x 2” x 1/16” and its weight is 0.05 pounds. Create a style statement with this bottle grip carabiner while taking care of your health by drinking lots of fluids from the bottle hooked to this carabiner.
If you choose this item as your promotional company gift, we ensure your brand visibility properly as there is a specified imprint area of 2” x 5/8” on the strap portion where you can imprint your company name and logo or tag line. Get this unique and trendy gift item at a setup charge of just $50!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Say bye to stress and tension when you squeeze a Hot Dog Stress Ball

In this busy competitive world, it is somewhat tough for most people to go to the gym or take a long walk or run to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, this busy lifestyle is giving birth to various stress borne diseases. So, here is an opportunity for you to make things easier for your customers to help them maintain a healthy routine while increasing your brand affinity among them with minimal investment. Alleviate their stress and tension by offering our promotional Hot Dog Stress Ball which acts as a stress reliever as well as an attractive toy for kids.
This stress ball, shaped exactly like a real hot dog, is adored among people of all ages mainly because of its appearance. Moreover, its attractive appearance will remind the user of a delectable hot dog which will automatically please their mind and soul and reduce their stress. Available in tan color, you can use this stress ball anywhere at any time. The size of this hot dog is 4” x 2” x 17/8” and it weighs only 0.08 pounds. The light weight and small size helps you to carry it anywhere you go!
If you are planning to offer this stress ball as your promotional business gift, custom imprint it with your company name and logo on either side within the specified imprint area of 1¾” x ¾”. Imprinting is done using a single color and the set up charge for this product is only $50!

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