Friday, June 29, 2012

Remember to take your medicine in time when you have this Tough Guy Pillbox

Whether you are suffering from any chronic diseases or a minor injury, we look for first aid and medical services because when it comes to our health, one can never be too careful. After a visit to the doctor followed by a trip to the pharmacy, we sometimes need to organize which pill to take and at what time because proper organization is very necessary when it comes to medication.
Pill boxes are very good health related gifts to offer as corporate gifts which also reveal your concern about your clients, customers and employees while conveying a caring message. If you are looking for a handy pill box to offer as your business gift, our promotional Tough Guy Pillbox is the right choice for you! Available in white, this pill box helps a person organize their pills properly so they can remember when to have a prescribed pill at the right time. The dimension of this box is 2¼” x 17/8” x ½” and it weighs only 0.02 pounds. Its light weight and small size helps a person carry it easily in their office bag or pocket. Moreover, this gift is a highly valued one for those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure, which require daily medication.
Customize your gift with your brand name and logo by using up to two colors on an imprint area of 2” x 1½”. You can get this product at a set up charge of only $31.25 but if you prefer to add more colors to your text or design, you can do that for an additional charge of $0.25/color.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stay healthy by counting your steps and walking distance with our CLEARVIEW PEDOMETER

Nowadays, most people put a high premium on a healthy lifestyle, and this can be an effective ticket for your brand recognition. A pedometer is an electronic gadget which is used to count walking distance along with the number of steps one takes while walking. This helps health conscious people to evaluate their workouts while they are running or walking. Originally designed for athletes, this small device has now become very popular among common people for everyday exercise and use.

So at your upcoming business event, offer our promotional CLEARVIEW PEDOMETER as a business gift to health conscious clients and customers and see how this health fitness equipment works wonders for your business. Our CLEARVIEW PEDOMETER is available in a wide range of attractive colors including black, brown, blue, red, yellow, grey, dark green, white, green, orange, purple and pink. Besides having all the common features of a pedometer, this product can also be used to measure distances walked in a specific time frame. The size of this pedometer is 1¾” x 1¾” x 1” and it weighs only 0.10 pounds. So, anyone can easily place it in their pocket, purse or on their belt loop, wrist or arm band while exercising. 

If you are planning to offer it as your company gift, you can customize it with your brand name and logo for effective brand visibility. We have designed this product with a specified imprint area of 7/8” x 5/8” on the front face. You can imprint your details on this area using any color and for all this, the set up charge is only $50!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Stay healthy - Drink more fluids with this 24oz stride water bottle

Most people today are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to do that staying healthy is very necessary. Drinking a lot of water is a key factor in being healthy. Get a water bottle for yourself today so you can drink more water or offer this bottle as your next corporate gift and motivate your clients and customers to stay healthy.

Our promotional 24oz. Stride Water Bottle is a handy bottle which you can carry anywhere you go and it can also be used as a sports bottle. Available in four different colors, this bottle is made of 18-8 stainless steel. You can enjoy a safe drink from this single walled bottle, which is free from BPA. Designed with FDA compliant materials, this bottle has a wide mouth so you can refill water and add ice cubes easily. This wide mouth also ensures the easy insertion of bottle cleaners for thorough and quick cleaning.

The spill proof lid features a conventional screwing system and has a trigger hole to ensure easy portability. The size of this bottle is 97/8”H x 2¾”W and its weight is 0.75 which is light enough to carry. To customize it with your desired text message or logo for your company gift or personalized gift, laser engraving or silkscreen method can be used to imprint on an area of 2½”H x 2½”W. Well packaged in a polybag, this bottle is available at a setup charge of $50 which includes the imprinting cost. For an additional charge, you will also get an attractive PU sleeve for this bottle.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Enjoy hot or cold beverages with this leatherette vacuum bottle

Planning to go for an outing with your friends or family? Then, taking your favorite beverages and eatables along is a must. But it’s often quite difficult to maintain the preferred temperature of your favorite beverages when travelling. Vacuum bottles can be used to overcome these problems and they can also be offered as corporate gifts. If you are looking for an item that will stand out at your upcoming trade show for your clients and customers, our promotional Leatherette Vacuum Bottle is the right choice!

This insulated and vacuum thermos is a stainless steel bottle with double wall inner insulation to help you maintain the desired temperature of your favorite beverage longer. The lid of this bottle is also made of stainless steel which you can use as a serving cup. The height of this leatherette vacuum bottle is 9¾” with a diameter of 2¾”. The weight of this thermos is 1.08 pounds, which means that it is light enough to carry anywhere you go. To make it a perfect logo gift for your business, there is a provision for imprinting your brand name and logo on this bottle over an area of 2”H x 2”W using a silkscreen method. If you prefer to present it as a personalized gift, then you can get your desired text or image imprinted on it as well. For customization, use any one color in the font style of your choosing. Including imprinting charges, the setup price for this vacuum bottle is only $50. 

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Use this 3-in-1 Dynamo Self Charging FM Flashlight Radio to lighten up your surroundings

With the advancement of science and technology, traditional flashlights with incandescent bulbs have been replaced by energy saving LED flashlights. The most important advantage of a LED flashlight is its bright and focused luminance.  A flashlight is always considered an invaluable tool during outdoor activities like hunting or camping trips. Moreover, whenever there is a power cut and you are in darkness at home or outside, a flashlight acts as a potential life saver. If you are sick and tired of searching for batteries for your flashlight whenever they run out, here is an amazing solution for you! This is such a wonderful solution that you will also love to present this LED flashlight as your next business gift.

Our promotional Dynamo Self Charging FM Flashlight Radio is provided with three LED lights instead of a bulb which are not powered by any battery. Another outstanding feature, an emergency siren, allows this flashlight to become the perfect emergency kit when you are in an adverse situation.  Besides these features, you can also listen to FM (auto-scan) radio which is also featured in this flashlight. All these features are accessible with the help of a wind-up charger. The size of this torch light is 6¾”H x 2”W x 1½” and its weight is 0.80 pounds, which ensures easy portability. There is a 1”H x 1”W area provided on the body of this product where you can imprint your company name and logo to make this the perfect company gift. Imprinting is done by using only one color in a particular position using the silkscreen method. The setup charge for this flashlight is $50 only, which includes the imprinting charges.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Enjoy your picnics sitting or lying down on this park picnic blanket

Summer is in the air, and this is the season for joy and fun filled summer picnics! If you are planning a picnic in an exotic weekend destination or just having a cookout in your backyard lawn, the first thing you look for is a beautiful picnic blanket. Nothing can match the convenience of picnic blankets when it comes to sitting on the grass or beach to have fun. So this summer, get our promotional The Park Picnic Blanket!

Made of polyester fleece, this picnic blanket has a soft and comfortable foam lining with waterproof PVC backing. This blanket can be rolled and packed with the help of a Velcro closure and there is a carry handle for easy portability. In its rolled and strapped condition, the size of this blanket is 12”W x 6½”H x 4”D but when it is opened and placed on the ground, it expands to become 49”W x 52”H. The weight of this blanket is 1.55 pounds and anyone can carry it along with other items with ease.  In summer, many corporate houses like to present picnic blankets as their corporate gifts, which is why there is a provision for imprinting your company name and logo on this product. With one color, customization can be done by silkscreen, laser engraving, heat transfer or deboss methods in an imprint area of 8”W x 2¾”H. Customization can also be done with embroidery, and there is an area of 3”W x 2¼”H available for that. Including imprinting charges, this picnic blanket is available for a setup cost of just $45! 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Make your trip more enjoyable with this lightweight drawstring cooler pack

In summer, we all plan picnics, weekend or vacation trips to enjoy the pleasant summer atmosphere. While planning an outing, you need to carry a lot of things like drinks, eatables, clothing and more. To carry such essentials for a day outing or an overnight trip, you don’t need to carry a big luggage bag. A drawstring bag can serve your purpose and these picnic coolers and bags are very popular among people of all ages, and are often presented as corporate gifts. If you are also looking for one, here is our promotional Lightweight Drawstring Cooler Pack to make your outings more enjoyable!

This cooler pack is made of 210D polyester fabric, which is durable and lightweight. Hued in bright and bold colors, this bag looks fashionable with its contrasting black drawstrings. There is a large front pocket on this bag. If you prefer to carry cold refreshing beverages or hot eatables in the main compartment, the temperature of the food and drinks will be maintained because the inner chamber is provided with an insulating heat sealed fabric. Moreover, you can also carry your wet beach clothes in this bag without getting the bag wet because it has an inner PEVA lining, which prevents leakage.
The size of this cooler pack is 15½”H x 13”W and its weight is 0.24 pounds. To customize this bag with your company name and logo or add a personalized message, an imprint area of 5”H x 5”W is provided where imprinting is done using the color of your choice. The set up charge for this bag is $50, which is quite reasonable for a trendy and stylish bag like this.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Exhibit your style statement with this stylish jute panel pocket tote

To improve the value of this beautiful world and to leave a better world for our future, nowadays most people prefer to use eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products have become the fashion rage of the year. Among different eco-friendly products, tote bags have reached the epitome of popularity in the fashion world because of the snazzy designs available. Tote bags make it convenient to carry your personal things for your daily use, as well as during trips. Owing to their convenience and excellent service, eco-friendly tote bags are often offered as corporate gifts.

Our promotional Jute Panel Pocket Tote is a fashionable bag made of cent percent jute. It is a supersized bag to hold your stuff during an overnight tour or for regular use. Drenched entirely in natural jute colors with a front pocket washed in bright color, this bag looks elegant and stylish when you carry it with its long cotton roped handles. Five different colors -orange, wine, blue, lime green and brown, are available for the front pockets. The main compartment, with a 5½” gusset, is provided with a designer wooden button closure.  The dimension of this bag is 13¾”H x 17¾”W x 5½” and its weight is 0.64 pounds. To customize this product with your desired text or logo (or both) according to your preferences, a specified area of 5”H x 5”W has been set aside for printing using screen printing or heat transfer. This customization is done using a single color in a particular position. So, if you plan to offer a customized company gift or personalized gift, this jute tote is an excellent option for you at a reasonable setup cost of $50, which includes the imprint cost. You can also try an embroidered customization at additional charges. 

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Stay healthy by using this Eco Poly-Clean(TM) Bottle

We may prefer to use plastic water bottles because of their convenience but when the question arises – ‘how safe is our drinking water bottle for our health?’ we prefer disposable ones. However, for daily use, you need to be more careful.  So it is always safe to use reusable eco-friendly drinking bottles which are safe both for your health as well as the environment. Great to use for people of all ages, these eco-safe water bottles are often presented as business gifts because of their immense use.

Our promotional Eco Poly-Clean(TM) Bottle is a squeezable and eco-friendly sport bottle, which is great to use, especially at the gym. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough to fill water easily and to add ice-cubes for a cool and refreshing drink. For drinking, the lid is provided with an easy push-pull tab. Made from bio-degradable materials, this 28 oz bottle is available in 10 different colors. Cleaning this bottle is easily done by hand. The size of this bottle is 2¾”W x 9½”H and its weight is only 0.15 pounds. If you want to customize this bottle with any text or logo, you can imprint on one side or both via screen printing. A space of dimensions 2½”W x 2½”H is provided for customization on each side using up to four colors of your choice. You can also try a wraparound customization for which the size is 7½”W x 2½”H. Designed to be presented as a corporate gift or a personalized gift,  this useful and eco-friendly product is available for a setup charge  of only $50, including imprinting charges.  

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