Friday, December 7, 2012

This Fragolino Luggage Spotter Tag helps you to spot your luggage easily

When you carry luggage during any long distance or short distance trips its safety is paramount, as any luggage or baggage holds all your important clothes, items and other valuables that you need during the trip. You can’t afford to lose them at any cost.  So, for the additional safety and security of your travel essentials, you can tag your baggage with customized luggage tags for easy identification from a great distance. Also, you have to consider the fact that luggage tags often rescue luggage from theft.
Most of your customers, clients and employees often travel for business or vacation trips. So why not use our promotional Fragolino Luggage Spotter Tag to promote your company name to distant places where your business associates go while ensuring the safety and security of their luggage. This luggage spotter tag really helps you identify your luggage from a great distance because of its bold and vibrant colors. It is available in seven bright shades; red, orange, pink, black, green, blue and violet. Crafted from genuine and rich, quality leather, this luggage tag has dimensions of 2¼”W x 61/8”H x ½”D, features an address card to hold your contact details and comes with a metal buckle so you can easily fasten the tag to your luggage.
The bright colors of this luggage tag will surely grab the attention of the crowd all around you, and if the tag is customized with your company name and insignia, they will also notice your brand creating instant brand value for your company! So, increase your brand visibility and get this 0.08 pound leather luggage tag for a setup charge of only $90!

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