Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Live a healthy lifestyle using this Deluxe Pedometer

It is true that most often we don’t realize that the combined effect of pollution, fast lifestyle, unhealthy diet and metabolic processes take a toll on our health on a daily basis. So, it is very essential to take care of our health regularly as much as possible, and for this we need to exercise, jog or walk every day. Daily workouts help to remove the toxins from our body, burn calories and keep us healthy and fit, gifting us a perfect body. As everyone is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle these days, why not promote your brand with our promotional Deluxe Pedometer? This promotional gift will not only enhance your brand visibility but will also strengthen your business relationship and network.
Designed with a flip-open mechanism, this pedometer features a timer and clock which calculates your total daily workout time. Also, this colorful digital pedometer keeps track of how much distance you have covered while walking or jogging. Designed with an embedded sensor, it also monitors your heart rate. So, hook this plastic pedometer to your belt clip and keep a track on your daily workout timings and effectiveness very easily. Quite small in size with dimensions 2½”W x 15/8”H x 1”D, this 0.10 pound health equipment is handy and portable and perfect to use anywhere, anytime. Customize this health gift with your company name and logo by vinyl imprinting it for a set up charge of only $56.25 and hand out this immensely useful gift to your clients, customers and employees as your next business promotional gift! 

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