Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Enjoy smooth writing with this Basilia Black & Red Ballpoint Pen and Stylus

Despite hundreds and thousands of promotional items in the market, the most popular and effective one has always been a pen. Very common and highly useful, a pen always tops the list of popular and highly acceptable promotional gifts. A pen is a writing instrument which is used most frequently and extensively by us, so most companies prefer to give out promotional pens at any business event. This promotional gift is often used by all on a regular basis, and this everyday brand visibility will constantly reinforce your brand name in the mind of the user, giving your company a golden opportunity to advertise a product or service.
Also, a pen is a cost effective promotional gift which offers maximum brand exposure to a company. If your company wants to experience some excellent but budget friendly marketing feedback with a promotional gift, get this promotional Basilia Black & Red Ballpoint Pen and Stylus. This pen looks elegant, stylish and sophisticated due to its smooth and shiny brass barrel which is embellished with a brightly colored grip and features a stylus that can be used with all touch screen smartphones. Available in red and black ink with three color choices for the grip; orange, blue and red, you can offer this ball point pen to all of your clients, customers and employees at any corporate event, non-profit business shows, trade shows and other occasions where mass promotion is needed. Laser-engrave your company name and logo on the brass barrel of this pen and embellish your business very easily in an inexpensive way. The set up charge of 0.09 pounds brass ball point pen is only $56.25!

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