Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spot your baggage easily in no time with this Padded Handle Luggage Spotter Handle

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to spot your baggage when you are travelling in a train, bus or plane and your baggage is kept in the luggage section. This is a very common experience when you are at the airport. This is why many people prefer using tags to spot their baggage easily. Your business clients and employees often need to travel for their business trips so it is a great idea to offer them various travel kits and accessories as your business promotional gifts.
If you are looking for corporate gift ideas, get this promotional Padded Handle Luggage Spotter Handle. Available in a range of four bold and vibrant colors: green, red, orange and blue; this tag can be folded and attached to your baggage handle for a comfortable grip. Made from polyester and designed with a soft pad inside, this spotter tag can be conveniently wrapped around the handles of totes, briefcases and other luggage bags. Once this colorful tag is in place, you can comfortably carry your luggage and also spot your bag easily from a distance in no time.
The size of this spotter handle is 5½”W x 6”H x 3/16”D and its weight is only 0.04 pounds which is negligible and will not add weight to any luggage. This item can be a great promotional gift for your business once you customize it by printing your brand name and logo on it. Get this as your business promotional gift and spread your name to distant places where your business associates travel for a setup charge of only $56.25!

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