Monday, November 26, 2012

Organize your desk with this impressive Impressa Clock/Organizer!

You may feel annoyed to see the desk where you work looking unorganized and messy. Miscellaneous items scattered on your desk can often distract you. You may seriously want to keep your pens, pencils, pins and staplers in a well organized manner. You can get rid of this problem with this promotional Impressa Clock/Organizer, which will serve many purposes on a desk. In addition to holding stationery, this Impressa clock/organizer is a desk clock as well. In our busy schedule, it is not always easy to arrange everything properly in a drawer. So, for safe and easy storage of your pens, pencils, staplers and pins, get hold of this Impressa clock/organizer.
This product features a big LCD display showing the time of the day. You can also have a look at the day and date of the year and the room temperature, which is displayed on the screen as well. You can set an alarm that can alert you for important appointments. This clock/organizer is available in three different colors - blue, orange and black. The pen cup that comes with it is made of high-quality metal with two spring loaded drawers where you can store all your pins, clips and staplers and hide them away inside. You get two AG13 batteries with the product. High quality plastic has been used for the manufacture of this product. The weight of the product is 0.55 pounds and you can emboss your brand name and logo on it using the imprint method. The size of the item is 33/8 W x 43/8 H x 33/8 D, and the setup charge for this Impressa clock/organizer is just $56.25. 

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