Monday, November 12, 2012

Give a stylish, elegant and organized look to your office desk with this Deluxe Memo Pad Desk Caddy

Imagine getting into your office, entering your cubicle or cabin and seeing a messy office desk. Would you love to sit there and work throughout the day in a messy environment? If you know that an organized desktop is very important for everyone, why allow your clients and customers to see a messy desk in front of them scattered with files, notepads, note cubes and memo holders.
For your next corporate event, get this promotional Deluxe Memo Pad Desk Caddy for your employees, clients and customers and allow them to enjoy their office work while working on a tidy and organized desk. This desk caddy includes sets of sticky flags in six different colors, two sticky memo pads of yellow color and of 3” x 3” size, paper clips, rubber bands and a dual sided four-year calendar (2010-2013). There is a slot for placing a pen, although a pen is not included in this set. This desktop accessory makes it easy for them to find or access a sticky note, paper clips and other items quite easily and quickly.
The size of this gift set is 7¼”W x 4½”W x 15/16”D and it weighs just 0.76 pounds. Advertise your company name every day during business hours by adding your brand name and insignia on this item over an imprint area of 4”W x 2”H with silkscreen or deboss printing. The setup charge for customization using a single color on a single location is just $45. So, get this product to decorate and organize the office desk of your clients and customers in style for a setup charge of just $55.

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