Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gift this BBQ Cooler and give your clients a new way to enjoy outdoor parties and picnics

There is a high demand for multi-functional products in the market, especially when such items are space convenient and handy. When it comes to travel accessories, these features play a significant role because while travelling, people usually prefer products of high functionality which are convenient to use and carry. During outdoor trips, barbecue parties, picnics or beach parties, people often look for picnic coolers and bags with such features. 
So, when you know that these types of travel accessories are in high demand among the target audience of your business, why don’t you make their outdoor parties and trips more enjoyable and memorable by gifting them this promotional BBQ Cooler at your next business event?  This is a highly functional and appealing gift item for your potential customers and clients and is a perfect promotional item to promote your brand, because people at parties, picnics or trips, a gathering will notice your gift and appreciate your brand. This will help you in retaining your existing clients and generate prospective leads from various areas.
This BBQ Cooler features a 600D polyester cooler bag designed with high grade insulating lining in its inner wall, and a handy steel made BBQ grill with a 9” grilling surface on top. Your business associates can place their party time beverage cans inside this cooler bag to keep them chilled. The grill can be conveniently placed inside this cooler bag for easy and compact portability. Moreover, this insulated cooler bag features a 39” shoulder strap which is adjustable as well as removable. The size of this entire item is 12”W x 8”H x 12”D and it weighs 3.83 pounds which is convenient and comfortable to carry on the shoulder. Print your brand name, logo or business tagline on this bag for a setup charge of only $56.25 and enjoy efficient and effective brand marketing!

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