Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walk onto the golf course in style with this Sports Bottle Tee Kit

In today’s modern world, most people are very conscious about their health, body shape and weight. To improve their overall health, people concentrate on having a nutritious diet along with regular exercise. During any sports activities or exercising, you need to drink water or fruit juice to balance the fluid levels of your body that you lose while working out. Moreover, drinking a lot of water also helps to keep our body fit and healthy. So, at your next corporate event, motivate your employees and business clients to remain fit and healthy by offering them this promotional Sports Bottle Tee Kit as your corporate gift.
This sports kit includes one SPF-23 lip balm to protect your skin from harmful U-V rays, two instant hand sanitizers, six tees, one powder pack and one PET sports bottle designed with a stopper for easy drinking. You will get eight color choices for the bottle. Whether you like going to the gym or play Golf to exercise, carry this sports kit with you for added convenience. Moreover, this kit is often considered by many as essential golf tournament items.
 The size of this kit is 31/8”W x 9½”H and it weighs only 0.25 pounds. Place your brand name and logo on the shaft of the tee over an imprint area of 1½”W x ½”H using a particular color. You can customize the bottle using maximum of four colors on either side over an imprint area of 2½”W x 2½”H. Moreover, you can also do wraparound customization in the same way over the same area. All the customization are done using the screen print technique and the set up charge for this sports kit is only $50. 

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Blogger Mike Parksons said...

This is definitely a must-have sport kit for every golfer. I mean, the fact that it comes with most of the things that you need while golfing, it allows you to be more ready.

Mike - renting golf club equipment in Doral

November 2, 2012 at 9:48 AM  

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