Friday, October 26, 2012

Save energy and this beautiful planet using this Desktop Solar Clock

Many companies are now trying to do something for the environment which will not only conserve energy and natural resources but will also spread awareness among people to save this wonderful planet for future generations.  While promoting the brand name of your business, you can also do this noble job of spreading an eco-friendly message among your clients and customers by offering them eco-friendly promotional gifts. So, to serve your noble cause along with your personal promotional needs, here is a great promotional Desktop Solar Clock.
Powered by solar energy, this clock displays time in hours, minutes and seconds with day and date on its LCD screen. Moreover, it is also designed with an alarm and light dimmer system. Chic and stylish, this desk clock is sleekly designed to add elegance to your office desk or bedside table. When you offer this clock as your corporate gift to your business associates, it will not only strengthen business relationships between the two but they will love to use this gift as it runs itself on solar power, unlike battery powered clocks.
The size of this solar timepiece is 3¼”W x 6”H x 15/8”D and its weight is 0.40 pounds. Add your company name and logo on the lower portion of the front surface over an imprint area of 2½”W x ½”H. This customization can be done using maximum of two colors with the help of pad print system. So take a small initiative to save energy and this beautiful world for a set up charge of only $50!

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