Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pamper your fingers and nails with this 7-Pcs Manicure Set

A manicure is a beauty treatment which makes the fingers and nails healthy and attractive. Apart from women, men also indulge themselves in cosmetic beauty treatments and get manicures often. Offer this promotional Manicure Set to all your business clients and employees as your next business promotional gift so they don’t have to rush to beauty salons and spas and spend a lot of money, especially when they are travelling.
This set will allow you to pamper your fingers and nails and give yourself a manicure sitting at home. This spa and personal care set contains seven items which include nail clippers, tweezers, nail filer, trimmer, scissors, cuticle stick and nail cleaner. All these accessories are set inside a pouch designed with a zippered closure so you don’t lose any of these items. Moreover, inside the pouch, these accessories are set in their respective loops so that they always remain in place. All these accessories are made of high grade and rust free stainless steel, which makes it skin friendly and durable. The pouch is available in four different colors: black, orange, white and green.
The size of this 7-Pcs set is 4½”W x 25/8”H x 7/8”D and it weighs only 0.17 pounds, so you can easily carry this travel manicure set with you anywhere you go. To make it a perfect logo gift for your company, you can customize it with your brand name and logo on the top of the pouch over an imprint area of 2½”W x 1¼”H using a single color with the help of pad print techniques. Moreover, if you want both side customizations, you can also add your brand insignia and name on the bottom in the same way over the same imprint area for an additional charge. The set up charge for this beauty treatment set is only $50!

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