Thursday, October 18, 2012

Enjoy a sophisticated and classy wine experience with this Wine Accessories Set

Many corporate houses prefer to offer wine bottles or wine accessories as business gifts to business associates and employees because there are very few gifts (like wine bottles and wine accessories) that can speak of class and exclusivity. Wine is just perfect for any celebration. So, for all your clients and employees who love to enjoy wine, here is our promotional Wine Accessories Set.
This is a superb gift set for all wine aficionados from our wide collection of decanters and decanter sets. To make your wine experience even more sophisticated and enjoyable, this set has been designed with precision and includes a corkscrew and an aerator. Both these items are made from high grade materials so that they function perfectly and elegantly, adding a charm of sophistication to any bar counter where they are placed. The corkscrew is designed ergonomically to easily pull a cork off a wine bottle effortlessly, and the aerator helps to enhance the smoothness, flavor and bouquet of the wine (especially required for serving red wine).
These items are well packaged in a gift box for better storage and portability. The dimension of this box is 5¾”W x 4¼”H x 21/8”D and with both the items inside, the box weighs only 0.61 pounds. To make this gift set more meaningful and personal for both the company and its clients or employees, there is a provision for custom engraving this gift box using a foil stamp mechanism. The imprint area is 4”W x 3”H provided on the top of the box where customization can be done using a single color. The set up charge for this promotional gift box is only $50!

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