Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get your brand name and business message across by carrying this Power Play Duffel

A perfect business promotional gift must always reflect a company’s mission and goal. Advertisement of the brand name can be done by offering a number of logoed gifts to clients, customers and employees. Promotional duffel bags and sports bags are very common business gifts. Despite this fact, these gifts never bore or disappoint recipients or marketing strategists because these gifts bring the company’s name directly into the customer and client’s active lifestyle. Moreover, these bags are a good advertising platform because clients often use these bags as travel bags during their business or personal pleasure trips.
Our promotional Power Play Duffel is an ideal travel companion for weekend trips. Crafted from a high quality materials and designed with a number of pockets along with the main compartment, this bag of size 20”W x 12”H x 10”D can hold a lot of personal items and travel accessories. The main compartment is designed with a sweep zipper and the side pockets are also zippered. There is a front slip pocket and a side mesh pocket, both designed with either a Velcro or a hook and loop closure. For convenience in portability of this sports bag, there is an adjustable and padded shoulder strap along with two sewn grip carry handles.
Available in three rich colors (red, blue and black), this bag weighs only 1.28 pounds which makes it quite light to carry during traveling. To make it a perfect logo gift for your company, add your brand name and insignia on the front of this travel bag over an imprint area of 5½”W x 3½”H using a maximum of four different font colors using the screen printing method. Send your brand name with this bag to your clients and customers visit for a set up charge of only $50!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jot down important points and reminder notes on The Daily Cube

In any business (small or big), you need to remember a number of things on a daily basis, some of which may be very important. For any human being who is handling a number of tasks, it is not always possible for him or her to remember every single detail at every moment. It is always better to jot down important points and next-to-do items on a notepad or writing pad to remember them easily.
Our promotional The Daily Cube is specifically designed for working people who can use this instead of conventional notepads and writing pads to pen down reminder notes. This cube contains a number of pages printed with everyday calendar dates so you can jot down your daily tasks, reminders and notes on the respective date needed. Besides functioning as a reminder, this item can also be used as a desk calendar. Ideal for use on office desks, this item can also be used at homes to pen down important appointments and dates.
A perfect gift item for business promotions, the dimension and weight of this reminder cube are 3”W x 1½”H x 3”D and 0.40 pounds respectively. Make it your customized company gift by adding your company name and logo on any one side of this cube over an imprint area of 3”W x 1½”H using maximum of four colors with the help of offset printing. So, allow your business clients and employees to remember all their important tasks by offering them this exclusive gift for a set up charge of only $50.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Save energy and this beautiful planet using this Desktop Solar Clock

Many companies are now trying to do something for the environment which will not only conserve energy and natural resources but will also spread awareness among people to save this wonderful planet for future generations.  While promoting the brand name of your business, you can also do this noble job of spreading an eco-friendly message among your clients and customers by offering them eco-friendly promotional gifts. So, to serve your noble cause along with your personal promotional needs, here is a great promotional Desktop Solar Clock.
Powered by solar energy, this clock displays time in hours, minutes and seconds with day and date on its LCD screen. Moreover, it is also designed with an alarm and light dimmer system. Chic and stylish, this desk clock is sleekly designed to add elegance to your office desk or bedside table. When you offer this clock as your corporate gift to your business associates, it will not only strengthen business relationships between the two but they will love to use this gift as it runs itself on solar power, unlike battery powered clocks.
The size of this solar timepiece is 3¼”W x 6”H x 15/8”D and its weight is 0.40 pounds. Add your company name and logo on the lower portion of the front surface over an imprint area of 2½”W x ½”H. This customization can be done using maximum of two colors with the help of pad print system. So take a small initiative to save energy and this beautiful world for a set up charge of only $50!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taking decisions is easy with this promotional Ball Decision Maker

Looking for a perfect business promotional gift for your next corporate event which will be less conventional and more useful for your business associates? Consider our promotional Ball Decision Maker which can help you make any decision! This is surely an unconventional gift and also the perfect item for business executives who often get tired and stressed out while taking various important decisions throughout their business hours. So, hand out this gift and show your potential business clients that they don’t need to stress out while taking decisions and let them de-stress with this fun decision maker ball. This ball will always keep your clients stress free, happy and smiling.
Designed elegantly to fit perfectly on any office desk, this metal desktop novelty item can also be used as a stylish paperweight apart from being used as a decision maker. There is a red ball in the midst of the other steel balls and ten different and conventional decisions are engraved on the round base of this desktop accessory. Just ask a troubling question and spin it to see where the red ball finally lands. The decision will depend on where the red ball lands.
The size of this exclusive office gift is 2”Dia x 2”H and it weighs only 0.80 pounds. To customize this gift with your brand name and insignia, there is a circular imprint area of ¾”Dia on its top. Customization can be done using a single color using the pad print method for a set up charge of only $50!

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Walk onto the golf court in style with this Snap Golf Gift Kit - NDX Heat

Golf is often considered a sophisticated corporate sport, and many companies opt to hand out golf kits as promotional gifts to their clients and customers. Moreover, these golf tournament items serve as good and efficient outdoor marketing tools for a company. So, to help you effectively promote your company in an affordable budget, we have designed this promotional Snap Golf Gift Kit - NDX Heat. This will be a great gift for your esteemed clients or customers and they will remember you every time they play this game.
This sports kit includes three golf balls, three tees, three paper pads, a divot repair tool with three ball markers and a pencil. All these items are well packed in their respective loops and pockets inside a kit bag designed with a buttoned closure so that all the golf accessories remain safe and in place while the golfer carries this kit. This kit bag is available in two colors: black and brown. 
The size of this sports gift set is 63/16”W x 4½”H x 2¾”D and with all the sports accessories placed inside, this bag weighs only 0.61 pounds. To make this golf kit set a perfect logo gift for your brand, you have the provision for custom imprinting this kit bag with your company name and logo using a maximum of four font colors over an imprint area of 4”W x 1½”H on the front face. Customization is done with help of heat transfer method. So, get this sports kit gift set for promotional or personal use for a set up charge of only $50!

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Enjoy a sophisticated and classy wine experience with this Wine Accessories Set

Many corporate houses prefer to offer wine bottles or wine accessories as business gifts to business associates and employees because there are very few gifts (like wine bottles and wine accessories) that can speak of class and exclusivity. Wine is just perfect for any celebration. So, for all your clients and employees who love to enjoy wine, here is our promotional Wine Accessories Set.
This is a superb gift set for all wine aficionados from our wide collection of decanters and decanter sets. To make your wine experience even more sophisticated and enjoyable, this set has been designed with precision and includes a corkscrew and an aerator. Both these items are made from high grade materials so that they function perfectly and elegantly, adding a charm of sophistication to any bar counter where they are placed. The corkscrew is designed ergonomically to easily pull a cork off a wine bottle effortlessly, and the aerator helps to enhance the smoothness, flavor and bouquet of the wine (especially required for serving red wine).
These items are well packaged in a gift box for better storage and portability. The dimension of this box is 5¾”W x 4¼”H x 21/8”D and with both the items inside, the box weighs only 0.61 pounds. To make this gift set more meaningful and personal for both the company and its clients or employees, there is a provision for custom engraving this gift box using a foil stamp mechanism. The imprint area is 4”W x 3”H provided on the top of the box where customization can be done using a single color. The set up charge for this promotional gift box is only $50!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walk onto the golf course in style with this Sports Bottle Tee Kit

In today’s modern world, most people are very conscious about their health, body shape and weight. To improve their overall health, people concentrate on having a nutritious diet along with regular exercise. During any sports activities or exercising, you need to drink water or fruit juice to balance the fluid levels of your body that you lose while working out. Moreover, drinking a lot of water also helps to keep our body fit and healthy. So, at your next corporate event, motivate your employees and business clients to remain fit and healthy by offering them this promotional Sports Bottle Tee Kit as your corporate gift.
This sports kit includes one SPF-23 lip balm to protect your skin from harmful U-V rays, two instant hand sanitizers, six tees, one powder pack and one PET sports bottle designed with a stopper for easy drinking. You will get eight color choices for the bottle. Whether you like going to the gym or play Golf to exercise, carry this sports kit with you for added convenience. Moreover, this kit is often considered by many as essential golf tournament items.
 The size of this kit is 31/8”W x 9½”H and it weighs only 0.25 pounds. Place your brand name and logo on the shaft of the tee over an imprint area of 1½”W x ½”H using a particular color. You can customize the bottle using maximum of four colors on either side over an imprint area of 2½”W x 2½”H. Moreover, you can also do wraparound customization in the same way over the same area. All the customization are done using the screen print technique and the set up charge for this sports kit is only $50. 

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Satiate your taste buds with a sip of hot or cold coffee from this Double Wall Stainless Steel 7 oz Mug

There are a lot of items which are often offered as business promotional gifts but are not designed for regular use, so the purpose of promotion is only served occasionally whenever the recipients of these gifts use them. But if you want to promote your brand name on a daily basis through a practical gift item which your business clients, customers and employees will use regularly, you can offer them ceramic mugs. If you are looking for a ceramic mug that is tough and strong you can get this promotional Double Wall Stainless Steel Mug - 7 oz which is sturdy, durable and unbreakable. This is a great item to express your gesture of thanks giving to your business associates and employees who always keep your business running.
Made from heavy duty and food grade stainless steel, this double walled mug keeps hot coffee hot, and cold beverages colder for a long time! Designed with a broad and simple handle with comfortable grip, this mug is easy to handle. Besides using it at home, this mug will fit perfectly on any office desk, making it ideal for marketing your brand in the business world. Every time your clients and employees take a sip of hot or cold coffee from this stainless steel mug, they will remember your brand.
The size of this coffee mug is 27/8”dia x 3½”H and it weighs 0.25 pounds. Add your brand name and logo on the opposite side of the handle over a specified imprint area of 3”W x 2”H using a single color with the help of screen print method and offer this exclusive gift at a set up charge of only $50!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Showcase your business through this translucent Double Wall Acrylic 16 oz. Tumbler

Often, you come across many attractive plastic cups or mugs in coffee shops. These mugs are great to look at, but are not perfect for use in homes and offices. So, even though such cups are perfect for cafes and coffee shops, when it comes to marketing your company’s brand name through corporate gifts, disposable items are just not acceptable. That’s why we have designed this promotional Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler 16 oz to put an end to your search for your next promotional gift, as this item will showcase your business in a stylish way through its translucent colors.
Available in eight vibrant shades (deep pink, green, red, black, white, orange, blue and violet), this reusable drink ware item is incredibly stylish. Made from high quality, food grade acrylic and designed with a matching colored cap and straw, these travel mugs and tumblers are spill proof and portable and can hold both hot and cold beverages. Moreover, its holding capacity of 16 oz is considered ideal for any individual.
Perfect for sporting events, picnics and outdoor parties, this tumbler weighs only 0.50 pounds. Its size is 4”W x 6¾”H. There is a provision for customizing this acrylic tumbler with your brand name and logo or other desired words over an imprint area of 2½”W x 2½”H on either side using a maximum of three colors on one side and two colors on the other side. However, if you want to put your words and image/logo all around the tumbler, you can try our wraparound customization over an imprint area of 9”W x 2½”H using bi-color printing. You can get this tumbler at a set up charge of only $50!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pamper your fingers and nails with this 7-Pcs Manicure Set

A manicure is a beauty treatment which makes the fingers and nails healthy and attractive. Apart from women, men also indulge themselves in cosmetic beauty treatments and get manicures often. Offer this promotional Manicure Set to all your business clients and employees as your next business promotional gift so they don’t have to rush to beauty salons and spas and spend a lot of money, especially when they are travelling.
This set will allow you to pamper your fingers and nails and give yourself a manicure sitting at home. This spa and personal care set contains seven items which include nail clippers, tweezers, nail filer, trimmer, scissors, cuticle stick and nail cleaner. All these accessories are set inside a pouch designed with a zippered closure so you don’t lose any of these items. Moreover, inside the pouch, these accessories are set in their respective loops so that they always remain in place. All these accessories are made of high grade and rust free stainless steel, which makes it skin friendly and durable. The pouch is available in four different colors: black, orange, white and green.
The size of this 7-Pcs set is 4½”W x 25/8”H x 7/8”D and it weighs only 0.17 pounds, so you can easily carry this travel manicure set with you anywhere you go. To make it a perfect logo gift for your company, you can customize it with your brand name and logo on the top of the pouch over an imprint area of 2½”W x 1¼”H using a single color with the help of pad print techniques. Moreover, if you want both side customizations, you can also add your brand insignia and name on the bottom in the same way over the same imprint area for an additional charge. The set up charge for this beauty treatment set is only $50!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Keep your car trunk neat and organized with this Collapsible Trunk Organizer

Are you tired of seeing your surroundings messed up with different household items? Then learn an easy way to give a neat and clean look to your surroundings instantly! For easy storage of all items starting from groceries to clothing, garden tools, travel accessories, office supplies and more, here is a promotional Collapsible Trunk Organizer which allows you to organize all your essentials in a systematic way for easy access. Moreover, this organizer allows you to place all your items, safe, secure and upright within it.
Crafted from double toned 600-D poly canvas fabric, this 12”H x 24”W x 14”product is durable and spacious enough to accommodate a lot of stuff. Divided into two large chambers, you can keep two different types of items in two chambers neatly. Moreover, it also features slit pockets inside and outside to keep important papers and documents safe. The bottom of this organizer is designed with a Velcro closure which helps in keeping it flat and uncrushed when not in use.
A perfect companion to have at home to organize clothing, groceries, garden kits or hardware tools inside it, this unit is great to carry foods, beverages, sports equipment and other travel accessories during vacation trips and picnics. This amazing auto accessory allows you to keep your car trunk neat and organized. Owing to its immense use both indoors and outdoors, this organizer can make a great promotional gift. Customize it with your brand name and logo over an imprint area of 5”H x 6”W using a single color and a particular and distinctive font style with the help of heating or screening method. The set up charge for this 2.60 pound space convenient and functional store house is only $50!

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