Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Increase your brand visibility with this custom printed white bandage

Accidents and injuries are always unpredictable and can happen anywhere at any time. So it is always better to be prepared with first aid items for primary relief from pain and injuries. Band-aids, bandages and dispensers are one of the basic contents of a first aid box which are widely used to cover small and medium cuts and infections to keep the affected areas safe from external germs and pollution. Besides first aid kits, many people carry band aids and dispensers in their regular office bags or wallets for emergencies.
Our promotional Custom Printed White Bandages  are visibly appealing and functionally efficient. These bandages are designed to promote your brand name when offered to your business associates, customers and employees while providing relief from cuts and infections. Moreover, these bandages are latex free and can be used on all skin types without any irritation. Available for customization with different graphics, words or logos using colors, these bandages are eye catching when imprinted with colorful words and images prominently on a white backdrop. A great way to publicize your company’s brand name by presenting sets of this bandage as your business promotional gift, these bandages can be customized with the help of flexograph technology using a maximum of two colors. The size of this bandage is 33/8”W x 13/6”H x 1/32”D and its area for customization is 211/16”W x ½”H. The weight of this bandage is only 0.01 pounds and so can be easily carried in pockets, wallets and office bags. The set up charge for this item is only $50!

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