Friday, September 28, 2012

Identify your luggage easily in the crowd by tagging it with this Ultimate Privacy Luggage Tag

For any trip, whether you are boarding a train, flight, ship or even bus with your luggage, the safety of yourself and your luggage is paramount. Your luggage holds all your essential and valuables for your tour, and you cannot afford to lose it at any cost. So, take the initiative and ensure the safety of your luggage by tagging it with a customized luggage tag which reads your name and contact information. This is the easiest way to identify your baggage and is very essential for identifying your luggage during pickups. Moreover, luggage tags reduce the possibility of luggage theft to a great extent.    
Market your brand name and your business message to distant regions and overseas with this promotional The Ultimate Privacy Luggage Tag while ensuring the safety of other people’s luggage on their travels. Designed like a book, this plastic luggage tag opens up to three pages, the first featuring a name plate, the second featuring a sewing kit, and the third is the front cover of this tag; when closed, all these pages are put together with the help of a black rubberized closure strap. Drenched in bright and rich color, the front cover for this hinged tag ensures the privacy and safety of the sewing kit and the deep bright color allows you to easily identify your luggage even from a long distance. The weight of this tag is 0.08 pounds, which will hardly add any additional weight to your luggage, so don’t forget to tag your luggage to ensure the safety of your personal items when traveling.
Perfect for business promotion needs, this 2”H x 5½”W x 3/8” product is an ideal gift for business associates and employees who often fly for business or personal needs. To make it your company’s signature luggage tag, customize it with your brand name and logo using a single color over an imprint area of ¾”H x 1¾”W using silkscreen technology. The screen charge for this promotional item including customization with a single color and font style is only $50!

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