Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make your trip more enjoyable with this travel sewing kit

When you plan a vacation trip or a business trip, you often make a list of travel kits and accessories which you need to carry for your own safety and convenience. Besides a first aid kit, another important thing is a sewing kit which is good to have on hand because you never know when your seams will get ripped or your buttons get popped off. So, make it a habit of carrying a travel sewing kit with you whenever you are away from home. This can also be a great company gift for your business because by offering such a handy and useful sewing kit, you can easily attract a huge number of clients and customers. This is also a great gift for business clients who frequently fly off for business matters.
Our promotional travel sewing kit is a compact item holding essential sewing items which make it a perfect travel kit. The carrying case is bright green in color, which opens up to hold a pair of scissors, different colored threads, pins, sewing needles, safety pins, plastic buttons and snap buttons. The size of this box is 2¾” x 5/8” x 2½” and it weighs only 0.10 pounds. Its light weight ensures easy portability. For a perfect business promotional gift, customization is very important and we have left an imprint area on both side of the carrying case for this. You can either imprint on the top over an area of 1¾” x 1½” or you can also opt for the bottom area where the imprint area is 2” x 1½”. You can also offer it as a personalized gift to your close ones who are frequent travelers because this is a perfect gift for them.

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