Sunday, February 27, 2011

Economic Front Brief - A Professional Way of Advertising your Name

Professionals have been using briefcases for ages to carry their essential documents around. Today, more and more innovative and designer briefcases are available to suit your company wear. You can also find business briefcases – they are perfect to create an impression in the professional world. Their usability makes brief bags good modes of promotion.

An Economic Force Brief is a new kind of bag which is very effective when it comes to advertising your brand name. You often don’t carry a water bottle in fear of storing it. But this is made easier with this force brief. This brief bag is provided with two gusseted pockets where you can safely put your mobile phones and water bottles. The front pocket of this functional brief is designed with organizer pockets inside it. You don’t have to cause any discomfort to your hands by carrying this brief bag; it is provided with adjustable shoulder strap. This Force Brief is provided with fabric covered handle grips to give your hands a cushion touch.

You can use several imprinting methods to advertise your logo and name. For screenprint method, you get an area of 5-1/2" x 5" and engraving can be done using 5 colors. Again, if you desire to use the embroidery engraving method, a 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" imprint area will be available to you. The PMS color of this customized product (16" x 12" x 4" size) is free of cost. You have to specify the color; however, lights colors are recommended for imprinting. This economic brief bag weighs only 1.00 pounds is dispatched in bulk in 5 business days.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roadside Auto Sets are Excellent Promo Treats!

There are a number of ways and tools to advertise and promote your company. Useful promotional gifts are adored more than any other gifts. Auto accessories, in recent times, are gaining popularity in marketing your business. They are inexpensive and usable advertising giveaways, besides pens and other promo products. Your clients, customers, employees and business personnel will truly enjoy using these customized products.

The Promotional Roadside Auto Set is a handy gift that the receiver will cherish. This alluring set has an aluminium tire gauge that can measure about 50 PSI and an aluminium safety light which yields 5 white color LED spotlights on pushing a button. The highly advanced Roadside set further consists of 4 Red flashing LED lights for emergency purposes and 4 LED flashes of light for perimeter lighting. You can easily attach this Roadside set to any metal surface, and also to your car, because it is provided with a magnetic bottom. Isn’t it is great to have such a versatile and practical set?

In this set, you will find a mini version of the popular Roadside safety light (FL57). This auto set includes 2 AAA batteries together with a Carrera Ballpoint Pen. Using an aluminium-made ballpoint pen can be a fascinating task! For imprinting your logo on this functional auto set (1 1/8''h X 7 1/2''w X 2 7/8''d), you can use laser engraving or silkscreen technology on an area of 1"h x 2"w. This light weight auto accessory weighs just 0.57 pounds and is presented before you in a white sleeve packaging. This customized set is ready to be shipped in 5 business days.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Translucent Curvaceous Ballpoint Pens are a Nice Business Promotion Technique

In a stiff, competitive sector like the business world, it has become necessary to advertise your brand name and image to enhance your brand’s visual appeal. In this regard, one very useful and promotional gift is pens. They have become sharp tools for business promotion, and if you find a pen with the particular style and design you wanted, that’s even better!

Translucent Curvaceous Ballpoint Pens are very elegant and fascinating gift items to charm your recipient. These pens have shiny silver accents and color matching bold patterns. You can comfortably hold these pens as they are provided with a rubberized grip. The curvaceous barrel of these pens gives them a slender and chic look. Aside from the usual colors, these sleek pens are available in a wide range of colors like bubblegum pink, daffodil yellow, orange, indigo blue, dusty rose, lime green, olive green and so on. You can select a pen of your choice from these huge combinations.

The screen charge of these colourful pens is $50.00 per style/position/color. For engraving your company name and company message on these ball point pens, you can only use the silkscreen method in an area of 3/8"h x 1-3/4"w. No setup charge is required for these stylish pens for the first position or color! However, for any additional use of color or position, you have pay a run and setup charge of $50.00 for one color. The pens are not at all heavy – their weight is only 0.04 pounds! You can get the delivery of these striking pens in 7 to 10 business days after the approval of the paper proof.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tall Cube Custom is a Charming Promotional Gift for everyone!

In recent times, hundreds of promotional gift items have come up in the market starting from bags, pens, to shirts and electronic gadgets. With so many choices, you must search for the ones that work best for you. Crystal and glassware are elegant gifts that can successfully advertise your company. One such gift is the Tall Crystal Cube of different shapes and sizes.

Inside your selected crystal cube, we can create three dimensional designs and logos with the help of our laser technology. These chic cubes of size 3-1/8"w x 1-15/16"h x 1-15/16"d come in horizontal or vertical configurations. Generally the imprinting on these designer crystal cubes is done at the center (2-1/2"w x 1-1/4"h x 1-1/4"d) but you can also engrave your company name on the front (2-1/2"w x 1-1/4"h) or at the back (2-1/2"w x 1-1/4"h) of the crystal. Hence, engraving is done according to your wish but can be done with only one color.

For imprinting your brand name, three methods are available – Deep Etched including Colorfill, Image 3 and Deep Etch. There is a separate charge of $7.00 for colorfill in one location. You are required to pay a setup charge of $50.00 for this custom crystal cube. For third party shipping, a charge of $10.00 for each order has to be paid. In case you cancel your proposed order, you have pay a minimum cost of $31.25, including costs incurred as a cancellation fee.

There are other charges for copy change, extra imprint locations, personalization using Deep Etch method and for adding extra logos to this 2 pound crystal cube. The customized cube is ready to be delivered within 20 business days.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Make an Effortless yet Strong Marketing with 16 oz To-Go Tumbler

Do you need promotional merchandise to bring your brand to the fore front? Why don’t you think of something out of the basket? Corporate people need to travel often, and drinks are something that they always prefer while travelling. So, travel tumblers can be a good choice for promoting your brand. This will be a great marketing opportunity to make use of. With your company logo on this nice looking tumbler, your brand name will easily be visible to all.

Our 16 oz To-Go Tumbler will remind you of relaxation, comfort and rest at all times. These are quite similar to the ones you use inside your office. The tumblers are made of a dual wall to offer you a maximum amount of heat retention. You will be fantasized with their smooth construction! The tumblers are specially made from FDA approved SAN plastics. These handy tumblers are mostly available in white color, but you will get five colors of lids to make multiple combinations. Top the tumbler off with any color lid you like and grab the attention of others.

These To-go tumblers have a size of 6 7/8’’h X 3 1/2’’w and are a good way to endorse your business. They are light, usable and easy to grip. With only 0.64 pounds in weight, the tumblers can be carried without any hassle. A promotional item means it should carry your name and message. To engrave your logo and name in an area of 2 1/4"h x 2 1/4"w, only the silkscreen method can be used. The setup charge for this travel tumbler is just $50.00. These customized tumblers are dispatched in black colored non-woven draw-string pouches in five business days.

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16 oz. Everyday Plastic Cup Tumbler is in Vogue Nowadays

Promotional items must be chosen carefully as they are an important means of popularising your company. When you are looking for popular promotional items, drink-ware can be an ideal choice. You cannot deny the necessity of such products. Moreover, customized promotional drink-ware has great utility value and can be an exciting gift for any event. The 16 oz. Everyday Plastic Cup Tumbler has become quite popular in the business world and is a great gift.

These cup tumblers are very attractive and are available in a variety of colors. These acrylic cups have a protective double wall and are also provided with color matching lids. You do not have to worry about trickling down of water, as these lids are all screw-top lids. The tumblers are BPA free, but are not suitable for using in a dishwasher and microwave. You can take the pleasure of a cool drink during your busy hours with the help of the sip-straw. For imprinting your logo and name on this useful product that has a size of 6-1/8'h x 4" dia, you get an area of 2"h x 2"w. But, note - you can only use the silkscreen method for engraving your company message and name.

The screen charge of customized cup tumblers is $50.00 for one position, one style and one color only. The setup charge of this stylish drinkware is $50.00 and a repeat order charge is $35.00 for each style, position and color. Whether it is a mug or a cup tumbler, you can carry it along with you and with only 0.80 pounds of weight; this cup tumbler can easily travel with you anywhere! After approval, you will get this promotional product in 7 to 10 working days.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Round Key-Light Bottle Opener is a Fascinating Way of Promoting your brand

If you are shopping for a promotional product, custom key rings can be a good choice – they have a broad appeal to the clients and customers. You will find many key rings with bottle openers. They have become a popular gift item in the corporate world. It will be more delighting, if the key rings are provided with Led lights. Stylish unique LED lights embrace joy when gifted to someone.

Promotional Round LED Key-Light with a Bottle Opener is a new addition to your list of promotional gift items. The LED key light of the ring is white with a metal bottle opener. The light operated on cell batteries and the power switch is on the back side. You can switch on the power by just pushing it. The setup charge of this attractive key-light bottle opener is $45.00 and the re-order setup charge is $25.00 for each location and each color.

For imprinting your company name and logo on the key ring, you get several methods like Magic Color, Laser Engraved, Debossed, Silkscreen and Heat Transferred. With your brand name on the bottle opener, the promotion of your company can be done effectively as this tool is quite often used by many people. For wrap-around imprinting or using additional color in this functional tool you have pay an extra charge of only $0.25. The size of this unique bottle opener is 3"W x 1-3/4"H. The engraving area in front is 1-1/8" Diameter and at the back is 7/8"W x 3/8"H.

This Key light bottle opener weighing 0.06 pounds is ready to be shipped in 1 business days. Promote your company with this charming LED key-light bottle opener today!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Level Light Screwdriver Pen – A Promotional Gadget Pen

While selecting your business promotional gifts, have you ever thought of any hardware items? Does this sound unnatural to you? There are plenty of these items that can well promote your brand image. You will get a vast array of varieties in hardware based gift items. You know, there are even some items which are designed in a manner to suit your business purposes.

One such unconventional promotional item is the Level Light Screwdriver Pen. You must be familiar with conventional pens – a perfect advertising opportunity. Screwdriver pens have many styles and shapes, and they are readily adaptable for removing screws. The pen is accompanied by toys, stress relievers and stress balls. These are excellent tools for promoting your company.

You will see that the structure of this screwdriver pen is a bit more rugged than the other conventional pens you come across. Do you know why? The reason is this is that promotional pens have to have a strong structure to function as a working tool. These pens are handy in so many situations – you will get a pen along with a usable screwdriver. This pen is available in black and silver color. For customizing these pens, an area of 3" x 3/8" sides is accessible.

The setup charge of this small sized item (5-1/2" x 3/4" x 1") is only $50.00. This customized product weighs only 0.13 pounds. This handy and user-friendly pen is ready to be shipped in 5 business days. But in case you require a rush delivery of these pens, you can get it in 3 days.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pen-Highlighter Combo is a Unique and Innovative Promotional Gift

Are you hoping to gift your clients and business associates with a precious gift that has great functional value? How about gifting them a promotional highlighter pen? It is quite popular over the usual ball point pens that you may frequently use to gift your employees, clients, potential customers and other business personnel. You all work with documents and a Pen-Highlighter Combo will surely occupy a special place on your desk.

This highlighter pen has a great combination of a ballpoint pen and a yellow colored chisel-tip highlighter. You must be wondering how to use the highlighter! If you push the tip down, the highlighter gets activated. The combo pen is sealed in cello wrapper for a longer lasting shelf life. For imprinting your company name and logo, you can use any of the methods – laser engraving, heat transfer, silkscreen, magic color and debossed.

The setup charge for engraving using any of these methods is $45.00, and the re-order setup charge is just $25.00 for each location and color. Do you wish to have a wrap-around imprint or want to add extra color to your highlighter? This is not an issue; you only have to pay an additional charge of $0.25 for any kind of imprinting procedure. You can easily carry this marker pen with you, it weighs only 0.02 pounds. For customizing this handy highlighter with the standard silkscreen method you get an area of 1-3/4"W x 1"H.

This highlighter combo pen is ready to be shipped in just one business day. For quick service of this customized highlighter pen you have to place an order of minimum $350, barring the shipping cost.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Promotional Mini Business Card Jotter is a Handy Gift for Business Associates

The current corporate sector demands that you appreciate your employees in whatever way you think is suitable. Giving customized corporate gifts is a great way of showing your gratitude. When you are thinking of quality promotional gifts, there some excellent ideas like the business card jotter. For a busy business man, a promotional jotter is an essential tool in his everyday life.

This Imprinted Mini Business Card Jotter is a pocket size jotter with spiral binding which easily fits in a small space in your bag or pocket. Do you have the habit of forgetting a number or name? You think you need to note down a number? This wonderful jotter with 40 ruled sheets is of great help. It is provided with a pocket at the back for keeping business cards as well. So, no need to search for business cards in different pockets. The setup charge of the jotter weighing 0.07 pounds is only $50.00.

This spiral jotter has a bold translucent cover that is available in different colors like black, silver, blue, green, purple, orange and red. It is much more than just a notebook. For imprinting on this custom jotter (of size 3/8"h x 4-5/8"w x 9/16"), you will get an area of 1-1/8"h x 2-1/4"w. The imprinting is done using the silkscreen method and the screen charge is $50.00 for each color or position or style. For repeat orders, you only have to pay a charge of $35.00 per style, color or position. You do not have to worry about the shipping of this promotional gift. It will surely be dispatched on time, and in case you require more than 1000 items you can directly contact our factory.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bottle Openers with Sticky Flags can be an Asset to Business Personnel

Traditional items and styles are returning once again with new and innovative designs. So, why should your promotional gift be left behind? An old but effective tool that can well advertise your brand name is a letter opener with sticky flags. You must have faced difficulties many times in opening your mail. But using the sharp stainless steel blades of these openers enables you to make your task easier and simpler.

This great letter opener is provided with a storage compartment at the top which can be opened by flipping it. The compartment consists of 5 multi-color sticky flags which are refillable. It is better if you choose to imprint them with white color. For imprinting, you can select any of the methods - from laser engraved, silkscreen to magic color. The setup charge for each color in each location is $45.00 and the re-order setup charge you have to pay is just $25.00, whatever imprinting method you choose. For each additional color in an extra location you are required to bear a charge of $0.45.

You can rest be assured that your efforts of advertising your company using such a marketing tool will not be wasted. Such office accessories are a must for any business, and the recipient will be thankful to you. This promotional letter opener of 3-3/8"W x 3-1/8"H provides you an area of 2-3/8"W x 1-1/4"H for silkscreen imprinting on the front side, and an area of 2-1/2"W x 1-1/4"H, if you like to have silkscreen imprinting on the back.

This user-friendly letter opener (0.08 pounds) is ready to be shipped in 1 business days. Place your order to surprise your receiver!

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