Monday, November 7, 2011

Serve wine in style with this well designed decanter set

As autumn departs, fall arrives with a series of amazing and enjoyable festivals, with Halloween followed by the biggest festival of the season - Christmas. People have already started to prepare for these festivals, and the preparation starts from costumes to food and drinks. Among drinks, wines are essential at these parties. So, when wines are a part of the celebration, beautiful wine accessories are also necessary for a glorious party. We are here with our promotional Decanter Set which is required while serving wines.

Our decanter is designed in a unique style with a wide base and a glorious neck to pour the wine in a classy style. The base has been made wide to provide maximum area to aerate the wine. There is a slanted spout on the funnel fitted with a strainer to make way for the wine to come down along the sides of the decanter. The size of this wine decanter is 10¼”H x 10¼”W x 11½”D and it weighs 4.50 pounds. This entire set for serving wine comes in a gift box set black in color. On this festive mood, if you want to gift it to your close family and friends, you can offer it as a personalized gift by imprinting your name on a provided space of dimension 5/8”H x 11/8”W with laser engraving. So, without a second thought, get one for all your loved ones at a set up expense of only $50!

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