Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cold or hot - Drink what you want with our Nitro 14oz Stainless Tumbler!

In this chilly winter season, when the winter break starts, many people tend to move to some warmer places to spend their vacation. For travelling to new destinations, a number of things are needed.

Moreover, the season compels us to have some hot beverages a number of times to warm up our body, and travel mugs and tumblers are necessary items that always find a place in our backpacks while we set off for an adventurous and enjoying journey. So, this season we have come up with a promotional Nitro 14oz Stainless Tumbler that you can carry with you.

This stainless tumbler is constructed using a double walled technique so that the beverage / drink is provided with maximum insulation. 18/8 stainless steel has been used for the outer portion and the liner.

The tumbler is provided with an easy push button lid for opening and closing it which also helps to resist any leakage. The tumbler can be used in the hot summer season as well, as the tumbler maintains the temperature of the drink and keeps it hot or cold according to your needs. The size of the 14oz tumbler is 9”H and it weighs only 0.75 pounds. These tumblers are available in 4 different vibrant colors; red, orange, green and blue, so you have a wide choice of colors. Moreover, if you want to gift one of these tumblers to your friends and clients, you can imprint your name on one side of the tumbler over an area of 3”H x 2”W. You can get one of these stainless tumblers in a poly-bagged package at a setup expense of only $45!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Serve wine in style with this well designed decanter set

As autumn departs, fall arrives with a series of amazing and enjoyable festivals, with Halloween followed by the biggest festival of the season - Christmas. People have already started to prepare for these festivals, and the preparation starts from costumes to food and drinks. Among drinks, wines are essential at these parties. So, when wines are a part of the celebration, beautiful wine accessories are also necessary for a glorious party. We are here with our promotional Decanter Set which is required while serving wines.

Our decanter is designed in a unique style with a wide base and a glorious neck to pour the wine in a classy style. The base has been made wide to provide maximum area to aerate the wine. There is a slanted spout on the funnel fitted with a strainer to make way for the wine to come down along the sides of the decanter. The size of this wine decanter is 10¼”H x 10¼”W x 11½”D and it weighs 4.50 pounds. This entire set for serving wine comes in a gift box set black in color. On this festive mood, if you want to gift it to your close family and friends, you can offer it as a personalized gift by imprinting your name on a provided space of dimension 5/8”H x 11/8”W with laser engraving. So, without a second thought, get one for all your loved ones at a set up expense of only $50!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Place your wine bottles on this PU leather stand to decorate your dining table

With the advent of fall, the first thought that occupies our mind is the nearing of the colorful and amazing festival of Christmas. The entire nation is now flooded with the festive mood and our hearts also long for delicious food and drinks. Wine is a very important part of the festival and so for a hilarious Christmas party at your dining table with a good collection of wines, we have come up with our promotional PU Leather 6 Bottle Wine Stand from our wide range of different bar sets and shakers.

This wine bottle stand is made of PU leather of black color with white prominent stitching along the outline of the stand. The stand is designed with 12 holes to provide a stable stand for 6 wine bottles. The stand can be folded to a flat base of 1¼”. While placing the bottles in the stand, the stand is placed in an inverted V-shape and each bottle is placed using 2 opposite holes. The stand is mainly designed to keep wine bottles but other beverage bottles can also be placed in the same manner. The size of this leatherette stand is 14W x 9H x 9¾D. The weight of this wine accessory is 2 pounds. So this Christmas season, if you wish to gift this item as a personalized gift, we are there to fulfil your wish because we have kept a provision for imprinting your name and wish on 5/16”H x 1½”W area of the stand with laser engraving and you will get all this at only $56.25!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grate your cheese on this eco-friendly chopping board

With the wide use eco-friendly products, it has been proven that most people are now well aware of the fact that natural degradation of the environment has been occurring for ages due to the extensive use of chemicals and other non-degradable substances. People are now very interested in following the latest trend of using eco-friendly and bio-degradable products in their households including eco-friendly kitchen accessories. So considering this fact, we have come up with our promotional Hide-away Bamboo Cheese Board which is used extensively for grating cheese or chopping other eateries.

This board is made up of high quality bamboo and is nearly 16% harder and durable than the boards made out of maple wood. This eco friendly board is also a FDA compliant utensil. The board contains three cheese utensils which are made of stainless steel. The utensils remain set in the convenient pull-out drawer which is attached with the chopping board. The size of this bio-degradable bamboo chopping board is 13/8”H x 16”W. The weight of the product is 4.80 pounds. We offer the item in a brown colored gift box so you can also gift it to your near ones on any occasion. We have also left the option of making it a personalized gift, and there is a space provided for imprinting your name and best wishes on the gift item using a laser engraving method. The imprint area is 1”H x 2”W, and the entire set up charge of this eco-friendly gift pack is $50.

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