Friday, October 14, 2011

Use this Auto Distress Kit to maintain the wear and tear of your household

Most households and offices keep basic hardware tools like pliers, knives, screw drivers and other basic items so that they can be used whenever required for their car. These are some essential tools and items that you may require at anytime and anywhere. You never know when the need arises, and then you have to look for tools in an emergency and can’t find them. So, here we are to help you out of such situations with our promotional Auto Distress Kit, which is a useful set containing some of the essential tools you need for your car in a single bag.

This auto safety kit cover a wide range of items, and includes a MK23 Aluminum multi-tool set along with a pen and a tire gauge. All these items are conveniently arranged and packed in a padded bag, and the bag is provided with a zip so that the tools remain inside safely. The entire kit is of compatible size and easily fits into any glove compartment as well as a driver’s console. Moreover, considering the situation that your car may cause you trouble in adverse conditions, we have also included a FL36 roadside flashlight incorporating an LED, strobe and magnet light. The total size of our 0.60 pound set is 4”H x 6½”W x 1½”D, which makes it highly portable. The festive season is coming, and most people have some auto repairing and maintenance work planned, so this kit will be a very good gift and you can easily customize the gift by imprinting your details using a PermaPatch method and offer it as a promotional gift or personal gift at a pocket friendly setup cost of $50!

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