Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Move your steps with music from this Sonic Sound Speaker

The festive season is ahead and all people are in the mood to celebrate this season with their friends and families, which means parties and going around with your group. So, apart from food and drinks, songs and music also play a major role and for that, speakers are really necessary. Moreover, apart from parties, we love to listen to songs and music and many people prefer to carry portable speakers with them everywhere. So if your employees and clients love listening to music, we have come up with our promotional Sonic Sound Speaker from our wide collection of headphones and speakers.

This electronic product is a perfect sound system to start off any party, and as this is a portable speaker, you can easily carry it anywhere you wish. This sound speaker is packed in a durable, attractive colorful case with a padded inner portion so that the MP3 player can be placed within it, providing your player with protection. There is a carabiner provided with the case so that you can easily clip it on to your backpack and move around. The speaker is charged with AA batteries. The weight of this speaker is only 0.60 pounds, so you can carry it with you and can also gift one to your loved ones at a setup cost of only $55 for one color. This speaker also makes a great add-on for picnics and weekend trips.

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