Monday, October 10, 2011

Lighten up your surroundings with 1 L.E.D. Flex Light

With the advancement of science and technology, we don’t experience much of a power problem in the areas where we are residing. However, if you are planning an expedition to hilly region or even if you wish to explore the forest areas, then you won’t find transmission lines or street lights in these areas very easily. Therefore, during these times, you will have to look for other options so that you can continue your expedition smoothly. There are a wide range of flashlights that can help you out during such situations. So if you are planning to go for such trips and expeditions, you can carry our promotional 1 L.E.D. Flex Light with ease. This product will provide you with enough light to move on with your next steps.

This flashlight is a multi-position item with flexible neck so that you can twist it as per your direction. It also comes with a large spring loaded clip so that you can easily turn it into hands-free light. Light comes from white L.E.D. which is does not require any replacement and the luminance of this light is very bright. The flashlight is powered by two cell batteries of button size. There is a slide switch on the body of the flashlight so that the user can use it very easily. The total size of the product is only 1.15”L x 1.15”W x 10.12”H and weighs 0.09 pounds. This product occupies only a small portion of your luggage. Therefore, if you are well aware of the features of this product, then you can offer it as your next promotional gift to your clients. Your clients will easily be able to make it a part of their household. So before offering, emboss your company name on it using the stamp or deboss method at a cost of $62.50. On the other hand, the set up charge is only $55.

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