Monday, October 17, 2011

Gift a LED flashlight to brighten up your way

Light is an essential thing which is very much required in the lives of every human being. Wherever we go or work, we need or feel the necessity of light, and even when electricity is available 24/7, many situations arise where flashlights are necessary despite the presence or absence of electricity. While working in some dark place or somewhere where normal light cannot reach, we often need some focused flashlights that offer bright luminance, especially on the road. We have come up with our promotional LED Roadside Safety Light considering the necessity of having a flashlight in our everyday lives.

This flashlight is powered by AAA batteries and each flashlight requires 3 such batteries to energize its bright light. 6 red LEDs are used for flashing. There is also a push button for 18M type LEDs and another push button for its 7 white LED bulbs. The entire body of the flashlight is made of aluminum with a hand strap attached to it. This hand strap allows you to carry it with yourself anywhere just by putting it onto your wrist or by attaching it to your backpack. The bottom surface of this 0.63 pound flashlight is provided with a magnetic surface so it can stick to any metallic surface on your car. The size of the flashlight is only 9¾”H x 1½”W. This item is available in a gift box package so if you want to offer this product as a personalized gift, you can emboss your details with laser engraving on the ½”H x 2”W area provided. You can get this personalized gift at a setup cost of only $50.

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