Saturday, October 29, 2011

Send your best wishes to your loved ones with this Ceramic Knife Gift Set

With the thought of festivals, our mouths try to feel the flavors of delicious and mouthwatering items. While preparing delicious food, we need basic tools along with chopping knives. So when Christmas is on its way, and most of the kitchens are getting prepared for the festival, we have come up with our promotional Ceramic Knife Gift Set so you can use or gift such sets to your loved ones this festive season!

From our wide collection of cooking, serving and household products, look at this knife set, which contains stainless and rust proof knife of various sizes. The surface of these non-stick knifes is smooth and easy to clean. The cutting edge remains sharp and the entire body is resistant to any wear. The blades are made of zirconium oxide and are very hard - just like diamonds! The set includes a 3” pairing knife, 6” chef’s knife and a peeler. All the contents are well packaged in a black or white colored gift box.

The size of the set is 1 ¼”H x 121/8”W x 61/3”D. The weight of the entire packaged set is 1.40 pounds. Moreover, as the items are available in a gift pack, we have kept the provision of personalizing the gift by imprinting your name and best wishes for the festival on the surface of the gift set with laser engraving. The imprint area is ¾”H x 2”W, and the set up charge for this set is only $50.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cut vegetables and fruits with eco-friendly knives

A festive mood is in the air and people all around are also busy enjoying the season to its fullest. This time is particularly a good time to renovate and maintain every corner of your home. Most women are also busy remodeling their kitchens with new sets of cutlery and utensils, because in this season, they need to prepare various types of delicious foods and drinks and serve to their guests. For those who are looking for some unique items to give a new look to their kitchens, we have got our promotional Eco Steak Knife Set, which contains 6 steak knives.

These knives are made of stainless steel and bamboo. These eco friendly knife sets are FDA compliant utensils. The set is offered in a well packaged style so if anyone wishes to gift it to somebody, he or she can easily send it through mail as well. All these items are sealed in a neat way in 100% recycled cardboard in a cylindrical shaped box and all the items are stuffed with recycled paper stuffing. The entire size of the product is 10½”H x 21/8”W and it weighs only 1.72 pounds. To offer it as a personalized gift, there is the provision of imprinting the letters on an area of dimensions 1½”H x 1½”W using a silkscreen or digital laminate panel method. This winter, promote eco-friendly and sustainable items for your kitchen at a setup expense of only $50!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Move your steps with music from this Sonic Sound Speaker

The festive season is ahead and all people are in the mood to celebrate this season with their friends and families, which means parties and going around with your group. So, apart from food and drinks, songs and music also play a major role and for that, speakers are really necessary. Moreover, apart from parties, we love to listen to songs and music and many people prefer to carry portable speakers with them everywhere. So if your employees and clients love listening to music, we have come up with our promotional Sonic Sound Speaker from our wide collection of headphones and speakers.

This electronic product is a perfect sound system to start off any party, and as this is a portable speaker, you can easily carry it anywhere you wish. This sound speaker is packed in a durable, attractive colorful case with a padded inner portion so that the MP3 player can be placed within it, providing your player with protection. There is a carabiner provided with the case so that you can easily clip it on to your backpack and move around. The speaker is charged with AA batteries. The weight of this speaker is only 0.60 pounds, so you can carry it with you and can also gift one to your loved ones at a setup cost of only $55 for one color. This speaker also makes a great add-on for picnics and weekend trips.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Highlight your important notifications with our Carabiner Highlighter

In our daily busy life, most of the times we forget about important dates like doctor’s appointments, important meeting dates and times, and even forget the birthdays and anniversaries of our loved ones. Highlighting or marking the dates on a calendar is one of the best ways to remember them. Even in offices, we can mark or highlight the important agendas of a meeting and important dates on our desk calendar. So, irrespective of household or official purposes, highlighters and markers are of immense use. Considering its importance, we have come up with our promotional Carabiner Highlighter.

This highlighter is available in wide range of colors and each is available with Carabiner clip as well. The chisel tip of the highlighter is also provided with a matching color. For an easy and comfortable grip, a rubberized grip is provided on the gripping area and the entire body is sealed with a cello wrap so that it can have a long shelf life. The size of the highlighter is 55/16”L x 7/8”W x 5/8”D and it weighs only 0.04 pounds. Moreover we have also left the option of making it a personalized gift because many corporate offices prefer to imprint their company name on the surface of the highlighter while offering it as a corporate gift. So you can imprint your letters on both the back and front surfaces using the silkscreen method. On both the surfaces, the imprinting area is 1½”W x ½”H. Customize the gift in your own way and offer it as a personalized gift at a set up charge of just $45.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Cushioned sleeve will protect your laptop

Whether you talk about the students or professionals, laptops are now one of the most important things that people use because of their nature of job and studies. Moreover, the increasing rate of purchase of laptops every year also shows that laptops are really of immense use. These laptops are the safest place where you can store your works safely. Moreover, since this gadget can be carried to anywhere we move on, so there is a chance of getting external damages on it also and the replacement of this gadget or its parts take a toll of our pockets. So keeping this in mind we have come up with promotional Case LogicR 17” Neoprene Laptop Sleeve to protect the laptops from any external damages or scratches.

These computer accessories are really very essential and useful for our daily life to keep our valuable gadgets safe. This promotional laptop sleeve has a main compartment with a zip for opening and closing which fits a 17” laptop in its main chamber. There is another zippered Power Pocket in the outer portion of the sleeve where you can easily carry the adapter and other accessories including your personal items. The sleeve is fitted with neoprene cushions and it is water resistant and durable. So it gives a perfect protection to the electronic gadget. The size of the sleeve is 16.5”L x 1.5”W x 13”H and it itself weighs only 0.88 pounds. The set up charge of this product is only $55 but if you wish to personalize the gift you can imprint the letters by the method of stamp or deboss using a single color at an expense of only $62.50!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keep your sweet memories alive in this Mini Digital Frame

Most of the working people stay away from their loved ones due to their profession for most of the hours of a day. There are many people who have to stay away from their new born baby due to their jobs and they really miss their child throughout the day. They want and try to be with them but their professions do not permit that. So, keeping in mind about these people, we have come up with our promotional Mini Digital Frame from our wide collection of multimedia devices.

This digital frame is powered by built-in rechargeable lithium battery of 3.7 volts and is provided with an automatic ‘on and off’ mode for energy saving. The frame is provided with a 1.5” LCD screen which can show a slide show. Moreover, you can adjust the internal time of the show according to your requirement. The flash memory of the product is 8MB, so it can store up to 72 pictures. This will allow you to store some of the memorable and precious moments of your life to carry with you always as you can carry this portable frame anywhere. This 0.35 pounds item is designed like a keychain and a clock and an alarm are built inside the devices for added functionality. The size of the product is 5/8”H x 2¼”W x 1”D and it comes in a well packaged white gift box. Moreover, if you want to gift it as a personalized gift, we have kept the provision for imprinting your name on the 11/8”H x 1/8”W space provided using the method of pad printing, and you can have all these at an expense of only 50$!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Gift a LED flashlight to brighten up your way

Light is an essential thing which is very much required in the lives of every human being. Wherever we go or work, we need or feel the necessity of light, and even when electricity is available 24/7, many situations arise where flashlights are necessary despite the presence or absence of electricity. While working in some dark place or somewhere where normal light cannot reach, we often need some focused flashlights that offer bright luminance, especially on the road. We have come up with our promotional LED Roadside Safety Light considering the necessity of having a flashlight in our everyday lives.

This flashlight is powered by AAA batteries and each flashlight requires 3 such batteries to energize its bright light. 6 red LEDs are used for flashing. There is also a push button for 18M type LEDs and another push button for its 7 white LED bulbs. The entire body of the flashlight is made of aluminum with a hand strap attached to it. This hand strap allows you to carry it with yourself anywhere just by putting it onto your wrist or by attaching it to your backpack. The bottom surface of this 0.63 pound flashlight is provided with a magnetic surface so it can stick to any metallic surface on your car. The size of the flashlight is only 9¾”H x 1½”W. This item is available in a gift box package so if you want to offer this product as a personalized gift, you can emboss your details with laser engraving on the ½”H x 2”W area provided. You can get this personalized gift at a setup cost of only $50.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Use this Auto Distress Kit to maintain the wear and tear of your household

Most households and offices keep basic hardware tools like pliers, knives, screw drivers and other basic items so that they can be used whenever required for their car. These are some essential tools and items that you may require at anytime and anywhere. You never know when the need arises, and then you have to look for tools in an emergency and can’t find them. So, here we are to help you out of such situations with our promotional Auto Distress Kit, which is a useful set containing some of the essential tools you need for your car in a single bag.

This auto safety kit cover a wide range of items, and includes a MK23 Aluminum multi-tool set along with a pen and a tire gauge. All these items are conveniently arranged and packed in a padded bag, and the bag is provided with a zip so that the tools remain inside safely. The entire kit is of compatible size and easily fits into any glove compartment as well as a driver’s console. Moreover, considering the situation that your car may cause you trouble in adverse conditions, we have also included a FL36 roadside flashlight incorporating an LED, strobe and magnet light. The total size of our 0.60 pound set is 4”H x 6½”W x 1½”D, which makes it highly portable. The festive season is coming, and most people have some auto repairing and maintenance work planned, so this kit will be a very good gift and you can easily customize the gift by imprinting your details using a PermaPatch method and offer it as a promotional gift or personal gift at a pocket friendly setup cost of $50!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lighten up your surrounding with Push-Button Aluminium Flashlight

There is no doubt that with the advancement of science and technology, power cuts are not a problem anymore in our daily life. But when we go out for an expedition or travel tour, we prefer to carry some flashlights which can provide us sufficient light when we need it. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, conventional torches are now replaced with modern flashlights which provide more powerful and high wavelength LED lights which can light up the dark areas of our surroundings efficiently. So, if you want to have such an important and useful accessory with you, go in for our promotional Push-Button Aluminium Flashlight.
This flashlight is lightweight and the entire body is finished with rich enamel color of metallic silver, graced with decorative ribbed and dimple accents. There are 9 LED bulbs fitted which provide a powerful flashlight beam. You will not have any problem using this 0.19 pound flashlight because the body has a big black push button to switch the flashlight on or off. There is a black strap attached with the flashlight so you can easily carry it with you or attach it to your backpack. The LED lights are powered by batteries. The size of the item is 3½”H x 15/16” dia. This useful item can be offered as a personalized gift, and there is an imprinting area of ½”H x ¾”W on the body of the item. So, you can easily emboss your details on the surface using a screen or engraving method and gift it at a nominal setup price of just $50!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lighten up your surroundings with 1 L.E.D. Flex Light

With the advancement of science and technology, we don’t experience much of a power problem in the areas where we are residing. However, if you are planning an expedition to hilly region or even if you wish to explore the forest areas, then you won’t find transmission lines or street lights in these areas very easily. Therefore, during these times, you will have to look for other options so that you can continue your expedition smoothly. There are a wide range of flashlights that can help you out during such situations. So if you are planning to go for such trips and expeditions, you can carry our promotional 1 L.E.D. Flex Light with ease. This product will provide you with enough light to move on with your next steps.

This flashlight is a multi-position item with flexible neck so that you can twist it as per your direction. It also comes with a large spring loaded clip so that you can easily turn it into hands-free light. Light comes from white L.E.D. which is does not require any replacement and the luminance of this light is very bright. The flashlight is powered by two cell batteries of button size. There is a slide switch on the body of the flashlight so that the user can use it very easily. The total size of the product is only 1.15”L x 1.15”W x 10.12”H and weighs 0.09 pounds. This product occupies only a small portion of your luggage. Therefore, if you are well aware of the features of this product, then you can offer it as your next promotional gift to your clients. Your clients will easily be able to make it a part of their household. So before offering, emboss your company name on it using the stamp or deboss method at a cost of $62.50. On the other hand, the set up charge is only $55.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Relax under the open sky on Picnic Blankets

With the arrival of the cool air of the autumn, people have started to stock woolen and warm garments. However, summer is yet to depart and so you can very plan the last picnic and bid goodbye to summer season in style, this coming weekend. Planning an outdoor picnic implies you will have to carry a lot of items that are essential and will help you enjoy the picnic better. Apart from stocking various food and drink items, you will also need items that will give you an opportunity to play or relax as and when you feel like. Picnic blankets and cushions are some of those items, which you will require when you plan an outdoor party or picnic.

So if you are planning for the last picnic of the season, you can check out our promotional Picnic Blanket, which is available in a variety of bright and exclusive colors. The blankets are made of fleece or 190T Poly with nylon backing. These blankets are easy to carry as it comes with a carry strap. It can also be carried on your shoulders as it also has a 50”x 58” shoulder strap besides the handle. You can also carry this exclusive picnic item for different trips and expeditions where you have to stay in camps or tents. The size of the item is only 50”Wx 58”W x 0D and so there is no problem in carrying the item that weighs 1.13 pounds. If you wish to gift this product to any of your friends or to the customers of your company, you can customize the blanket with your name or company’s name on the 3½”H x 4½”W surface area at a cost of $56.25!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Carry 30 beverage cans easily for your next picnic

As the last few weeks of summer set in, you can plan for a picnic with your family and near and dear ones, so that the sweet memories of spending some good time lasts throughout the year. For a large get together, you also need that many victuals, food and drinks so that you are able to enjoy much more. So while getting ready for a picnic, you must have insulated bags and coolers to carry the foodstuffs and beverages for everybody. However, for a large gathering you need enough to carry and for that you can look for our promotional 30-can Rolling Insulated Cooler Bag.

This bag is made of 70D water resistant nylon and insulated with foam and heat sealed water resistant PEVA lining to maintain the temperature of the inside beverages. For easy storage, the bag is fitted with collapsible with Velcro straps. The main chamber of the bag is double-zippered whereas there is a zippered front pocket attached with the bag. There are also side pockets made of mesh. This insulated cooler bag is fitted with a 20” telescoping handle and are fitted with two durable wheels. There is also a 1½” wide shoulder strap, which is padded and is also detachable, just in case you need to detach them. This 19½”H x 13¼”W size bag is available in different colors and can provide enough space for 30 cans of drinks. So if your company wants to offer this 6.83 pounds bag as employee gifts, then imprint the name of your company along with logo on 6”W x 5”H area by the method of silkscreen or laser engrave or by heat transfer using single color. There is the provision for embroidering in 4”W x 4”H area and all these you can get at an expense of only $45.

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Have a romantic coffee party in your long drive

The essence of autumn is in the air and the weather is already cool and crisp. There is nothing like sipping a cup of coffee during this season as the beverage is not only refreshing but tastes good at the same time. Even if we go out for few hours or for a long drive, nothing can match the taste of coffee which is both soothing and long-lasting, especially during this season. But while travelling, it is quite difficult to get a mug of coffee as cafeterias are not available everywhere. So it is better to make arrangements for coffee on your own so that you are able to enjoy the essence of coffee beans anywhere. We have introduced our promotional Bonanza 2 person coffee set to satisfy your needs completely.

This 2.38 pounds coffee set is available in our section of picnic bags and coolers and this 13”W x 9”H x 6”D size set is fitted with zipper for easy access. The zip opens up to a flap and the back pack is equipped with zippered pocket as well lets you carry coffee or other drinks, depending upon your own wish and desrie. The set contains insulated flask with screw top and comes with a push method for easy pour feature. Apart from this, two water tight steel containers, spoons, insulated mugs and napkins are provided along with the set are perfect for a couple that wishes to spend some good time together, especially when they are on a long drive. The back pack is made of 210D poly or 600D poly and is equipped with padded adjustable straps to carry on the shoulders. So if you want to give such a useful gift to anybody, customized with your name or your organization’s name then you can always imprint that by vinyl dome method on the ¾”H x 2”W area provided for imprinting at a cost of only $56.25.

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Enjoy your drinks in Leatherette Tumbler/Vacuum Bottle Set

Summer is ready to tail off and so before the total departure of summer, plan for another outdoor picnic so that you can enjoy to your fullest and the memories can last until summer sets in once again. Now if you have already planned a picnic then prepare you travel bag and other items appropriately so that you can concentrate more on having fun and worry less about anything else. In case you are planning to pack your bags and include essential stuffs, you can always consider carrying a travel tumbler along with you as well. Take a look at our wide range of travel mugs and tumblers and place orders for any of our promotional Leatherette Tumbler/Vacuum Bottle Set that is currently on offer.

The tumbler is made of stainless steel and is totally covered with PVC sleeve. The material used for designing the vacuum bottle is also the same and it comes in PVC sleeve too. However, the bottle has double layered walls that only help in ensuring that the inner liquid does not spill out in case you experiences any jerks or jolts while travelling. The entire set is placed in a leatherette carrying case which is zippered. This perfect holiday gift is available in a number of colors including pink, burgundy, baby blue, black, brown, orange, lime green and navy. The item measures only 1.90 pounds and can be easily carried anywhere, especially during trips. The size of the product along with the carrying case is 10”H x 6¾”W x 4”dia. The tumbler size is 7”H x 31/8” dia and the size of the vacuum bottle is 9¾”H x 2¾” dia. Moreover, if you wish to customize the product in order to offer it as corporate gift, then you will be more than glad to know that there is sufficient space on the surface of both the carrying case and the tumbler or vacuum bottle, where you can easily imprint the name of your organization using the silkscreen method by spending only $50 for each of the items.

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