Friday, September 30, 2011

Felicitate your members with our Challenger Award

In this present world, we are all competing in a race of success. In this race, some win, whereas some lose. But when we are competing to achieve success, we also expect the winner’s prize to be offered to us for our achievement. So, starting from school to the professional world, the concept of nomination and felicitation is very popular. So, it is a very good choice to offer some mementos as a prize to your prize employees or students.

If your school/college or company is looking for such a memento to offer to its students or employees respectively, you can look into our crystals and glass section for the exclusive promotional Challenger Award, which is a perfect and chic prize to be handed over to the best candidates in your organization. This is a treasured trophy designed by the well known Mario Cioni. When your organization offers this trophy to the winner, the class and quality of your organization is revealed and the trophy enhances the appearance of the showcase of the winner, when he or she places it there. This 9” diameter trophy is 6” in height. So, if you have planned to felicitate your members with this glass trophy, emboss your organization’s name on the front of the trophy on the imprint area of 21/4”W x 1”H provided. You can easily imprint anything you want using a Deep Etched method along with Colorfill so your name shines clearly on the trophy. In total, you can offer this 9 pound gift at a reasonable setup cost of only $50.

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