Thursday, September 29, 2011

Felicitate your employees with spiral Revolutionary Award

Most of the goals of your company are achieved due to the hard work and perseverance of your employees. Therefore it is natural for the employees to expect some kind of appreciation and motivation from the employer of the company as well. It is also important for companies to constantly inspire their employees so that they can have prosperous future too. Felicitation is a good way to boost their spirits up. So if you are planning to initiate the “Best Employee of the Month” award, then you can choose our promotional Revolutionary Award from our diverse range of crystal and glass items that can be given away as award. This will certainly motivate your employees and every employee will devote more time to achieve the “Best Employee of the Month” title as well as the coveted award.

This award is essentially a spiral shaped piece of art glass, which has been hand crafted by the famous artisan, Jabionski. This glass artwork can serve as a perfect memento for your best employee. Since it is a hand crafted gift item, the size and color of the products will slightly vary from one item to another. The diameter of the glass piece is 3” with a standard height of 12¾”. Moreover, these official awards can easily be customized and you can have the name of your company along with the felicitation title imprinted on it. At the base of the spiral you will find enough space for printing the desired alphabets. The dimension of the imprint area is 3”W x 1½”H. So, go ahead and imprint the name of your company as well as the award title by using the deep etching and colorfill method at a nominal cost of only $50. This price is absolutely nothing in comparison to the devotion that your employees to your company.

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